Olive Oil Branding honors
Greek lands & organic harvests. Learn more about what is biodynamic farming.

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Olive Oil Branding

Olive Oil Packaging

  • Name: Kondea, Organic Olive Oil
  • Industry: Sauces & Oils
  • Location: Greece

Inspired by tradition and driven by biodynamics, this olive oil branding harmonizes with the rugged landscape of Greece while expressing the purity of taste. To expand, every single design element of the olive oil branding was intentionally imagined to reflect the clear direction of this family-owned business. Respect the environment. Produce a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil that is in perfect symbiosis with nature.

Olive Oil Branding
Olive Oil Branding
Olive Oil Branding
Olive Oil Branding


A monochromatic style & modern approach make this olive oil branding appeal to healthy food lovers.

The olive oil branding explores the idea of returning to the roots, to the foundation of life, telling the story of the arid lands from Greece where olive trees grow. Learn more about what is biodynamic farming.

01. Creativity.
Brand Storytelling.

The story behind the olive oil packaging starts on a beautiful olive oil farm in Greece, where the past & present are brought together.

02. Structure.
Product Branding.

The olive oil branding was constructed on a minimalistic structure, starting from a monochromatic logo design to packaging design and beyond.

Design Packaging.

The olive oil packaging design uses a black and white line style illustration to capture the essence of Kondea farm, the olive oil trees & rugged landscape.

Olive Oil Branding

Olive Oil Packaging & Branding to help your product get noticed.

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Project Information:

Services provided: Olive Oil Branding | Olive Oil Packaging Design | Packaging Illustration

Project type: Consumer brand

Results: Helped the brand enter the Belgium market & increase its growth in Greece.

Eco-friendly packaging: Use materials like glass & paper to reduce waste.

Inspired by Greek architecture, the Doric column, and driven by biodynamic agriculture the olive oil packaging keeps a clean path while lowering risks in the printing phase.

The design principles are capturing the strong connection the greek people had with the land from the early beginnings. The olive oil branding uses a greek inspired theme with a black and white color palette. To create an emotional connection with the customer and invite him to step into the world of small-batch greek organic olive oil, the packaging design is structured around two elements. The label design reveals these two elements, a greek poem by Antonis Karakonstantakis created especially for this olive oil branding and the minimalistic portrait of the olive oil farm translated into rough black lines on a white canvas.

The organic shape of the base of the tree is taking the center stage of the olive oil design. Once the oil is blended, it is packaged in bottles, cans or a new type of pouch. In short, whatever the format, the olive oil packaging design helps customers choose fast their favorite brand. Olive oil branding honors Greek lands & organic harvests.

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Oil Packaging

Olive oil packaging is a very important factor for edible oils, incorrect storage practices can influence quality. So, it is critical that, whatever the packaging material used, to be appropriate for the type of oil and also for the target audience.

Oil Branding

Vegetable oil branding is helping the brand define a marketing strategy. Consequently, getting the design right is hey for having a successful advertising campaign for the product. Cooking oil branding plays an important role in recognizing the brand.

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