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What Is Packaging Design?
A key element in branding strategy development or a small business marketing tool.

Here at CreativeByDefinition Studio we call packaging design "miniature architecture".

Exactly like a house, that protects its inhabitants from bad weather while sending a visual message to the people from the street that are simply passing by, in the same way the design of packaging protects the product inside and communicates about its contents to the retail customer.

Packaging design: how to best use it for your product?

When designing a brand, packaging design is a very important phase of promoting your products. While connecting form, structure, materials, colors, typography, illustrations & design elements with product information, the design of packaging has the power to become the silent salesman in matter of seconds.

If you are thinking of launching your packaging design always think about its primary objective to protect & transport the product versus its ultimate goal to distinctively communicate its personality and make the sale. The design of packaging has to assure all these requirements & more.

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What you may not know, is that today’s food market place is very competitive and becomes harder and harder for a packaging design for food to attract customers. Designing a brand has increased its complexity. It is estimated that the average consumer spends less than a second looking at the retail shelf’s before deciding if he makes the sale or not, so the packaging design box is a key factor in this choice.

If you are a product manufacturer you need to make sure that you use that second in your product benefit and draw the customer attention to inspect your product. Here comes the need to work with a packaging design agency to ensure that in this fraction of a second your audience will choose to buy your product and also become a returning customer.

When designing a brand, the packaging design agency will present you more concept options to choose from. You must always evaluate them like a complex structure. Packaging design is all about functionality, containers, materials, graphics, sustainability, in one word, about great design applied to everyday items.

So, what Is packaging design? A key element in branding strategy development or a small business marketing tool. In short, it is easier to choose the right packaging design ideas for your brand if you analyze a bit your competitors, your customers and study multiple packaging design examples to form an opinion on what would work for you, what makes your business / startup unique.

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Packaging Design

5 questions about your product

Packaging Design

The origins of package design

Packaging Design's goal

The customer will continue to have a crucial role in packaging process sustainability & every person's contribution will lead us closer to success.

1. How does a good product packaging idea help a brand?

Any good producer would like to have a quality product that is appreciated by customers because this translates into sales and a successful business. And branding package plays a key role in all this, it protects the product and makes it attractive for potential buyers. Do you remember the first time you bought your favorite product? You took the box in your hands and had a good look at it. Your fingers experienced that emboss logo of the brand and the bold colors used on the packaging design inspired you. When designing a brand, the retail experience is always a valuable factor and product packaging design closes the sale.

Packaging Design

2. When was product packaging design invented?

Packaging was part of human life from the early beginning because we needed a way to transport and preserve food. We used leaves, textiles, animal skin or baskets to handle beverages or fish or fruits. Paper and glass were the next to arrive on the scene and these helped a lot with wine production and storage. Glass making was industrialized in Egypt around 1500 BC. Flexible packaging from paper was introduced in the UK around 1300 AD.

3. How to design a package? How many types of packaging are there?

Depending on the type of product, there are many corresponding types of branding package: box, bottle, tube, tin, bags, wraps, etc. All these help protect and organize products during storage and transport. They can keep the products fresh and make the goods stand out on the shelf. Today the packaging also displays a lot of information about the product: ingredients, cooking specifications, technical details, benefits, and many more.

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4. How many types of packaging materials are commonly used?

The most used branding package material is plastic because it is cheap, can be molded in any form and color and this property allows a lot of freedom. Plastic is desired for items such as soda and egg trays. So maybe you are wondering, can plastic packaging be recycled? Yes, however, the same piece of plastic can only be recycled about 2–3 times before its quality decreases to the point where it can no longer be used, so this means it is a material that should be considered with care and responsibility.

Aluminum is widely utilized for products such as sodas, beer, canned goods, and animal foods and this material is quite expensive, but it can be successfully recycled and used again and again. Cardboard is very liked as well; biodegradable packaging is one of the new trends for green living that’s why paper packaging is so popular today. Glass jars and bottles are highly recommended for numerous food and beverage products. Although glass is fragile it makes for an excellent, well-sealed packaged for any perishable goods. Foam is preferred for furniture or electronics to prevent breaking or scratching of the components. There are packaging design websites where you can discover new, innovative materials.

5. Which packaging materials are biodegradable?

Biodegradable packages are produced using molecules often found in living organisms, like cellulose and proteins. They degrade quickly and often be created from waste plant products. The main difference between compostable and biodegradable is that compostable products require a specific setting in order to break down, whereas biodegradable products break down naturally. To obtain eco-friendly packaging you should focus on being biodegradable (but preferably compostable), recyclable, reusable, non-toxic. This is not easy, but it is the ultimate goal in the industry today because it is friendly with nature and also it attracts high-income customers that appreciate first-rate packaging and is aware of the planet issues. Understand the packaging design process and you will get closer to this goal.

If you need to buy a simple packaging for your product, you can choose a packaging store that will be able to deliver to you a standard box or bag in a specific quantity. If you think a unique product packaging will be more appropriate for your business, then a quality packaging design can differentiate you from the competition. The package design price will reflect the difference in approach. Taking into consideration more difficult times, like the COVID-19 crisis, it is really important to establish a solid foundation for your business, like a brand package customized especially for your products. There are many packaging design books or even packaging design courses that can give you valuable hints. That will help you overcome obstacles and retain your loyal customers.

Packaging Design

66% of consumers say they've tried a new product only because of the packaging design

More than 70% of buying decisions are made in the store and that is a very important indicator of how important is the packaging in our days. The packaging design is a very important phase when designing a brand. It will assure both success and recognition on the retail shelf & e-commerce platforms.

No matter if we are talking about food packaging boxes design or hair product packaging design, the customers can spot character. The product packaging graphic design is an ambassador for your brand identity, it tells your story. Why product design? Because a food packaging logo design can make your customers remember who you are and come back for more.

If in the beginning, the package was only important to provide functional and protective purposes, its role has expanded substantially in the last decades. And now it is so easy to acquire a quality design for your brand, packaging design online has opened the possibility to work with talented designers from all over the world. Therefore, the packaging design services are fast and cost effective.

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Yes, it is true what they say: The package sells!

Here are listed only a few reasons why you should let packaging design and branding help grow your business:

  • When designing a brand always remember to differentiate itself from the competitors - a unique, innovative packaging has the power to do just that in a matter of seconds
  • Your brand should be easy to notice on the retail shelf - product packaging design is a marketing tool that will easily help your brand get recognized by consumers
  • Your brand has a message - that will be conveyed with the help of graphic design and innovative 3D custom packaging
  • Your product brand is based on high-quality - the packaging will not only offer protection to the product but will also become the silent salesman and transmit further how important is quality for your business
  • Package design and manufacturing need to harmonize to produce a pleasant effect
  • It is not about sophisticated packaging design software but about amazing design that will make people smile :)
  • Apply all these principles and collaborate with a dedicated packaging design firm and you will be content when you see the growth that your brand has experienced

Before choosing a product packaging design company look closely to their website. Discover their work process, their previous clients and of course their packaging design portfolio. If they showcase their packaging design awards, even better, this means they are focused on quality.

You don't have to read all the statistics to understand how packaging design is influencing us all the way when it comes to shopping.

You should only go to your favorite store and do some shopping. There you have it, just analyze a little your retail experience and ask yourself: How I end up buying this new type of cheese? You know, I still have a lot of cheese in my fridge. When it comes to a creative packaging design, you can now choose from a big variety of design studios & agencies, all with particular styles and approaches. So be sure to select the one that you believe can convey your brand story in a successful packaging design.

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Packaging Design

5 new innovative packaging materials

Packaging Design

Sustainability in packaging will grow

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