Building healthy nuts brands

Nuts about nuts? A simple guide on how to make your roasted nuts business a true success story.

Learn how to be a key player on the snack nuts market and advertise your healthy nuts products. Tell a culinary story from sweet to savoury, combine nuts with dried fruits for a delightful mix.

Looking for original nuts packaging ideas?

Discover what are the types of nuts, from where they come and explore how you can use nuts packaging to build a strong nuts brand. Finding the ideal packaging at an affordable price can be a real challenge, however selecting something authentic, honest and all-natural can't go wrong.

Nuts history

Nuts have been present in the human diet since the beginnings of civilization. The oldest walnut remains were found in Iraq, and they are believed to be from 50,000 B.C. The Greeks and Romans liked walnut, and this type of nuts was considered food for Gods by early Romans. From prehistoric tribes to ancient high society to medieval peasants to supermarket goers today, nuts have been a sustainable food source throughout human history.

Building healthy nuts brands

All nuts name

Well-known types of nuts include peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, Brazil nuts, etc. Many nuts grow on trees and bushes, but some nuts (such as peanuts) grow underground.

One interesting fact you might not be aware of is that peanuts are considered legumes, because they grow in the soil. Peanuts grow best in loose, sandy loam, well-drained with a slightly acidic soil. Growing peanuts is not a quick process. It takes approximative 150 days from planting moment to harvest. Usually nuts (such as cashews) develop inside a soft casing that hardens into a shell and protects the soft seed.

Building healthy nuts brands

Almonds come from Spain, Morocco, Iran, while cashews are native to Brazil, hazelnuts are mainly grown in Mediterranean climates, largest producers for peanuts are China and India, largest pecan producers are US and Mexico, Iran is the biggest producer of Pistachios, while the US is the second highest. So if you are located in one of this countries you will have a very good supply of fresh products for your nuts brand.

Nuts health benefits

No matter if we are talking about brazil nuts health benefits or macadamia nuts health benefits or cashews nuts health benefits or pine nuts health benefits or even pistachio nuts health benefits, one thing is clear: nuts should be part of our daily diet. These are just a few nuts qualities:

Low in saturated fats
Good source of protein
Rich in nutrients
Packed with vitamins and minerals

When you promote your nuts business be sure to include these benefits in your nuts advertising.

Nuts brand. Becoming a gourmet nuts brand.

To be the best nuts brand that you can be, you always need to be up to date with what your customers want. For example, almonds are the most popular type of nuts in the United States and macadamia nuts are the most expensive nuts in the world and walnuts are the oldest tree food known to man. Knowing all kind of facts will help you create a captivating story for your mixed nuts brand.

Nuts are usually the main component in granola bars, but they are also gourmet ingredients for many fancy salads. So, no matter if you are a nut butter brand or a nuts milk brand or even a nuts chocolate brand, collaborating with a chef might put your great products on the culinary map. Baking with nuts is a wonderful way to add flavor and texture to baked goods, therefore a partnership with a bakery might be a good idea.

Building healthy nuts brands

Healthy nuts snack

Mixed nuts snack is very popular nowadays because this is a good source of protein, and it also lowers bad cholesterol levels. So, when your customers crave for a snack, you can for sure offer them a healthy alternative. Choose a funky nuts snack pack and your product will be for sure noticed on the shelves.

Nuts brand design to help your business grow.

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A short history of the famous peanut butter

We all have our preferences when it comes to crunchy or smooth peanut butter. One thing is sure, that peanut butter has a unique place within American culture and extended its legacy around the world. Peanut butter dates back to Aztec times when roasted peanuts were transformed into a paste. In order to help people with less or without teeth, in 1895, the founder of Kellogg's, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg designed a process for creating peanut butter using raw nuts.

Nuts branding

Strong nuts brands are focused on brand positioning, which provides direction for all the nuts branding strategy. There are a few elements that you should invest in, they will pay off for your nuts business:

Nuts brand name

Choose a name that represents your vision and it will be easily recognized by your customers, be inspired by all the cool nuts business name ideas, however pick one that is truly distinctive.

Nuts logo

Find a good designer that will be like a partner for your nuts logo design, be unique, think if you are a healthy food business or nut butter company, what is your message.

Nuts packaging

Don’t just blend in the crowd, select original and appealing nuts packaging ideas, give a unitary look to your line, for example your mixed nuts packaging should be aligned with your dried fruits and nuts packaging. Don’t focus just on the store buyer, envision also the online shopping experience with a creative nuts packaging. Make visible that this is a healthy food choice and concentrate also on recyclable nuts packaging.

Building healthy nuts brands

Creative nuts packaging design to help your products get noticed.

Our packaging design studio can create a strong brand identity, logo design or packaging design for your mixed nuts brand.
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Selling nuts business

Is nuts business profitable? The gross profit for your peanut and nut sales business are usually around 40%, which is quite high and allows you to expend your business and take care of costs easily. A good nuts business plan will for sure come in handy.

Nuts and seeds business marketing

If you want to build the best mixed nuts brand, you need to have the right marketing strategy. Focus your nuts business advertising on the qualities of your product, like for example the fact that nuts and seeds are a very good source of vitamin E, which is widely consumed because of its anti-aging property.

Building healthy nuts brands

Nuts and seeds are good partners for fruits so combining the two might give you a favorite in this market segment that can reach out to a larger target audience. Use social media to expose your healthy nuts snacks. Grab your customers' attention with special discounts and trips to the nuts farm, it will be for sure an enjoyable experience to see from where this delicious products come from.

"God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them." Franz Kafka, German-speaking Bohemian novelist.
Building healthy nuts brands

Nuts packaging machine

Building healthy nuts brands

What is nuts butter?

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