Branding Services & Packaging Design Cost

We built food and beverage brand experiences while creating cost-effective package designs that stand out.

The branding services & packaging design cost may differ depending on your business needs. Many times, packaging and branding seem to be the last critical element of your business. However, if you don't sell enough you will not make a profit. To conclude, the best brand strategy, attracting the right audience & using package design like the silent salesman will always increase your brand sales and help establish a powerful brand.

Packaging Design - 7 years Experience

Brand Identity - 6 years Experience

3D Design & Form - 7 years Experience

Packaging Illustrations - 6 years Experience

Branding & Packaging Design Services
Brand Strategy

Brand & Product Naming. Brand Message. Brand positioning. Brand Voice. Storytelling.

Brand Design

Brand Identity. Logo Design. Color Palette. Typography. Brand Guidelines. 3D Branding

Packaging Design

Design for Packaging. Bottle Design. 3D Design. 3D visualization. Production Follow-up

Digital Design

UI Design. Infographics Design. Icon design. Digital Illustrations. Design Systems

Graphic Design

Stationery Design. Signage Design. Brochure Design. Poster Design. Food Truck Design


Packaging Illustration. Decorative Illustrations. Pattern Design

In the end, package design should close the sale.

Package design & bottle design must overcome multiple challenges to ensure they create a secure container for the product while remaining aesthetically pleasing to the customer. Are you struggling with challenges like brand recognition, sustainability, rising costs? In order to reduce timelines and costs by at least 30%, minimize risks & unlock brands' potential, it’s part of our business philosophy to collaborate online with our clients.

Branding Services & Packaging Design Cost
Creative Branding & Packaging Design

The branding pricing should reflect the needs of each food, drink & corporate business. Therefore, a wine branding for a famous vineyard in Tuscany will have different business requirements than food branding for a low-budget products line. Nevertheless, a well-created & positioned brand will represent a powerful asset for both companies. Our small design team always offers design pricing flexibility and full branding & packaging design services to help food & drink brands worldwide launch and grow.

Branding & Packaging Design Cost
Packaging Design Pricing
Drink Branding
Beer & Cider | Tea & Coffee | Water & Energy & More

Brand Identity (logo) - €2100 / $2500
Packaging Design Price - €2100 / $2500
*Customized 3D Packaging Design Model - ask us for quotation

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Packaging Design Pricing
Wine & Spirits
Wine & Cocktails | Gin & Vodka & More

Brand Identity (logo) - €2100 / $2500
Packaging Design Price - €2900 / $3400
*Customized 3D Packaging Design Model - ask us for quotation

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Packaging Design Pricing
Food Branding
Spices & Chocolate | Cereals & Dairy & More

Brand Identity (logo) - €1600 / $1900
Packaging Design Price - €1900 / $2200
*Customized 3D Packaging Design Model - ask us for quotation

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Packaging Design Pricing
Health & Body
Natural Supplements | Skin Care | Baby & More

Brand Identity (logo) - €2100 / $2500
Packaging Design Price - €2400 / $2800
*Customized 3D Packaging Design Model - ask us for quotation

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Our branding prices and services are created to match different types of companies, from different sectors like brewery brands, wine brands, food brands, health brands, and extending to, luxury brands, hospitality brands to corporate brands. What do all these businesses have in common? They have visionary owners, dedicated to their products and their target audience. Putting people's needs first is their business philosophy and so is ours.

Design for a better life
Bringing positive change to the market is our main purpose. The branding concepts are crafted for both the physical and the digital world, but most importantly they always promote a human connection. This is how we help consumer brands, retail brands & corporate brands convey their unique brand message. To sum up, our packaging design & branding agency envisions & creates tailored approaches for every single client.
Working with brands from all over the world for more than 6 years brought us a lot of expertise when it comes to collaborating online. As a result, we can now help clients access unique branding solutions & innovative packaging no matter their location. You can reach us, and tell us more about your project. We are just one click away.
A beautiful package is not enough. That is why we use consumer insights to design solutions that disrupt the market. Therefore, putting the customer at the center of the brand story and build around it will give true value & meaning to any business. Because we believe in the power of originality, we explore creative packaging design concepts in order to find the best solution for each brewery branding, food branding, or corporate branding.
Packaging Branding
Packaging Design Process
Discover & Connect

Establish the visual identity & creative packaging direction along with the contract & payment. (1 week)

Packaging Design Process
Brief & Research

Immerse in our client business to fully understand its brand needs and the target audience. (1-2 weeks)

Packaging Design Process
Strategy & Design

Draw a strong creative path, while developing the creative branding and the product packaging design. (2-4 weeks)

Packaging Design Process
Launch & Follow up

Focus on finishing details, digital design & presence, and assistance during the production phase. (1-3 weeks)

  • Granola Packaging
    Granola Packaging

    The new brand of granola wants to bring change on the cereal market.

  • Wine Branding
    Wine Branding

    We envisioned an elegant, young and playful wine brand.

  • Coffee Branding
    Coffee Branding

    Inspired by the strong character of the coffee, the crafted illustration of this branding package unveils a cardinal bird.

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