Honey Branding

Case Study: Honey Branding, Inside the hive. A lifetime work in the valley of flowers.

A strong honey branding shows customers what your brand stands for, what makes your product special.

Many fascinating stories were born around this sweet potion. Promising to improve your immune system and instantly sweeten your tea while adding an excellent aroma, honey has a fascinating story.

Honey Branding

Using all this as inspiration, our creative design studio developed the honey branding, Inside the hive. Learn more about how everything was wrapped around this golden liquid in our design case study.

The Product. Honey

Honey is a substance that is consumed all over the world, being the first source of sweetener known to men. Honey dates back to the Egyptians around 5500 B.C.E but it probably existed long before the human race, perhaps 40 million years ago when bees were still the big producers. Where did everything start? Honey bees seem to have their origin in Southeast Asia. Scientists say that around 30 million years ago honeybees started to develop their social behavior, very similar to what we can see today. It may have started in Africa and spread later on into Europe and Asia.

When launching a honey brand you have to understand the importance of your product and what makes it special. How can it improve people's lives? Why does your brand audience enjoy buying your honey?

Honey has the beautiful characteristic to taste differently depending on where the flowers used for collecting nectar were from. This is how eucalyptus honey from California will taste and look different from lavender honey from France and the list can go on. Just in the USA, alone over 300 varietals of honey can be found.

Honey Branding

Honey Branding to help your product get noticed.

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The Honey Brand Concept

The supply of honey is substantial and continues to grow. The challenge of this concept was trying to find a distinctive way to stand out in this over-saturated food market while remaining meaningful.

Our mission was to create a honey branding that represents an engaging and compelling experience in itself.

In order to fuse an organic design language with a custom design jar, we used the life inside the hive as the main inspiration. Understanding bees activity inside the hive, the social organization skills and the amazing process of producing this natural sweetener helped us create the path for the honey branding.

Brand Identity for Honey

The brand identity has the power to draw customers' attention while inviting them to discover a product full of flavor, inside the jar. All the elements of the honey brand were crafted to emphasize the natural world and its amazing power in producing such a successful product for over 30 million years. Honey is an international product so we wanted to create a visual language that explores this context and connects with a wider, spread, and versatile audience. Featuring hand-drawn illustrations, unique typography, a sculptural lid for the glass jar the honey branding creates a magical getaway from the ordinary.

Honey Branding

Logo Design

In this particular case, we envisioned a logo design that dives deep into the graphical composition becoming an essential part of it. Being inspired by the natural world we envision, sketch, and created custom typography for the logo. Rooted in the strategic idea that people should know more about the products they buy and consumed, we brought the bees, the honey makers, into the spotlight. The hand-drawn letters use a pencil style to capture the organic direction of the brand.

Honey Branding

Packaging Design Illustrations

Using bespoke illustrations and a cleaner palette, we captured the essence of the brand and its dedication to 100% natural products. The illustration of the honey bees was created by hand because we wanted a unitary approach for the look and the feel of the brand. We conducted a study and analyzed different types of bees and their social position in the hive, the worker, the collector, and the reciver. The idea behind it was to capture the story of bee honey production and presented it to the customers in a creative and engaging graphical composition. Away from technology and the modern world, this ancient product is still being produced by nature's law and the packaging design illustrations are honoring this important factor.

More than just creative branding & packaging design, we wanted to focus our attention on the importance of healthy, organic products in our daily diet and also on the mission we all have in preserving this fascinating natural balance. Why are bees so important for the natural environment? Being pollinators they have a major role in the ecosystem. Bees help the plant world survive and prosper because they prevent inbreeding. As a result of this, everything around us, like flowers, trees, and other plants grows because of the bees. Bees contribute to this complex ecosystem that supports a diversity of species, including us.

Honey Branding

Packaging Design for Honey

The behavior of bees, the world inside the hive always fascinated us. The way they fly from flower to flower to collect nectar and after that bringing all that back into the hive, these long trajectories seem to follow an abstract path known only by bees. The creation of the entire honey branding follows this path. The dark background color conveys the more unknown & close world of these amazing insects.

How do you bring nature to the table? How do you embrace the amazing power of nature?

Before proceeding with the honey packaging, we asked ourselves many questions like these, looking to find the best way to tell the story of this brand, of this wonderful product that we all know as honey. Every element that we created for this honey branding follows this unitary path, of honoring nature's precious gifts. The name, the iconography, the typography of the packaging, the logo design presents in an artistic approach, the world of bees. We were not here to invent something new, only to celebrate something old as times, natural bee honey.

Honey Branding

The best way to present this nature's product to the target audience was in a custom jar inspired by the beehive itself. If we go back in time, bees were kept in human-made hives in antiquity in places like Egypt around242 BC. Around 650 BC the stories describe the honey stored in jars and cylindrical hives. There is still so much to learn about honey bees that we believed to use packaging design as a way to explore that path and the concept of the beehive, their unique interactions, the role of each bee & much more. We wanted to raise about the competition with a honey packaging that is meaningful and entirely dedicated to these fascinating creatures.

"The flowers are full of honey, but only the bee finds out the sweetness." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, german poet & scientist

The label design is a relevant yet creative visual description of a beehive. Every bee is different and has a very distinctive role in the hive. The role may be small and their life very short, however together like a colony, they can create amazing structure and our beloved product, honey. The organic shape of the hive visually protects the honey brand logo while creating the right atmosphere for the entire story to unveil. Our creative design agency always looks for ways to build strong brand identities, and in this particular case, we wanted to bring nature closer to the desired target audience. We choose to amplify the brand's assets while presenting the story of bees and honey to the world.

The honey branding wanted to bring joy by the spoonful and for achieving that, we decided to follow a playful direction while illustrating the story of the brand using hand drawings of bees and their social hierarchy in the beehive, the worker, the collector, and the receiver. Because we are passionate about our products and want to share this passion with our readers, you can find below more unknown & interesting facts about honey.

A lifetime work in the valley of flowers.

For one pound of delicious honey, the bees have to visit 2 million flowers and cover around 55,000 miles. This represents the lifetime work of more than 750 bees.

The unlimited flying power of a bee.

One ounce of honey, around 29 grams, is all it takes to fuel a bee flight around the world. The composition of this golden fuel we call honey is made out of 80% sugars and 20% water.

The intense beat of the honey bees.

These insects produce a lot of noise for their little size. They beat their wings around 11,400 times in one minute. They also communicate with other bees through a series of dance moves.

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