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How to select a package design studio?

Looking for the right design team for your project?
How to select a package design studio?

Choosing the best packaging design agency for your business is becoming a very hard task nowadays. If in the past, we were limited to choose from 2-3 local offers at best, today with the help of technology and advanced search engine like Google, literally, sky becomes the limit.

Before you look for such an agency, you must know your business. Nobody will know your brand, your vision and your story, what you actually have to say to the customers better than you. So take a moment and decide on the followings:

  • state your goals
  • decide on a budget
  • establish project deadlines
  • think of special requirements

After you have decided on the topics above its time to look around and find inspiration, work examples that define your business. Remember, you should always look for an agency that you admire for style & creative direction. There are many galleries and portfolios on the web, agency websites, design competitions and real time events where you will find ideas to guide you through this process.

Now is time for the actual search. Packaging design industry offers a lot of options that can be easily found on Google if you search for packaging design studio / agency and also there are specialized packaging design galleries like Packaging of the world, Dieline, World Packaging Design and many more were you will find packaging design project showcase & information. Check international design competitions and analyze the winners list.

Don’t get confused. If many people advice you to do lists with lots of agencies with pro and con columns, our solution is easier than that.

Choose what you really like while following your own requirements and choose to work with a packaging design studio that really inspires you. Don’t choose them just because they are close to home. Choose them because you really believe they can make your product stand out, be different, get noticed. Let technology help your business grow in the direction you desire. Keep things simple, let the story & the heart of your brand guide you.

May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.
Nelson Mandela
Small guide to creative selection How to select a package design studio?

1. Great & easy communication
2. Transparency & client guidance
3. A strong portfolio
4. Creativity is a must when it comes to design
5. Packaging design skills
6. Follow up process

Small set of packaging design skills How to select a package design studio?

1. Illustration
2. Graphic design
3. 3D design & visualization
4. Infographics
5. Typography design
6. Visual identity & logotype

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