Soap packaging ideas

How a soap packaging idea can make a huge difference for your natural soap brand.

In the recent years we saw a revival of customers interest in traditional, artisanal soap making methods. Soap manufacturers have focused more on added benefits, like moisturizing effects, exfoliating ingredients, and curative essential oils. Organic and natural soaps are on high demand right now. Custom soap wrappers offer a more interactive and personalized shopping experience.

Soap making – a profitable business

When soap was invented? There is physical evidence that ancient Babylonians mastered soap making as early as 2800 BC, they boiled fats with ashes, they were using the soap in textile industry and medicinally. There were various formulas in Mesopotamia, Egypt, ancient Greece, and Rome. One of the first modern soaps to gain national distribution in US was Procter & Gamble’s Ivory. Nowadays most soaps, both liquid and solid, are in fact synthetic detergent products.

What soap brands are cruelty free?

A cruelty free soap brand means that no products have been tested on animals. No matter if your company produces bath soup brand, laundry soap brand, dish soap brand, luxury soap brand, antibacterial soap brand, body soap brand, it is really important to be part of this massive effort to protect animals’ rights and find more efficient ways to test the products. Dove, Nivea, L’Oréal, just to name a few, are all committed to this rule.

Soap packaging ideas

Vegan soap bars are the ones that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products, so it is a different quality that your brand can achieve for your special customers.

How to name a soap brand?

Soap brand name is like the first impression when you meet someone, it can give you a good vibe or not so much. In order to be able to promote a soap product, you would need a catchy name. Think to a name that can be a good fit for a large variety of soaps. Are your creating a luxury soap bar? Then you will need a name that will look fancy on a luxury soap packaging and charm a high-end consumer. Do you sell products suitable for gifting? Then you should choose something that focuses on special occasions.

How to brand soap?

Read about soap making, even better find a course about the melt and pour soap making process. Create your own production line, no matter if you dedicate a room from the house to this activity or you have rented a space for this. Work with a designer to create a soap brand logo and custom soap packaging that will match your vision. Make a business plan related to how and where to sell and put your plan in action.

Soap packaging ideas

How to design soap packaging?

Regardless of your focus on soap packaging box or bar soap packaging, your soap brand deserves a soap packaging design that allures customers. The design should relate to your audience: primarily women, however, think about how you can also create products for men or children. Your soap label design should highlight the special ingredients. Kraft paper is a great choice because it's absorbent and will shelter your soap from moisture damage.

Soap packaging ideass

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How to package soap?

No matter if you are thinking about liquid soap packaging design or hand soap packaging design, it is more efficient to find an experienced manufacturer instead of keep asking yourself how to make soap packaging, he will be able to answer to all your questions and deliver a professional soap packaging in boxes that can be transported easily.

Soap packaging ideas

What is soap packaging made of? Various materials can be successfully used: plastic wrap, glassine paper, water soluble paper, brown parchment paper, tissue paper, etc.

How to package homemade soap?

Homemade soap can last a long time if it is stored properly, that’s why the handmade soap packaging is a crucial part of your production process. Handmade soap market is expected to grow with 4.8% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2030, so it would be a good idea to invest in a good soap branding strategy to be able to get ahead of the competition.

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Kraft paper is an eco-friendly choice, and you can print an intricate design on it. This is a powerful soap marketing idea that will make your products stand out both in real stores and online shops.

Best soap packaging ideas

In a busy market it is recommendable to find original soap packaging design ideas, something that will make your brand unique. Be opened to creative ideas like cane baskets or textile bags and handmade illustrations. Play with neutral colors and select a delicate texture. The fragrance should be well represented, you are probably creating products for a smaller scale of buyers, so take an artisanal approach.

Soap packaging ideas

Soap trends

You are maybe wondering how many soap brands are in the world and how can you follow the soap industry trends but still stand out. Natural ingredients and sustainable packaging are at the top of the list and you can play with these in your own way. Plant oils (coconut, olive, palm, sunflower) are quite popular today and they are a good partners for favorite fragrances like Eucalyptus & Spearmint and Lavender & Vanilla. Today consumers focus on issues like are soap boxes recyclable? Paperboard boxes are recyclable and also some soap containers can be reused.

Soap packaging ideas
How to start a soap business?

Maybe you think about how many soap companies are out there and it looks a bit scary, however the soap market is quite huge and the demand for liquid products increased a lot lately. The biggest soap importer are usually US, UK, France, and Canada.

To start a successful soap business, you should examine these costs: quality ingredients, packaging design and materials, distribution and shipping, and marketing and advertising. Be sure you apply for the right certifications in your country and consider also selling your products online. You can also expand your soap business and sell soap dishes, sponges, loofas, soap lifts, brushes, etc.

"What is elegance? Soap and water!" Sir Cecil Beaton, British fashion, portrait and war photographer, diarist, painter, interior designer, costume designer.
Soap packaging ideas

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Soap packaging ideas

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