Energy Drink Design lifts you into space. A glimpse into cosmic beverage packaging design.

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Energy Drink Design

Energy Drink Branding

  • Name: Clouds
  • Industry: Beverage
  • Location: Worldwide

Discover how we applied youthful aesthetics to this energy drink design. Creative packaging & branding guides customers on an exciting visual journey. This energy drink design was created for a young demographic.

Firstly, the energy drink packaging design, with its hand-drawn illustration, delivers a clean, playful composition with a modern personality. Our professional design team gathered a quite a few beverage packaging ideas before we decided to create a custom packaging illustration. Secondly, the energy drink branding focused on bright, happy colors to match the brand name – Clouds.

Energy Drink Design
Energy Drink Design
Energy Drink Design
Energy Drink Design


Designed to address a younger demographic, the energy drink packaging uses cartoon-like illustrations.

The whole idea for this energy drink packaging design was to tell the consumer what the product tastes like. The energy drink market is surging to meet customers’ demands.

In other words, drinks branding needs to attract attention immediately. For this can design we recommended a print directly on the aluminum container. Moreover, it was important for us to maintain the balance between creativity and consumers’ expectations.

Exploring today's latest graphic trends, the drinks packaging design connects with the customers while inviting them to experience a visual journey into space. This energy drink design lifts you into space, it is a glimpse into cosmic beverage packaging design.

Energy Drink Design

Energy Drink Branding to help your product get noticed.

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Project Information:

Services provided: Visual Identity | Energy Drink Packaging Design | Energy Drink Branding

Project type: Consumer brand

Results: Helped the brand establish its presence in the drinks market.

Materials for packaging: Aluminum.

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