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The latest packaging design trends for breweries & cider companies

You can now choose to decorate your craft beer with a designer label using unprinted cans. Raise the level of your brand individuality with this new packaging design option.
packaging design trend for beer & cider

Labeling plain cans it's a trend that grew significantly in the last period because of its flexibility. Avoiding the minimum order quantities of pre-printed cans and offering a lot of creative options are just some of the benefits that this new packaging design trend can offer.

packaging design trend for beer & cider

Using aluminum for your packaging is a very sustainable option, aluminum being a material that takes around an average of only two months to be recycled, remanufactured, and returned into the retail environment.

Choosing labeling cans instead of printing cans can offer a lot of options when it comes to materials, embellishments, and colors. If your brewery or cider brand wants to print short runs, brew small batches, or simply experiment with limited releases then this technique is a perfect match. Combined with digital printing these self-adhesive labels can offer your beverage business a flexible, creative & efficient way to package your product.

packaging design trend for beer & cider

For the label materials, you can choose from gloss paper, luxurious textured paper or uncoated paper, clear films, silver films, natural kraft paper, and more. The tactile experience can be an important factor in connecting with your customers through packaging design. Label embellishments can elevate a label design, offering a unique feeling to the entire brand packaging design. Clear, glossy, and raised coatings together with embossing, lamination films are just some of the options you can choose when printing your cider or beer label.

packaging design trend for beer & cider

Because many of the cans are labeled via a wet-fill process the brand owners can also look for materials that function well in cold & wet conditions. One of these materials is Polypropylene, a polymeric material used mainly in the beverage industry because of its characteristics. Another alternative is to use standard branded cans and then apply custom labels depending on your on-going collection.

If you are just starting out or simply looking to redesign your beer or cider brand you can keep the packaging cost down by choosing pressure-sensitive, custom-designed labels both for your cans and bottles.

I think people are starting to realize that great things come in small batches.
April Bloomfield
Label embellishments types packaging design trend for beer & cider

Textured patterns
Special inks / Coatings
Lamination films

Label materials options packaging design trend for beer & cider

Cast Gloss Paper
Machine Coat Paper
Uncoated Paper
Synthetic Materials
Thermal Materials

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