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Our branding agency offers consumer brands a unique perspective based on research & creative expertise.

In the past years CreativeByDefinition, award winning branding agency, took on many new challenges that offered us the opportunity to work together with visionary owners on creating unforgettable brands. Along the way, we have gathered stories, packaging design awards, museum exhibitions and more. But most important, our designs helped bring positive change in people's lives. Design for a better future. Design that makes people smile.

We dive deep into each project, find the essentials & create memorable visual identity & packaging for product brands.

As much as we love good designs & modern architecture, we are equally passionate about food & beverages. The fine gourmet experience brings positive change into people's lives. That is our branding agency mission. In other words, we combined our two passions and gained a lot of expertise in this creative field. No matter where you are and who you are, people always appreciate good food. The same goes with good design & packaging, even if we talk about coffee branding, cereal packaging, delicious food packaging, wine branding or organic olive oil branding.

The best branding for your startup or a fresh perspective for your food or drink company is exactly what our packaging design agency specializes in.

What is the relationship between packaging and branding? As a branding agency, we had the opportunity to collaborate with many diverse companies, including dietary supplements brands, food brands, spirits brands, luxury brands, and more. They all use this strong connection between packaging and branding. Firstly, the brand wants to gain and maintain the trust of the shoppers. As a result, the packaging of the product offers customers some expectations. Statistics show, that people believe that if the package design is good, the product inside is also good. Secondly, the manufacturing of the packaging design ensures people that is safe for them to buy the product. In addition, it can reveal the brand values like sustainability, eco-friendly values & more.

Clear brand identity will assure a successful growth & expansion of the brand in the years to follow. How does branding influence the packaging of a product? To sum up, branding influences packaging design in a lot of ways. The brand pillars set the direction of the design packaging. The quality of the package and the materials used will tell the customers more about the brand's position on the market. The colors, the typography, and the packaging illustrations will let people know the story of the brand. Once the brand establishes a position on the shelf and in the consumer's mind, it will be difficult to change. Consistency in the design system is the key. The packaging design is critical for brand recognition. In addition, in online markets and offline stores, packaging adds value & completes the branding experience.

Award Winning Branding Agency

Branding agency startups & established gourmet brands

As a full-service packaging design & branding agency built for the next generation we’re here to help you create, launch, and grow your business. We believe that good products have the power to disrupt & improve the existing consumer market. That is why building a strong brand from the start makes a difference. As a result, our branding agency for startups & more focuses on setting a strong brand foundation, brand strategy, unique naming, brand identity, brand guidelines, and package design.

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Jam Branding
Brand Package for jams wins Creativity International Awards

CreativeByDefinition wins the Silver Award 2021 with the salad & jam packaging for The Chess Collection. Above all, this food branding & bespoke packaging follows a minimalist path and elevates the jam brand while attracting customers. As brand consultants, we design this product to match a specific audience. Why is packaging important in branding? Packaging design represents a critical step in achieving brand recognization. Below you will find more information about this brand design and what inspired us to create the food packaging.

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Award Winning Branding Agency

We are happy to find out that our brand package, The Chess Collection, won at the Creativity International Graphic Design and Advertising Awards.

It was a very special project for us and we were delighted to find out that the jury from Creativity International Graphic Design and Advertising Awards rewarded it with an award.

The Chess Collection, combines chess, one of the most famous strategy games on the planet, with bespoke fruits and vegetable illustrations in a distinctive packaging that breaks from the ordinary.

Once played only by kings, the game of chess inspired this project with its elegance and mathematical precision.
CreativebyDefinition - packaging design company
The Chess Collection published in CreativeBoom Magazine Award Winning Branding Agency

"The agency took a beautifully simple, illustrative approach to the designs, which see portrayals of the signature ingredients in each variant take centre stage across jar labels. Each image, however, has a twist, inspired by the idea of metamorphosis." EMILY GOSLING

The story behind this Brand Package for Salad & Jam Award Winning Branding Agency

Metamorphosis is the main graphical method that our branding company uses to emphasize the importance of eating vegetables and fruits daily. The main idea of this distinctive packaging & food brand design was to generate more awareness about eating sustainably.

Award Winning Branding Agency

Did you know? Once played only by Persian royalty, the game of chess remains a highly popular game in today's time.

