Food Branding

Food Branding for your Business.
Mixing the right ingredients in the perfect amount.

We strongly believe that the best food branding, is exactly like your favorite dish, it contains the right ingredients in the perfect amount.

Our passion for food, for its amazing flavors and wonderful new & old combinations, led us to discover the true meaning of food branding and how we can create and use it to help our food clients obtain successful results. Being a food & drink brand design agency, we wanted to share our findings and knowledge with curious entrepreneurs that are seeking to launch their new food business, with owners looking to find out more about food branding & food packaging design, or simply with food lovers, the consumers that want to have a better understanding of what they see & buy in the stores or online.

Like François de la Rochefoucauld said: "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." We will dive deep into food branding and reveal all the essentials in the following paragraphs.

No matter what you think about branding, all the aspects of it, from packaging design, typography, packaging illustrations, colors, form, and the overall style, will influence the purchase in a matter of seconds. Studies show that 70% of consumers buy a product based on its food packaging design. So, choose the best food branding for your business and focus on results.

Food Branding

Food History & the Culinary Path

So how did everything started? Consider food as a major catalyst in human history. The food choices revealed, in the beginning, more about humans' values and ambitions. They still do that today. The food you buy in the supermarket or online tells a lot about you as an individual. That is why brands always have to evaluate their desired audience. From hunting and food gathering food to cooking and later on the transition to agriculture, humanity's greatest social revolution, food follows a complex path that guides us today, in the fresh food markets, mega-stores, and e-commerce platforms.

Food Branding

Food has always been a very important factor of growth and economical progress and continues to have the same characteristics today. The food journey starts from ancient Egypt, ancient Judea, classical Greece, Persian Empire, Ancient India, Classical Chinese Cuisine, Imperial Rome, Europe's Dark Ages, Islam Cooking, Gothic Cuisine, Aztecs & Mexican Cooking, African Cuisines, Samurai Dining, Early Industrial Revolution Cooking, Romantics and Vegetarians Food, Globalization and Food Around the world, and continues to develop in present times. Mixing the right ingredients in the perfect amount will always stimulate mankind.

The importance of Food Branding

Branding dedicated to the essential part of life: FOOD.

Food has always been a vital part of our human existence. To develop a successful food branding a clear direction has to be established.

We take into consideration the food brand's products, goals, and overall mission. The audience preferences and the market performance become key ingredients. Choosing the best design for your food brand will define the connection between your brand products and the customers. The food packaging will establish a clear position in supermarkets & gourmet stores.

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Food Branding

So what is food branding and why is it important for your business? If your business is producing or selling food products like rice, coffee, or even snacks, your main goal is to stand out, attract attention, increase the purchase and grow a base of loyal customers. How can food packaging help your business?

Food Branding

While looking at the food packaging design, reading the letters on the package, seeing the colors of the product, or just holding in their hands the bottle design, the best branding has the power to convey emotions and generates bonds. The entire purpose of food branding is to express a clear personality of the brand and help the customer not to get confused when buying the product. Due to all of these branding elements, visual identity, packaging design, marketing materials, and more, the brand becomes easy to recognize and to remember. Strong branding is essential to convey the chosen message and feel of the product to the right audience. By exploring and designing all the elements of the product from the tactile experience of the packaging to the finishing touches and materials, to the store appearance & online presence, your gourmet business will be well represented in everyday life while standing out in front of competitors.

Food Branding

How to build a successful Food Brand

If you decided you want to join the Food Revolution and impact the existing market with your amazing products, it's the perfect moment to start building your brand. Remember that it is very important to have a clear brand path established before launching any food products on the market. This means that before entering into the production and launching phase, you should cover subjects like target audience, brand identity, and strategy. What happens if you just leave the food branding for later? Your food brand will not be consistent and that will have major consequences for your business growth.

For example, you will give your brand a name, and afterward, when you finally decide to do branding you may find out the brand name is already taken or it doesn't fit with your customer's preferences. You will end up change it, losing the customers you already have and as result, the sales will decrease. The brand will be easy to recognize and remember by customers if it stays consistent on message, brand strategy, brand name, brand logo, food packaging design, label design, and other brand expression materials in the online market like UI design & UX design. The best way to start building your brand is, as the Romans said, "Step by step one goes to Rome."

Food Branding

The design concept

Get to know your brand in 3 easy steps. How are your customers? What's your brand story? What's your brand position?

Customers & food brands

The customers are your brand's most important asset. Finding out who they are, what they like, where, when & how they do their shopping will help you connect with them. Creating a profile of the customer is a vital step in all the food branding that our design studio developed for all our clients. Many obstacles can be overcome and a clear design strategy can be developed if you know the profile of your target audience. Another angle that should be studied when comes to your brand audience, is the problem that your product resolves or what is the need that your brand product can fill. Listening to your customers will help your brand connect with them on a deeper level and generate emotions while engaging them in a unique retail experience.

Food Branding to help your brand become known.

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Storytelling Brand

You may ask yourself what the story of my brand has to do with selling my product? Why is this important? As Jonathan Gottschall, an American author writes, “We are, as a species, addicted to story." Your brand story talks about your company mission and values, what you stand out like a brand. Customers always seek honesty and a meaningful approach especially when it comes to their favorite food brands. We advise our clients to simply start by making a list with adjectives that defines their brand and sketch a few ideas about their brand story. After that, we help them create the core of the brand and develop their story so it can be easily understood by customers.

Brand position & Competitors

In most cases, your brand will not be the only one that sells rice, chocolate, or fresh veggies. So the question that comes to mind, is why the customers should choose your brand instead of others? Here comes the power of food branding. The best branding, the most unique food packaging ideas, or the most compelling logo design will set your brand apart from the competition while increasing the client purchase rate and loyalty factor.

