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Welcome to CreativeByDefinition's branding blog about consumer goods. We are focused on uncovering beautiful and sustainable solutions for packaging designs and brand identities. We show readers all over the world the complex world of food & consumer goods brands. In addition, our packaging studio would like to present the inspiration, the ideas & the craftmanship that goes into beverage & food branding projects.

Branding Blog - Brewery Branding

Case Study - Brewery branding lights up the dark ocean

The first beer in the world was brewed by the ancient Chinese around the year 7000 BCE. From then on, beer was always a success story. Having a distinct brewery branding that's easily recognizable, encourages customer loyalty.

Branding Blog - Energy Drink Design

Case Study - Energy Drink Design lifts you all into space

The energy drink started in Japan. After the war, amphetamines were very popular until laws were passed in the 1950s. In 1962, a company called Taisho introduced Lipovitan D — a legal tonic. Energy drinks are now popular among young people.

Branding Blog - Baby Branding

Case Study - Baby Branding makes playful hippos bathe

Baby powder was marketed by Johnson & Johnson in 1894 and baby products expanded to include baby shampoos, oils, lotions, and creams. Today's market is a competitive one, so custom illustrations give something extra to the packaging.

Branding Blog - Story of Dairy Brands

Craftsmanship meets taste in a story about dairy brands

It's a story about dairy brands & the products we all love. Dairy got its start in what is now Turkey in 8,000 BCE. For preserving this amazing product, the first milk from animals was turned into yogurt, cheese & butter.

Branding Blog - Food Brand Packaging

How we use brand packaging to propel your food business

Packaging role is to protect the delicious food inside, however today food brand packaging design is also used to attract consumers. Eye-catching, appealing packaging is a silent salesman in a busy market.

Branding Blog - Drinks Packaging

Tips & Tricks for your Drinks Packaging

Drinks packaging adds value, gives a well defined brand personality, it's an amazing tool for marketing and advertising purposes. The story of the drinks packaging began 3,500 years ago in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt with glass.

Branding Blog - Branding Company

Branding Company reinvents 5 Topics

Branding should not be boring at all, it can take inspiration from all kinds of fun topics and reinvent the way we see the world. Branding actually begins in the 1500s, but major shifts took place in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Branding Blog - Award Winning Branding Agency

Award Winning Branding Agency

Design awards highlight good design quality and also create a healthy level of creative competitiveness. This recognition is important for both design teams and clients, it is good promotion for the branding agency and the product.

Branding & Packaging Design Blog

Design blog dedicated to a vibrant & colorful sector

Our passion for food & beverage guided us in creating this branding and packaging blog. We all buy products from supermarket stores, gourmet stores, or online beverage & food markets. What does drinks branding & food packaging design means for people today? Or how does our brand identity & packaging agency find inspiration to create unique solutions for honey branding, tea branding, or olive oil branding? What is the motivation of consumer goods companies? What are people looking for when choosing a brand? Why packaging illustration is such a huge trend right now? How do window design & hand craftsmanship influence shoppers? There are so many questions. We will not be able to answer them all, but we will try.

About branding & packaging consumer goods

Today, in our noisy world, every little detail can make an impact. Furthermore, people are surrounded by tons of choices. Our branding blog will guide you through inspiring package design & brand identity solutions. On the other hand, the revolution of eco-friendly materials is here and we believe people should know more about it. As a result, innovating companies are producing sustainable packaging alternatives to plastic. Bringing positive change to the consumer good market is becoming an important factor for many popular food & drinks brands. To sum up, we will also follow the top packaging design trends, sustainable designs, or unique branding solutions. Stay tuned & discover the world inside the store.

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