The history of chess begins around 1500 years ago. The game originated in India, before the 6th century AD. From there, the game spread to Persia. As a result, when the Arabs conquered Persia, chess begins to be played by the Muslim world and then spreads to Southern Europe. On the other hand, in Europe, chess evolved into its current form in the 15th century.

Before 1849, the “normal chess set” didn't exist.

Over the centuries a large variety of sets of chess pieces were created, taking their inspirations from different areas & cultures.
Over the centuries a large variety of sets of chess pieces were created. The product designs take their inspirations from different areas & cultures. To clarify, the game was originally conceived as a field of battle. When it began to gain popularity in Europe the pieces evolved in royal court instead of an army. As a result, the chessmen, infantry, cavalry, elephants, and chariots, became the queen, pawn, knight, bishop, and rook.
In addition, in the 19th century, chess competitions needed standardized chess sets to help the players compete.

The "Staunton" Chess Set was born.

In conclusion, today, when we think of chess, we simply envision The Staunton chess pieces. Above all, the most unique piece of the chess set remains the knight. The knight is the only piece that is not created like an abstract representation. It's a carved horse head. Furthermore, the Staunton Knight was inspired by one of the most loved sculptures on the east pediment of the Parthenon from the scene of the chariot of Selene, the Moon Goddess. The product design of the knight conveys the struggle and effort of the horse drawing the chariot of the Moon Goddess across the sky in the silence of the night.

"Chess is a war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent’s mind."
Bobby Fischer
The oldest European chess set Award Winning Branding Agency

The Italian chess pieces made of bone with ivory topping were found at Venafro, Italy, and probably dates about 980 AD. It is displayed in the Museo Archeologico di Napoli. The pieces were founded in a Roman tomb in 1932. The controversy is how to explain that chess pieces of Arabic shape were discovered in a tomb of the Roman age.

The "Staunton" Chess Set got a makeover Award Winning Branding Agency

Daniel Weil, a partner of Pentagram, redesigned the classic Staunton set for the 2013 World Chess Candidates Tournament in London. "When chess started to become popular in the 19th century it became a social showcase, so everyone had a set on the show. I wanted to make an object of quality so that people could also show it off." (Daniel Wiel - DesignWeek)

Smithsonianmag.com - How the Chess Set Got Its Look and Feel by Jimmy Stamp| Wikipedia - History of chess | ChessCentral.com - A history of chess pieces and chess sets by Will Wall | Designweek.co.uk - Daniel Weil redesigns the chess set by Angus Montgomery | Streetdirectory.com - The Unique History of Chess Pieces | Woochess.com

Beer Branding
The beer packaging we designed for the Bucur brand wins Indigo Awards.

CreativeByDefinition wins the Silver Indigo Award 2020 with the beer label design for Bucur. The design concept for this brewery branding aims to generate shelf visibility and consumer attention while telling the story of the old city of Bucharest. The colorful and vibrant European capital is presented in this craft beer branding for a more unusual perspective. The beer label design illustrates the unique stories of the old city center.

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Award Winning Branding Agency

We are delighted to announce that our beer label design for Bucur won its first international design award. The beer branding participated in the 2020 annual competition, Indigo Awards, and won a Silver.

Working diligently and with precise effort to represent the contenders from over 50 countries, Indigo Design Award has uncovered the pioneers, the trailblazers, the inventors, and the leaders in 2020’s digital design. With an international judging panel of 48 leading creatives – including Pip Jamieson, Founder of The Dots, logo and identity specialist Jeroen van Eerden, and entrepreneur and software engineer Tracy Chou submissions were evaluated by way of quality, originality, function, and relevance to each topic.

It comes to no surprise that these winners have exceeded all expectations, as their submissions brilliantly combine all these characteristics and more.

The challenge for our branding company was to create, evolve, and grow a distinctive beer branding for URBB to convey the more unknown history of the old city of Bucharest. The message of this brand packaging is basically that nothing remains forgotten, everything is carried in the future as an important part of the city’s heart.

Moments of discovery & humor are created, illustrated & engraved on the labels.
About Bucur Beer Award Winning Branding Agency

The brand aims to be an original Romanian beer brand, dedicated to customers that not only appreciate a high-quality product but also have the curiosity to rediscover the city they call home.

