Branding Services & Packaging Design Cost. Offering guidance to our clients.

We built brand experiences while creating cost-effective designs that stand out. Our studio will help you navigate through branding & packaging design. In short, we are here to help you establish a memorable and powerful brand.

Brand Strategy

Brand & Product Naming. Brand Message. Brand positioning. Brand Voice. Storytelling.

Brand Design

Brand Identity. Logo Design. Color Palette. Typography. Brand Guidelines. 3D Branding.

Packaging Design

Design for Packaging. Bottle Design. 3D Design. 3D visualization. Production Follow-up

Digital Design

UI Design. Infographics Design. Icon design. Digital Illustrations. Design Systems

Graphic Design

Stationery Design. Signage Design. Brochure Design. Poster Design. Food Truck Design


Packaging Illustration. Decorative Illustrations. Pattern Design

We work online for clients big & small from around the world.

We bring brands to life. We think, we design and we use online collaboration to offer flexibility & cost control to our clients. To sum up, we are passionate about what we do, and we have a growing record of creating memorable & unique brands.

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Branding Services & Packaging Design Cost
Branding Services & Packaging Design Cost

Brand Design Cost

Using a holistic approach to deliver award-winning designs.

Brand Naming Starting from $1900 / 1800€

Brand Discovery | Name Creation | Lingvistic Validation | Trademark Verification

Logo Design Starting from $1900 / 1800€

Brand Discovery | 2 Logo Design Concepts including Typography | Colors | Graphics

Branding Assets Starting from $490 / 450€

Business Cards | Marketing Materials | Stationery Design including Typography | Colors

Packaging Design Drinks & Beauty Starting from $1900 / 1800€

Brand Discovery | 2 Packaging Concepts including Typography | Illustrations | 3D Design

Packaging Design Food & Supplements Starting from $900 / 880€

Brand Discovery | 2 Packaging Concepts including Typography | Colors | Illustrations

Branding Strategy Starting from $3900 / 3700€

Brand Positioning | Tone of Voice | Audience | Brand Naming | Logo Design | Guidelines

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