Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained

Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained. Guidelines for a cosmetic branding with impact.

When you are opening a new cosmetic business, you need a cosmetic packaging for small business that will make you stand out and that conveys your message to the customers. The cosmetics market is expected to grow annually with around 4.2%. Cosmetic market size guarantees that a cosmetic brand can be successful and there are a few elements that can help you be cosmetic best brand.

Cosmetic business ideas

Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained. So, what is the meaning of the cosmetic bottle shape? What cosmetic bottle label attracts more customers? We offer you a few guidelines for a succesful cosmetic branding. Get inspired by the latest trends for cosmetic packaging & more.

1. Cosmetic bottle

Beauty in bottle, this is the goal for any natural cosmetic brand. The cosmetic bottle shape delivers a sense of quality while also reflecting the product's brand image. The most common shapes found in cosmetics bottles are cylindrical, rectangular, and oval, but some exhibit unique shapes that allure customers and give presence to the cosmetic product. A parfum bottle shape tells something about its intended user: perfumes having round and oval shapes mostly attract women, while bulky rectangular and cylindrical ones target men.

Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained

The material of the cosmetic bottle packaging is also very important, you can select a cosmetic plastic bottle or a glass cosmetic bottle, it depends on the product inside and on the price. Glass is more sustainable than plastic, it's far more durable and can last for many more years, therefore it is appropriate for more expensive liquids. However, it is brittle and rigid, and when subjected to stress, it breaks easily, and it is more expensive to manufacture. If you are producing cosmetics for everyday use or for traveling, plastic might be a good option for a travel cosmetic bottle or a cosmetic pump bottle.

As for colors for the cosmetic bottle, white skincare packaging looks bright and clean and engages the modern consumer. Cosmetic packaging design with pink is targeted towards female costumers whereas blue has been utilized for both the male and female segments.

2. Cosmetic label

The label of cosmetic products acts as a silent salesman for your oral care, skin care, sun care, hair care, decorative cosmetics, body care and perfumes.

What is a private cosmetic label? In short, a private label product belongs to your cosmetic brand but is formulated, developed, and manufactured by other specialists on your behalf.

Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained

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There are many cosmetic label requirements that you need to respect so you can launch your cosmetic product on the market. For example, ingredients must be listed in descending order of predominance and user instructions, should remain visible during day-by-day storage and use.

Maybe you are wondering, what is the jar symbol on cosmetics? The open jar symbol tells customers the expiration period from the moment the product was opened in months and/or years.

In order to have a clean and professional looking cosmetic label design, it is recommended to work with a seasoned cosmetic label designer. For instance, he can create a minimalist skincare packaging that will bring new clients, or he can assist you with the cosmetic label printing to be sure the quality is as expected.

Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained

Cosmetic jar labels should indicate very clear in just one glance if you are selling perfumes or makeup cosmetics or skin care cosmetics or hair care products and the target audience: women, men, kids, pets, etc.

Be different from your competition, allure customers with better, cleaner, more striking designs, if you target a younger audience, a more extravagant style will work, if you sell luxury products a more refined approach will have better results. The colors, fonts, graphics and even shape of the label will influence the buying decision so be instantly captivating.

3. Cosmetic branding

Having a good cosmetic branding strategy and cosmetic branding design can make or break a new startup. Learning from cosmetic luxury brands is key, they already have a lot of luxury skincare packaging experience, and you can for sure absorb a few tips & tricks. Collaborating with a spa can also give you some hints about your customer’s needs.

The name for cosmetic brand should tell your story. You should consider the impression your brand leaves to your customers when they first see the products. Select something short, easy to read, in short: catchy. You can go more on the funny, casual side or choose more elegant, sophisticated choices, it all depends on your target audience.

Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained

Cosmetic logo design is an extension of your brand. Work with a beauty branding agency to create a cosmetic company logo that is trendy but timeless. This should work well both in stores because it will be used on the cosmetic box design but it should have good visibility also online when it is applied on cosmetic banner design.

For the cosmetic bottle design choose striking shapes if you are targeting a younger audience or more organic ones if your public is more mature. The cosmetic graphic design should complement the bottle, it should be clean and professional looking and in the same line as all your brand elements.

4. Cosmetic packaging

No matter if you will be using cosmetic packaging boxes or cosmetic jars with lids, the goal for any modern brand today is to achieve a cosmetic packaging eco-friendly. Eco-friendly packaging involves packaging that is easy to recycle and it is built from materials produced using minimal energy spending.

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As for customized cosmetic packaging, there are many innovative materials that you can use today. Paptic® for custom cosmetic packaging is a new heat sealable, fiber-based material presenting itself as a premium solution for your sustainable product. Sughera® from Corpack GmbH is a revolutionary material for cosmetic packaging containers that contains 70% cork and 30% rubber.

Before choosing the cosmetic packaging manufacturers that you would like to work with, you should decide if you need cosmetic packaging tubes or cosmetic packaging bottle or cosmetic packaging jar because each producer is usually specialized and can provide a cost-effective offer for one type of pack.

If you are looking for a few cosmetic packaging ideas for make-up products, consider first the trends for these types of items: popping pastels, big ole lashes and grunge-y shadows. The current obsession with the '80s, 90s and early 2000s should be also reflected in the make-up package design.

Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained

As a long-term response to the pandemic, customers have placed self-care at the top of the priority list, this tendency gives an advantage to more expensive brands, we are now delighted to buy quality products in luxurious cosmetic packaging. The beauty packaging design should convey confidence, purity, and honesty.

Cosmetic packaging recycling and eco-friendly cosmetic packaging are big cosmetic packaging trends nowadays. What are the benefits for recycling? Recycling reduces waste, prevents pollution, conserves natural resources and energy. Minimalist beauty packaging continues to be an objective for skin care brands, less is more is the motto. Bold colors, gender neutral design and greener cosmetics with natural ingredients are also aims on the list.

Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained

5. Cosmetic marketing

Cosmetic marketing strategy can include creating campaigns for your beauty and cosmetics brand on social media, selecting the right brand ambassadors and building video content. Some of the most effective cosmetic advertising methods focus on beauty advertisements in magazines and beauty product poster, depending on target audience some tv ads use normal persons, others employ move stars or supermodels.

The skincare packaging design can also help your cosmetic brand stand-out, design the most accurate packaging for your business, the quality of the packing materials is equally important. In the highly competitive cosmetics industry, brands should invest into beauty ads and elegant presentation websites.

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To ensure the success of your marketing campaigns, do a rigorous cosmetic market research, you should be aware of all the beauty marketing trends, like emphasis on sustainability and demand for exceptional active ingredients or maintaining healthier skin and adopting a more streamlined routine. Hiring a cosmetic marketing agency might help you achieve your business goals faster. A beauty digital marketing agency can also create a master plan for your beauty digital marketing and advise you on what to promote more, for example premium luxury segment is scaling up by 15%, so it would be a good time to present these types of products on your homepage.

Showcase the product value

Cosmetic and fragrance marketing should be concentrated on explaining product value to customers or even its necessity for the consumer's well-being and self-image. Natural and organic Ingredients are a popular cosmetic trend right now and there is also a high demand in quality men's beauty products.

Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained
Sustainability in cosmetics industry

Demonstrating quality as well as sustainability will help you build a strong brand. Using advanced technologies will help you develop effective ingredients and formulations. Within the beauty industry, skincare products accounted for 39% of the global market, while hair products represented 21%, and make-up 19%, the cosmetic market is growing so it is a good opportunity for small businesses to expand.

"A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear." Marilyn Monroe, American actress, model, and singer.
Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained

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Cosmetic bottle packaging & label explained

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