Design Strategy Award Winning Branding Agency

The design strategy was to create a new imprint on the mind of the consumers, a more deep understanding of the city’s history and famous personalities that used to live here more than a hundred years ago.

Award Winning Branding Agency

The craft beer branding brings for the first time to the attention of the public many unknown stories and gossips from the old city of Bucharest. Furthermore, it offers the new generation the amazing opportunity to discover the city they call home.

As a result, the visual identity of this beer design presents this amazing history in a unique graphical language that blends the Romanian authenticity with the flavor of the Belle Époque period. The branding inspiration came from the long & complex history of beer. Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world so it should be appreciated accordingly. To sum up, it is a drink that stood the test of time, so the beer branding needs to have a timeless approach as well. The beer label design created by our branding studio is visually celebrating playful personalities & Bucharest's amazing places from the Belle Époque period in this timeless design.

Bucur – bere de bulevard este mai mult decât o legendă, este esența trăirii urbane, dinamice și cosmopolite în România. Mai mult, Bucur îmbină armonios ideea de renaștere cu bucuria și frumosul, atât de specifice poporului român.
Paul Markovits, Vice Președinte Marketing, URBB - Source Forbes Romania
One of the world's oldest drinks Award Winning Branding Agency

There is evidence that beer was produced around 8500BC to 5500BC in Pre-Pottery Neolithic Period. In countries like ancient Iraq and Egypt this drink was record to be consumed, served like nutrition and refreshments for the workers of the pyramids constructions.

Stories of the old town of Bucharest Award Winning Branding Agency

The beer brand wants to take the customer in a journey of rediscovering the true essence of the old city of Bucharest, it’s fascinating stories & personalities. An unknown period is yet to be discover in each drink of this premium Romanian beer.

Supplement Branding
Supplement Packaging Design wins international Indigo Award

CreativeByDefinition wins the Bronze Indigo Award 2020 with the supplement packaging design for Owynna Health, a Canadian brand. Nature meets science. Our award winning branding agency created a clear brand expression for this health-dedicated company while presenting the benefits of the products to the desired audience while using a contemporary style. Being brand design consultants & innovators, our mission is to elevate supplements & vitamin branding while offering customers a unique retail experience both in online & offline markets.

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Award Winning Branding Agency

We are excited to announce that our supplement packaging design for Owynna Curcumin won for us an international design award. The branding package participated in the 2020 annual competition, Indigo Awards, and won Bronze. The design for this product branding is dedicated to the health supplements sector which has registered significant growth in the last years.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Apr. 23rd, 2020 – The winners of the 3rd Indigo Design Award have been announced in all areas from Best Graphic Design to Games and Discovery of the Year. Indigo spent the past year scouring the globe for the best in visual design from jaw-dropping illustrations to logos that pop, causes for the greater good, and the hottest in innovative web creation.

It is Indigo's mission to uncover raw talent and designs that inspire, move, and make a difference across any platform, application, or device. Indigo Design Award seeks those who aren’t afraid to push the envelope or make their voices heard. This dietary & health supplement generates a new tone of voice combining 3D visualization techniques with a clean, straightforward image of the plant itself.

It's all about "nature meeting science".
About Owynna brand Award Winning Branding Agency

The supplement brand is totally dedicated to the purpose of bringing high-quality health products on the market. From Canada to all around the world, the brands' mission is to use nature's best ingredients to create products that significantly improve people's health.

Medicinal Properties of curcumin Award Winning Branding Agency

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound
Increases the Antioxidant Capacity
Improved Brain Function
Help manage inflammation & joint pain
Lower Risk of Heart Diseases

Creators of brand identity & unique packaging designs that customers enjoy buying. We are a creative design studio crafting meaningful food and beverage brands.

Our unique perspective on designing gourmet brands and creative beverages brought us prestigious awards from international design competitions. Above all, we enjoy celebrating each food and drink branding that we've created over time. To sum up, we are a branding agency for startups & established companies that are looking to innovate their consumer brand. Furthermore, the design competitions offer us the perfect opportunity to make new brands known or add value to existing ones. Curious to discover our design awards journey? Just follow the link below.

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