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Case study: Olive Oil Branding for Kondea

This case study is dedicated to one of our latest projects, Kondea Extra Virgin Olive Oil, where you can discover more about greek craftsmanship and dedication to producing high-quality organic olive oil.
Olive Oil Branding

Located on the slopes of Olympus mountain, this Greek olive oil farm takes the ancient name of a close-by village. The motto of the brand is powerful and simple. " Respect the natural environment." Our packaging design agency envisioned a brand identity that visually carries this motto in all aspects of the design composition. The concept of respecting the land was a key element of the packaging design project. Because we believe great stories make great brands, in this olive oil branding we concentrated on sharing with the customers the story of this family-owned olive farm named Kondea.

"Excellent organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from 100% Amphissa olives collected by hand in October, and processed within a few hours. Due to the extremely low acidity, relatively early harvest, organic cultivation and post-harvest treatment, the oil attains organic extra virgin green olive oil class."

Olive Oil Branding

Going back in time, to the origins of olive oil, the first place where the olive tree grew was the Crete island around 3500 BC in the Early Minoan times. It didn't take long, and the cultivation passed to the mainland. The production of organic olive oil became very important for the economy of Greece. The olive tree and the extra virgin olive oil is, to present time, synonym with the greek civilization. Nurtured by the Sun and the Sea, these mystical trees produce healthy olive oil, popular all around the world. Why? Healthy fats that the human body loves, vitamins & antioxidants, all of these and more in an unmistakable, full of flavor taste.

Olive Oil Branding

The journey of this olive oil brand started with the exploration of the powerful greek connection with the land. The olive oil packaging visually tells the story of this family-owned extra virgin olive oil farm passed from generation to generation.

Small batches. Greek hand-craftmanship. Organic extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil Branding

Our packaging design studio interweaved past and present in order to present the dedication and knowledge of this greek olive oil farm to produce a high-quality biodynamic extra virgin olive oil, early harvested. The farm is presently cultivating three varieties of olive oil trees: Amphisis, Koroneiki, and Arbequina while maintaining a balancing natural environment. Inspired by the strong sun of Greece, the white color was chosen for the background. White was also used to symbolize the quality and purity of the extra virgin olive oil. The entire packaging design composition translates the characteristics of the product inside. Because we were looking to visually invite the customer on a journey through the farm, a custom packaging illustration of the olive oil tree was the idea we end up exploring. Instead of presenting the whole tree, we choose a bespoke path and we concentrated only on the roots of the tree. On the land. On the arid hills of Greece.

Olive Oil Branding

The olive oil branding evolves from this idea of simplicity, of embracing the rugged landscape of Greece.

The olive oil tree is described by black organic lines, drawn in concentric circles to suggest the history of the farm, all the care and dedication it takes to produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil branding is illustrating the wild setting of an arid landscape, under the powerful sun, the perfect place for an olive tree to grow. Tracing the contours of the hills, the image of the olive farm is virtually placed in front of the customer.

Olive Oil Branding

Producing organic olive oil in small batches means that every bottle is very important. This is how our packaging design studio started the search for a bottle design that would visually translate the commitment to quality while emphasizing the Greek origins. The chosen design of the bottle is simple, elegant, and more important it is describing a Greek Doric column.

Olive Oil Branding

The Doric order, was one of the three orders of ancient Greek architecture, being the most recognizable by the simple circular capitals that can be found at the top of the columns. The architectural order is the earliest of the three orders and it is defined by simple and clean lines. This made it the perfect choice for the bottle. Architecture is a very important part of Greek history and we believe that bringing that element in this product design packaging adds meaning and value.

Olive Oil Branding

To complete the distinctive character of this olive oil branding, a beautiful poem written by a Greek poet, Antonis Karakonstantakis, and dedicate to this olive farm and its olive nectar is presented on the side of the packaging design.

The label design for Kondea organic olive oil evokes these two elements, the greek poem created especially for this olive oil brand and the minimalistic portrait of the olive oil farm translated into rough black lines on a white canvas. The organic shape of the base of the tree takes the center stage of the olive oil design.

"...Having encountered the pathways of the Gods and rooted in their footsteps eviscerating memories - encomiums as their fruit comes to be olive nectar..."
Antonis Karakonstantakis
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