Food Branding

The honesty factor & Minimalist Packaging

Yes, honesty is still very important when it comes to food. Because we believe in honest brands and want to see more of them on the food market, we concentrate on explaining to our clients the importance of the message that is displayed on the food label design. Every word, every piece of information that is written on the food packaging or on the advertising materials can help a brand differentiate itself from the competition. We advise the visionary owners we work with to keep only the essential message of the product on the main front of the packaging design and sometimes even less. People are born curious. Invite them to discover your product. Don't overcrowd it with information just because your competition does it or because you think that as more as you have written, as more customers your business will have.

Minimalist Packaging doesn't translate in the absence of design. Instead, it focuses on conveying a highly targeted product message while helping the customer to take a rapid decision. Statics show that brands that try squeezing as much as they can in the design are less preferred than minimalist packaging design where less information is easy to read and the impact is significantly bigger. More than that, minimalist packaging can also save money by eliminating waste. The last reports for Nielson Study, show that 52% of the respondents are checking the packaging to see if the brand has a positive social engagement & environmental impact.

Simple is better. Keeping your food packaging and your label design to the point will help your brand message be seen by a larger number of people and will translate into brand awareness & more sales. Website design and UI design are also following this current path, to unclutter the information and help the visitors find easily what they are looking for. Being used with the internet, the millennials know to search the meaningful information that adds real value to a product brand. Honest brand communication will help them make a faster purchase decision based on how easily they find the essential information on the food packaging design.

Food Branding
The key elements of a Successful Food Branding

After the concept of the brand is created, brand story & image, target audience, and competitors we will proceed with the brand identity & strategy. The brand identity generally starts with the following subjects: logo design, color scheme, and typography. We will continue to dive deep with food packaging design. Some clients will also look for interior design and online presence, that starts with a website design that closely follows the production phase before the launch. The brand will continue its development by building a social media presence, advertising, and marketing content to finalize the release.

The best logos for the Food Industry

No matter if people see it on your packaging, on your website, or on a promotional advertisement, they will instantly recognize your brand. That's the power of a good logo. Your brand logo should visually convey the character of the brand even it can't say the whole story. When we create the logo design for our food brands, we take into consideration various aspects of the business. For example, the shape of the logo will inform the buyers if the brand is organic or not. A circular or more curved shape will usually describe a friendly natural-based brand because our human body associates it with harmony & perfect balance while the use of triangles or sharp forms will induce the idea of a more formal, high-end brand because they are defining innovation and energy and rectangles are usually inspiring stability.

The best logos follow the same path, are simple, on point, distinctive and unforgettable. The color of the logo design should also induce a certain feeling to the consumers. Statistics show that the red color is associated with appetite and is a good choice for fast-food restaurants. When it comes to typography, the old and the new font choices offer a beautiful arsenal of options. The typography for food products will help you not only convey your brand message in writing but also into the visual appearance. "Display type is a visual voice. Without, reading, it imparts its message." Laura Worthington, award-winning typeface and lettering designer Depending on the desired mood, our creative design studio uses the complex world of fonts to illustrate different atmospheres, serious, playful, minimalistic, and much more. Exactly like a good food recipe, typography offers vital information to the customers about the product inside and about the brand.

Food Branding

Packaging for Food

In present times, food packaging stays at the very heart of the modern food industry. There are only a few food products that are sold unpackaged. Good food packaging protects the quality of the products inside, reduces waste, and conveys the brand message. More than that, because of the increase of online shopping, it has now the new mission of being a silent salesman from afar. What packaging design can do for your food brand? In an oversaturated market it can set you apart from the competition. Studies show that "81% of consumers tried something new because the product packaging caught their eye." With the help of packaging design, you can offer a culinary experience to your customers before they even open the box.

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There are more aspects to take into consideration when talking about food packaging that will help your brand product stand out even on e-commerce platforms. The shape of the package, the material, the colors, the typography used, the overall feeling and look of the product will determine its successful purchase. Starting with the shape of the product, there is a lot of room to innovate and elevate products creating custom package designs. The materials used have more power than you might think. They not only help the brand establish its position on the market and protect the food inside but also speak about the brand's commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. The colors and packaging typography also help the business establish a clear brand direction on the market while attracting customers.

Retail design for Food Brands

The offline market. Inside the store. An unforgettable retail design of a food brand store will take the customer on a culinary journey and help him discover the brand assets. Hospitality design that is created around delicious food generates a powerful brand message and stays in the mind of the consumer for a longer period because it stimulates the senses. We all know that nothing compers with the smell of a bakery just filling its shelf with fresh out of oven products. In the store, the entire brand arsenal can be used to connect with consumers, from logo design to the colors that can be now found on furniture design items like chairs, shelves, tables, wallpapers, napkins, signs, mugs, smells, specific sounds, and the list can go one. The possibilities are endless.

Food Advertising & Social Presence

When it comes to advertising, food has always inspired many unique and unforgettable ads. Even if we are talking about a more classical way of promoting your business, food advertising still works. It can help your brand be seen and your brand message heard. It is very important to keep it cohesive in all food branding aspects, to use the same message in all the communication channels. For example, the best typography for your food branding should be used in all your promoting & marketing products. If people see your brand in stores, online, or on advertising posters they should instantly know it's your brand. An inconsistent branding system will only confuse the consumer and will decrease sales.

All your brand social media channels should be up to date and convey your brand story to the audience. The best way to get noticed on this millennial's preferred channels is by investing in high-quality visuals and meaningful, unique content. Telling your food brand story in a video or writing will help you connect with the target audience.

Food Branding
"Life is great. Cheese makes it better." Avery Aames, bestselling author
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