Colorful kitchen design - appliances & utensils

Color importance in kitchen design. How the kitchen appliances evolved. Modern kitchen utensils packaging.

Looking for a few colorful kitchen design ideas? No matter if you have a business focused on kitchen furniture or kitchen appliances or even kitchen utensils, using color to attract customers is an ingenious marketing strategy.

The color palette of the kitchen appliances should match the style of the kitchen: elegant, minimalistic fun. The color of the utensils packaging design will give the right signals to your customers. Work with your product designer or your packaging designer and with the help of a color picker choose the right one for your cooking products. A color palette pastel or a color palette neutral might make your brand stand out. Your kitchen product design will for sure tell a compelling story.

How did the cooking area look during different periods?

In prehistorical times there was a cooking area where root vegetables were roasted or boiled for about 20 minutes, meat was roasted and smoked inside holes in the ground. Ancient Egyptians utilize a variety of tables, spoons and knives that showed a high level of sophistication. In addition to usual cooking equipment, many kitchens included sinks and garbage pits. The medieval kitchen focused on a stone hearth in the center of the main room, this was also the source of central heating. Rectangular as shape, it usually had windows on one of the long sides.

Colorful kitchen design - appliances & utensils

Who invented the first modern kitchen?

Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, Austria's first female architect was the designer of the innovative Frankfurt Kitchen in the 1920s, the pioneer of today's modern kitchen. A modern kitchen design usually consists of open spaces, minimalist features, and effortless color palette. Nowadays you can find many ideas for a modern kitchen in architecture magazines, but back then having modern kitchen cabinets was a true revolution.

The dream kitchen was brought to the public by the Bauhaus movement. In 1926, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky designed an efficient, space-saving kitchen for the housing estates of the “New Frankfurt” public housing program, with simple and cost-effective furniture, a very bold idea in that period. In the following years, the new popular kitchen was installed in more than 10,000 apartments built under the New Frankfurt program. And there is how our today's dream kitchen was born.

Colorful kitchen design - appliances & utensils

Modern kitchen design ideas

If you have a business that is focused on kitchen objects, then offering kitchen design ideas to your customers might be of great help. Visualizing how the space will look like makes things easier for any buyer. Try to understand your audience and experiment with different color palette ideas and eco-friendly materials for the kitchen table, kitchen tile, kitchen rugs, maybe even create a brochure: kitchen design how to, probably focused on color importance in kitchen design. Your sales of sustainable kitchen products will increase for sure. Be aware of the color importance in kitchen design.

Colorful kitchen design - appliances & utensils

What kitchen cabinets are in style? Are kitchen peninsulas outdated?

These are just a few questions that your customers might put. You should always be up to date with the current kitchen design trends so you can offer informed opinions. For example, now two-toned cabinets are very popular as homeowners would like to add a bit of character to their cooking zone. Also, peninsulas aren't outdated, and this type of furniture can really replace a kitchen island in a tighter space. When someone is doing a kitchen remodel, it would be useful to sell to them the entire kitchen utensils set so they can properly utilize the new cooking area and have a consistent style and match it with the kitchen counter color.

What kitchen sink material is best?

This question is an important one because the kitchen sink material should respect the same kitchen color palette. Some popular choices today would be stainless steel, quartz, copper, composite granite, etc. Pair these with a catchy kitchen sink box packaging design and you have a best seller.

Kitchen utensils list

After the kitchen interior design is established, your customer will probably wonder what kitchen utensils do I need? You can provide a kitchen utensils list that will match the same style direction: like kitchen knives, spoons, forks, whisks, pans, cutting boards, graters, peelers, ladle, potato masher, rolling pin, etc. All these cooking instruments should respect the same materials and color palette used in the kitchen.

The next demand will for sure be something like: what kitchen appliances do I need? Try to provide guidance about which kitchen appliance brand is best and how these electronics should be integrated into the space. Use the specifications on the kitchen appliances packaging to show the qualities for each device. You will remark that kitchen appliance packages white and kitchen appliance packages black will be the most appealing, they look clean and elegant and project a reliable image for the products inside.

Did you know? Kitchen utensils fun facts

The first spoons were created from animal bones or wood, then we started using clay models, – which were eventually replaced with bronze and then silver. The oldest archeological records of people using forks actually come from China. In some areas of the world utensils are not widely used, eating with your hands is still the norm in some countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India.

Utensils pack

When you are thinking about the kitchen utensils packaging choose recyclable materials for the utensil container. Even if you produce utensils from plastic, a beautiful cardboard box will show your kitchen utensils business is committed to protecting the environment. Use bright colors if you are targeting a young audience, pastel colors if your customers are mostly women and greys if you offer tools for a minimalistic design. Don't disregard the modern kitchen utensils packaging impact, use the utensils packging design in your brand's advantage.

Colorful kitchen design - appliances & utensils

Colorful kitchen utensils packaging to help your products get noticed.

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Names for kitchen utensils

Make the kitchen utensils names bold on the pack so customers can choose fast what they need. Don’t try to invent the wheel but strive to provide a modern touch, small / miniature designs and natural materials are quite popular right now. A kitchen utensils organizer is a must, it will help customers sort them by size and purpose.

Combining art with cooking

Meet the most expensive spoon in the world designed and created in Boston, around 1790. The rare Silver Spoon by Paul Revere, Jr. Sets World Record. The $32,500 famous spoon was part of a collection of silver made by Revere. The collection sold in Heritage's recent $2.4 million Fine Silver Auction.

Colorful kitchen design - appliances & utensils

Evolution of kitchen appliances

So, how the kitchen appliances evolved? In 1908 Herbert Johnson created an electric standing mixer, he was inspired by a baker mixing bread dough with a metal spoon. The first gas stoves were invented as early as the 1820s. Amana company introduced the first bottom-freezer model in 1947 and the first side-by-side refrigerator in 1949. The first mechanical dishwashing device was registered for a patent in 1850 in the United States. 1905 was a very important in the history of appliances: the first electric appliance was patented by Albert Marsh, toast could be made safely in any kitchen.

Kitchen appliances store

Your kitchen appliances shop design should give a sense of trust and simplicity, display all the kitchen appliances brands in a convenient manner that allows users to browse fast all the technical specifications and choose the right product.

Kitchen appliance package

When we are talking about heavy appliances, then we are interested both in structural packaging design to be sure the object is getting the needed support and it is not damaged during transportation and about the kitchen appliance package design that should attract the customers using fancy pictures, illustrations, logos, etc. A structural packaging design is a 3d packaging that utilizes innovation, special materials, and industrial design to create a memorable and enjoyable user experience.

Colorful kitchen design - appliances & utensils
Food packaging boxes & food packaging bags

Kitchen packaging boxes are designed to fit customers cooking, cleaning and storage needs. The customers can store small appliances, utensils, and even food. Try to sell story-driven food packaging boxes, you can use these types of products as promotion for your kitchen business. Choose compostable and biodegradable options for your personalized food packaging bags and make your kitchen startup a hit.

"Happiness is a small house, with a big kitchen." Alfred Hitchcock, English filmmaker.
Colorful kitchen design - appliances & utensils

Color scheme for trendy kitchen design

Colorful kitchen design - appliances & utensils

What are the best kitchen accessories?

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