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Choosing the best packaging design studio for your business is becoming a very hard task nowadays. If in the past, we were limited to choose from 2-3 local offers at best, today with the help of technology and advanced search engine like Google, literally, sky becomes the limit.

People all around the world need high-quality food, supplements, healthy teas or other special ingredients to help their immune system fight and overcome any possible threats. So it is important to: Make yourself known. Create an unforgettable impression. Let people remember who they could count on in these difficult times with a branding design perfectly customized for your business.

Packaging Design How To. Before you look for a packaging design company, you must know your business. Nobody will know your brand, your vision and your story, what you actually have to say to the customers better than you. These objectives will be helpful in defining your brand package.

  • state your goals
  • decide on a budget
  • establish project deadlines
  • hink of special requirements
Packaging Design Studio

After you have decided on the topics above its time to look around and find inspiration, a designer packaging that will define your business. Remember, you should always look for an agency that you admire for style & creative direction, that can be your source for great graphic designs and brand visual identity. There are many galleries and portfolios on the web, packaging design agency websites, design competitions and real time events where you will find ideas to guide you through this process.

What is a packaging designer? A packaging designer will guide you through the design process from start to end. They will create concepts, final designs and choose attention-grabbing package materials, find the right shape, color, graphical elements and typography to create a packaging that is suitable for your brand and that attracts customers.

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So, how to select a packaging design studio? Now is time for the actual search. Packaging design industry offers a lot of options that can be easily found on Google if you search for packaging design company or packaging design agency or even design packaging for product. There are also specialized packaging design galleries like Packaging of the world, Dieline, World Packaging Design and many more were you will find packaging design project showcase & information. Check international design competitions and analyze the winners list.

Don’t get confused. If many people advice you to do lists with lots of agencies with pro and con columns, our solution is easier than that. Choose what you really like while following your own requirements and choose to work with a packaging design studio that really inspires you. Don’t choose them just because they are close to home. Choose them because you really believe they can design packaging boxes and make your product stand out, be different, get noticed.

Let technology help your business grow in the direction you desire, packaging 3d models reduce production costs. The online platforms and the current opportunities offer us the perfect virtual space to communicate, exchange ideas, not only envision but also create powerful, meaningful new brands and exciting new products.

Packaging design has a great impact on the psychology of consumers, we are normally drawn to certain colours / illustrations and high quality packaging is a lot more appealing than simple wrapping. Keep things simple, let the story & the heart of your brand guide you and pick the right packaging design firm.

"May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears." Nelson Mandela
Packaging Design Studio

Small guide to creative selection

Packaging Design Studio

Small set of packaging design skills

Do you have a small business and you would like to help the product branding get established? Then there are a few key points you will need to keep in mind when selecting the product packaging design company.

For the beginning, we keep hearing this word, but what is a brand? A brand is considered a type of product or service created by a specific company under a certain name.

Packaging Design Studio

Brand name ideas

This definition takes us to the first key point: brand name. The brand name is very important because it carries out any marketing or branding strategy, it will be used for the logo design and it helps customers remember your business. That’s why choosing a good brand name is vital.

The brand name should be evaluated considering the relevance for your business, the alignment with your target audience, the originality, you should also consider if it is easy to pronounce and be sure it doesn’t have negative connotations. Almost 70% of the best brand names are made up of words or acronyms. If you have already a brand name in mind, you can just hire an agency to do linguistic and trademark validation for the chosen name, if you have no idea, then the same agency can help you out and propose to you a series of names. It is recommended to tackle the brand name before you launch your business so you avoid confusing the customers later, having a brand consistency across all mediums can increase sales by up to 20%.

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Brand logo design

This brings us to the second key element of the product branding: brand logo. The brand logo is intended to be the face of a company or a product or a service.

It is very important for the brand logo design to be unique and custom made for your business, so the clients associate this symbol with your business. A logo is a like the front door. Invites you to get in or not. It should generate energy and have character. In order to obtain a quality product branding, you have a few options for the logo design:

  • If you have drawing talents, you can do it yourself (lucky you)
  • If you have a tight budget, you can hire a freelancer, however, you will need to invest a bit of time searching for the right person that can understand your brand and deliver the logo design you need (prices start from something like $30 / hour and go up depending on the freelancer experience)
  • If you have a larger budget, you can collaborate with a design agency and create a special logo design (prices start from a few thousand dollars and you should rely on each agency portfolio and choose the one that is closer to your brand style); the design agency will not just provide you with a logo design but they will create an entire visual identity for your brand

The next key part refers to the product or service that your brand offers. Build a robust product or service that your customers need and appreciate and price it at the right level.

If it defines your brand character & vision, try to integrate vivid colors in your brand logo, not to many, but still, consider that color improves brand recognition by more than 50%.

So how much does packaging design costs? It depends on your brand's needs. You should establish a budget that is comfortable for your business level and discuss with the packaging designer to see what services can be included in that specific amount. A good packaging design for small business can really launch a brand.

Create a marketing strategy and business plan that make sense for the short term but also consider how these will extend in the long term. Establish ambitious however achievable goals and recall that 89% of the B2B Marketers say that brand awareness is the most important goal (Content Marketing Institution). Good luck!

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Packaging Design Studio

What makes a logo successful?

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