Alcohol Branding & Labeling

Alcohol branding and labeling. Revealing the practical and the emotional in a crowded market.

The mission of alcohol branding and labeling

Don't judge a book by its cover. Maybe true in many cases, alcohol labeling has the amazing power of convincing the audience. Furthermore, it tells a lot about the product inside the bottle, the brand story, and the product's journey. The alcohol brand name is also a crucial element. Today, customers choose to buy or not to buy a beverage only by looking at its label. So why are alcohol branding and labeling important?

How did the alcohol labeling history begin?

This story of labels dates back as far as 1550 B.C when wine labels were first introduced in Egypt. The labels were originally placed on amphoras to make trade easier and also to convey the quality of the wine and the origin indicated by sales.

The 18th century was the period when European alcohol, especially wine, was blooming, so the labels were printed or tied to the bottlenecks with a string as we can also see today. This is when the beverage design started to bloom.

By 1800, beverage packaging design and labels started to be produced in mass with the invention of the lithograph. Furthermore, in '70s Europe, winemakers started to work with famous artists like Chagall or Picasso to create the most inspiring bottle labels that would convey uniquely the premium quality of the wine. By this moment, beverage packaging design was elevated at the stage of art.

Alcohol Branding & Labeling

Why is labeling and beverage design important for your alcohol brand?

Understanding the necessity of a compelling label, a unique alcohol brand logo, a custom drink packaging design, the legal requirements but also the world of opportunities it can generate for your alcohol brand will help you launch a product that connects with your desired audience and overall, good alcohol branding and labeling will improve the performance of your alcohol advertising efforts and this will also have a good impact on sales.

Equally important is that labels help the customers know more about the product they are buying. Alcohol labeling will inform the consumers about relevant details regarding the product. It will educate them about alcohol percentage and any alcohol-related health issues. It is a key element for your alcohol marketing strategy.

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Furthermore, regarding the legal aspects of the beverage label design, the key element is transparency. Consumers trust brands that tell them vital information about their products. Nutritional information helps people have a better view of their diet, while the levels of alcohol tell them what they need to know about the perfect time when they can enjoy the product. To conclude, every country has its labeling requirements, so it's always best to check those in your specific area.

On the other hand, alcohol drink labels and creative alcohol branding can become important assets for your company and help your brand establish its position in the alcohol market and the minds and hearts of the consumers. Revealing the practical and the emotional in a crowded market.

Alcohol Branding & Labeling

What type of label design and packaging does your alcohol product need?

It is important to know that if your alcoholic beverage exceeds 1.2% in volume, the level of alcohol must be clearly visible to the consumer. The packaging design and labeling should present the alcohol volume and this information should not be placed on temporary packaging that will be thrown away when the product is ready to be consumed.

In addition, the brand should not encourage excessive consumption. Instead, it should build its marketing campaign on balanced consumption. Reveal the practical and the emotional in a crowded market.

The main details that the alcoholic labeling will be featuring are:

1. Name of the beverage
2. Alcohol Level - if more than 1.2%
3. Ingredients
4. Company Name
5. Country of origin
6. The quantity of the product
7. Allergy, Disease & Special Consumption Dangers
8. Info & Use by Date
9. Symbols to illustrate health or other nutritional issues

Alcohol Branding & Labeling

How to use creative beverage packaging design for your alcohol brand?

Your alcohol branding and label design will be promoting your brand's message, so when choosing it, you should take into consideration several factors:

1. Use the power of storytelling. Custom and creative representation of the product story should be present on the alcohol bottle label design
2. Make your brand name unforgettable. The drink brand name and beverage logo design should be clearly visible and convey the message you want to send to your audience
3. Make your brand memorable in the eyes of your customers. Use the power of visuals to capture the attention of your customers on the shelf or online. The label should celebrate colors, illustrations, typography, patterns, or other graphical elements
4. Reveal the character of your brand by using different printing techniques and innovative materials. Embossing, engraving, or lamination can reveal the quality of your product. Using metal, cork, plastic, leather, copper, or aluminum for labels or necks can create a powerful lasting effect

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We would like to share with you how we reveal the practical and emotional character of some unique alcohol brands we've collaborated with, using strategic packaging and creative branding:

Cardinal Liqueur. Unveiling exotic origin.

Alcohol Branding & Labeling

Born out of appreciation of the colorful flora & fauna, we strategically designed a liqueur packaging & label that uses bright colors and organic shapes in custom illustrations to reconnect the customers with the product origins.

Bucur Beer. Celebrating the colorful history of an old European city.

Alcohol Branding & Labeling

We took the colorful stories of the old European capital and visually placed them on this beer label design. Buildings, street lamps, famous people, and funny stories are revealed to a new generation.

Saxo Gin. Invigorating Jazz music.

Alcohol Branding & Labeling

We envisioned a gin branding & packaging design that reflects the captivating blend between craft gin and jazz music history. The custom shape of the bottle is visually conveying to the customers a beautiful jazz melody.

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough." Mark Twain, American writer, humorist, entrepreneur
Alcohol Branding & Labeling

Artistic wine labels by Picasso & Marc Chagall

Alcohol Branding & Labeling

First Alcohol Labels Were Invented In Egypt

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