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Fusing Creativity with Eco-Friendly Technology

Plastic belongs to the past. Businesses all around the globe start to apply a greener approach to their packaging. Biobased. Biodegradable. 100% compostable.

What this exactly means? 100% compostable means that the packaging you’ve bought today can fully disintegrate into natural elements in a compost environment. This event will take around 90 days. No more waste, no more plastic. Just a cleaner and healthier environment. What’s the difference between biodegradable and compostable? Biodegradable refers to the ability of the packaging material to break done and return to the natural environment. Everything goes back to nature. Meanwhile, compostable materials are very close in properties with biodegradables, as they both return to earth safely, however they provide the earth with nutrients.

If you want to create a sustainable strategy for your brand don’t overlook the eco-conscious target audience that is currently experiencing substantial growth. More than that, your new brand direction will help people take action & stop damaging our planet today.

Having social responsibility will translate in more than just having your brand packaging stand out on the shelf. A deeper, meaningful message will be sent. You will launch a united effort to create a better tomorrow while connecting with your audience and increasing sales.

Let’s now meet a company that is doing exactly that and find out how they manage to create both 100% compostable & bio-based packaging. How does it start? Simply, with potatoes.

Food engineers had refined potatoes into a powder starch. And this is how this revolutionary process starts. The ingredients are industrial starch, cellulose fibers, water & premix. You can discover the process here: Video

What is PaperFoam®?

PaperFoam® is a certified biobased packaging material made with injection molding and customizable in shape and colors. PaperFoam® material consists of industrial starch, natural fibers & water. This composition is baked in a custom mold. This means that the packaging is not only sustainable & biodegradable but it is also perfectly customized to fit any brand’s packaging characteristics.

Can your brand benefit from this technology?

Whether creating an egg carton or a more detailed bespoke packaging, the company channel their commitment for a better, sustainable living in order to uncover new techniques for producing high-quality products adapted to each client's necessities. So no matter if your brand sells eggs or electronics, PaperFoam® can help you by producing your unique packaging with today’s innovating technology. A biodegradable, 100% compostable packaging. Many thank PaperFoam® & Jaime Dieppa for offering us more details about this revolutionary product.

Well begun is half done.
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Benefits of PaperFoam®

• 90% lower carbon footprint than other materials
• Made from renewable raw materials
• Material is 100% home compostable
• Very lightweight
• Injection molding
• Lots of design freedom, for example, steep draft angles, and sharp edges
• PaperFoam® has a closed skin structure

Sustainable packaging in 2020

Eco-packaging is no longer an option. It is a necessity.
Material science evolved a lot in the past decade & more eco-friendly solutions are now available on the market.
The public is more aware of the waste that is producing and it’s opened to new innovative packaging solutions.
Sustainable & reusable options are creating a circular economy around the packaging, giving the package a longer lifecycle.

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