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What Is Packaging Design?

Here at CreativeByDefinition Studio we call it "miniature product architecture".
What Is Packaging Design?

Exactly like a house, that protects its inhabitants from bad weather while sending a visual message to the people from the street that are simply passing by, in the same way the packaging design protects the product inside and communicates about its contents to the retail customer.

While connecting form, structure, materials, colors, typography, illustrations & design elements with product information, packaging design has the power to become the silent salesman in matter of seconds.

If you are thinking of launching your packaging design always think about its primary objective to protect & transport the product versus its ultimate goal to distinctively communicate its personality and make the sale.

What you may not know, is that today’s market place is very competitive and becomes harder and harder for a packaging design to attract customers. It is estimated that the average consumer spends less than a second looking at the retail shelf’s before deciding if he makes the sale or not.

If you are a product manufacturer you need to make sure that you use that second in your product benefit and draw the customer attention to inspect your product. Here comes the need to work with a packaging design studio to ensure that in this fraction of a second your audience will choose to buy your product and also become a returning customer.

When you are presented with the design concept options from your chosen design agency, you must always evaluate them like a complex structure. Packaging is all about science, technology but in the same time about art.

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5 questions about your product What Is Packaging Design?

1. What is your product?
2. Who do you want to buy your product? Families with kids/ lawyers & business people
3. How are you willing to sell your product? Online/ small boutiques/ supermarkets/ etc.
4. What is your budget?
5. What should the product packaging communicate to people?

The origins of package design What Is Packaging Design?

Long time ago, in ancient times, food was consumed locally so there was no need for transportation, no need for packaging. Packaging evolved with the civilizations, so as civilizations grew so the need for packaging become more and more visible, the constant need to protect & transport food supplies.
The first types of packing were containers made of natural materials like lotus leaves & coconut shells.

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