Baby Branding makes playful hippos bathe. A shampoo packaging design that makes you smile.

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Baby Branding

Cosmetic Packaging

  • Name: Hip.po
  • Industry: Beauty & Bath
  • Location: Worldwide

A baby branding dedicated to the joyful spirit of the newborns. Our design studio created a balanced, soft & fun cosmetic design. The vision for this baby branding was to create a bottle design that evokes the playful spirit of the water drops. We immortalized in this baby product design every splash, every game, and every laughter. In short, the little one is "experimenting" with his first baths. We design a modern baby packaging design for this contemporary brand. The colors for the skincare packaging design are bright and happy. The packaging illustration included in the skincare branding evoke a funky hippo. In conclusion, our branding agency developed a creative cosmetic packaging design to make people smile.

Baby Branding
Baby Branding
Baby Branding
Baby Branding


Cosmetic Packaging

Baby product packaging design is key for convincing young mothers. For instance, there are looking for an easy-to-handle baby packaging. So, we draw a few skincare packaging ideas until we found the right bottle packaging. Our cosmetic packaging design company focused on transforming the bath into a joyful moment. In conclusion, the skincare branding ideas include tutus and dancing hippos.

Baby Branding

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Project Information:

Services provided: Baby Branding | Cosmetic Packaging Design 3D | Skincare Bottle Design | Naming

Project type: Consumer brand

Results: Helped the brand enter on the baby products market.

Packaging materials: Cardboard | Plastic

Baby products market

The baby care products market is projected to have a substantial increase in the next years. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the supply chains and influenced consumer shopping patterns. We witnessed an increase in the sales of its baby and child care products.

The trend in baby personal skincare is slowly shifting towards premium-priced organic and natural baby personal care products. There is a accelerated consumer demand for greener baby and toddler skin care, driving popularity of clean and funny labels.

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Cosmetic Branding

The baby branding is using like inspiration an animal that knows to enjoy the water in his way, with his curvy, funny-looking body – a hippopotamus. Therefore, we envision a baby product packaging and bottle design that clearly articulates the positive energy of the concept. The bath product packaging is crafted to fuse the creation of a water drop with the wavy curves of the animal in question. Our skincare branding agency drew and designed the cosmetic bottle packaging with a very particulate shape that will amuse the target audience of the brand. This is not a luxury cosmetic packaging design, but our cosmetic packaging design ideas will make parents laugh.

Skincare Packaging

A baby shampoo should be hypoallergenic and tear-free, and these characteristics appear on the baby shampoo packaging. In addition, like any skincare product packaging, it should clearly specify the skin type. For babies the cosmetic branding strategy is focused on sensitive skin products. Our specialist created 3D models for this custom cosmetic packaging. Moreover, this cosmetic packaging design finds a balance between the funny illustrations and the funky bottle shape.

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