Breakfast cereals marketing strategies

Breakfast cereals marketing strategies. How to make your product known & get more customers?

Today we hear a lot about marketing, but what are the best marketing strategies in our time and how can these be used in your cereals brand advantage? Cereal market is quite challenging, so any edge is welcomed. Transform your brand into the best breakfast cereal.

What is Marketing? How can it help your breakfast cereal brand?

Marketing refers to promoting and trading products or services, it also involves market research, branding and advertising. You are actually communicating valuable offers for customers. The main objectives of marketing are to get people interested in your company and make your healthy breakfast cereals known.

Cereal marketing strategies

Cereal marketing should not be a drag, but a straight-forward operation. For the cereal box marketing collaborate with your designer to create the most representative packaging of breakfast cereals, something that is very specific to your brand and it is a great match for the target market for cereal.

From cereal advertising techniques you can choose color psychology - the conscious use of color, this technique is utilized successfully in every kind of visual marketing cereal. Color is present in your website background, cereal promote photo, fonts, visual tone and brand design elements, so picking the right color scheme will be an instant hit with your customers.

Breakfast cereals marketing strategies

Breakfast cereals history

Know the past so you can envision the future. Cooked cereals like porridge and grits have a long history. However, the first breakfast cereal – Granula was created in 1863 by a doctor and health reformer named James Caleb Jackson who ran a medical facility in New York. Four years after its 1941 launch, Cheerioats changed its name to Cheerios. Since 1952, the public have been enjoying Kellogg's Frosted Flakes. Nowadays saturday morning breakfast cereals are a tradition. What are the modern trends for breakfast cereals? Demand for organic, high-fiber and whole-grain cereals has increased.

Cereals packaging & branding

No matter if you are looking for a cereal snack pack or a cereal breakfast pack or even a cereal bar packaging, take in consideration a few trends: natural ingredients should be well highlighted, cereal brand logo should be all about fun in the morning, cereal brand slogans should be catchy and easy to remember, use bold colors and modern patterns. Cereal branding strategy should focus on health benefits and they are many: high in fibers, low intake of fat, lots of B vitamins, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc that improve immune system.

Breakfast cereals marketing strategies

The best breakfast cereals marketing strategies

A few ideas on how to put your breakfast cereal business on the map:

1. Establish yourself as one of the healthiest cereals on the market

Your content marketing can emphasize the healthy qualities of your product, the target is to drive business growth. Tailored content can include videos, infographics, webpages pages, blog pages, TV / radio commercials, etc.

You can establish your brand as a:
cereal no added sugar OR
whole grain cereal brand OR
best low sodium cereal OR
granola with dried fruit, nuts or seeds, etc.

Breakfast cereals marketing strategies

Redefine Cereal Branding & Box Design.

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2. Focus on organic breakfast cereal

No matter if you are a granola cereal brand, corn flakes brand, muesli cereal brand, the way your cereals are produced has a great impact on the taste and how the customers view your product. Your social media marketing will for sure benefit from this organic products trend.

3. See what popular cereal brands are doing and make it better

Take for example the Kellogg's packaging redesign: The new design highlights Kellogg's logo that is sitting at the top of the package, the strategy was to make the Kellogg's logo larger and draw attention to the bowl of cereals in the center. The focus is on the natural ingredients and the sustainable packaging that is using recycled paper.

Breakfast cereals marketing strategies

4. Choose the best breakfast cereal pack

The cereal box design is the first thing your users will lay eyes on. The cereal box graphic design should include fun illustrations, bright colors, a simple cereal logo and catchy slogans. If the target audience for your cereal brand is represented by manly kids, your cereal design should include cool characters. If you choose mostly adults as your preferred customers, then an elegant brand design might do the trick. The cereal box logo should be easy to spot on the shelves. The email marketing can include some wonderful photos with your breakfast cereals design both in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Breakfast cereals marketing strategies

Reenvision Breakfast Cereal Packaging Design.

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5. Study the breakfast habits of the customers

It is very useful to understand your customers and their breakfast routine, the commercials that mimic their practices will influence buying behavior. Eating styles have changed during the last 5 years, and 3 in 10 customers say they purchase more healthy food choices. So, knowledge and reacting fast to changes in your customers manners can translate in sales boost.

How to learn from the best breakfast products brands

When you are searching for cereal promotion ideas, thinking about how to make a cereal brand, it is recommended that you study a bit the lucky breakfast cereal companies, the ones that stood the test of time. You will discover innovative ways for how to promote cereal (like having a clear focal point or a well defined visual path) and you will easily see the importance of brand naming, so it is good to invest time to name a breakfast cereal.

Popular cereal brands

Knowing your competitors helps you find the best cereals marketing strategy and apply it for your products. Kellogg's and Cheerios are top players on the breakfast cereals market. Why? Firstly, they were pioneers, inventors, for example the Kelloggs are actually best known for the creation of the famous breakfast cereal corn flakes. Secondly, they produce tasty but healthy breakfast choices packed with nutrients.

Granola cereal brands

If you want to go specialized, granola is quite trendy right now. Granola is a crunchy option, most often oats are used, and it is baked with a little oil and sugar for enhancing the flavor. Consumers can also choose from a large variety of granola bar brands. Granola was invented in Dansville, New York by Dr. James Caleb Jackson. There are many famous granola brands like Cocosutra or Prakriti, they are focused on healthy ingredients and global reach. What you can learn from them? Know your customers and their preferrences and use premium cereals and nuts to create a morning delight.

"When you have something for breakfast, you're not going to be starving by lunch." Bruce Barton, American author & advertising executive
Breakfast cereals marketing strategies

The greatest breakfast cereals of all time

Breakfast cereals marketing strategies

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