Prerequisite Fast-Food Business

Prerequisites for a fast-food business. Innovations for quick delights & tasty bites.

Opening a fast-food restaurant? Then let’s see what is needed to have a good start. But first, a bit of history so we can learn from past successes.

Fast-food industry history

One of the first fast-food idea came from Max Sielaff in Berlin, he invented a vending machine for restaurants, in 1896. The initial burger chain in the States was White Castle that open its doors in 1921 in Kansas, it matched the tech fascinations of the '20s. Fast food was designed to serve large numbers of busy commuters.

McDonald's appeared in 1940 and it was created by brothers Maurice (“Mac”) and Richard McDonald in San Bernardino, California. It was a drive-in, and the production process was a true innovation, a very efficient “cooking line”. Because of their franchising model, their business achieved a rapid growth.

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, he began selling fried chicken from his small roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression. His special recipes and catchy brand made it an instant success.

Prerequisite Fast-Food Business

Sushi is also considered a fast food. While Japan is certainly the sushi capital of the world, sushi originated in China between the 5th and the 3rd centuries BC, as a way to preserve fish in salt. The inventor of modern sushi, seafood placed on hand-pressed vinegared rice, is believed to be Hanaya Yohei who created this dish around 1824.

Prerequisites for a fast-food business

1. Special food ideas

For sure, if you are thinking to open a fast-food restaurant, you have a few great ideas for unique dishes. The most popular items remain French fries, fried chicken, and burger, however in order to succeed in this fast-food market, you will need some surprising options that will make your brand stand out. Special sauces, vegan choices, organic ingredients, traditional recipes, they are all part of your arsenal. Choose a fast-food restaurant name that best represent your food.

Prerequisite Fast-Food Business

2. Good business plan

A business plan is a document that will detail company's objectives, processes, marketing goals, and financial forecast. The information will act as a helpful guide in running the fast-food brand. You should place there all the facts about your services and products. A market analysis would also be good because you will know your fast-food industry competition and target audience. Think about what the problem of your customers is and provide solutions. Follow-up on the fast-food industry growth and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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3. Unique fast-food branding

Start with the audience you want to reach. Choose a fast-food brand name that will tell your story and be unique. Work with a design agency to create a catchy fast-food logo. Think about brand positioning, what is the desired look and feel for your space, personalize your fast-food restaurant menus. Use social media to your advantage. Invest in online and offline marketing tactics, remain consistent in your message.

Prerequisite Fast-Food Business

4. Location, location, location

It is so important to select the right location, a place that is close to your customers and that is in tune with your mission statement. Start smaller and grow bigger, preserve your budget. Put money into a clean, professional interior design and quality furniture, create the appropriate atmosphere for the food you are offering.

5. Employees that believe in your brand story

Counter attendants and baristas take orders, serve food, and process payments and they should believe into your brand idea because they will act as ambassadors for the fast-food startup. Ask for their opinion and listen to what they have to say because they interact with the customers all day long and might come up with important improvements.

6. Quality raw materials

It is crucial to have suppliers for good raw materials like meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy, fungi, and eggs. This will allow you to have better flavor, texture and to create delicious combinations. Try to use local ingredients, they will be fresh and cheaper.

7. Custom fast-food packaging

There are many fast-food package trends, and you should follow the ones that resonate with your brand. Vintage inspired design might catch the eyes of customers. Reusable or recyclable packaging will attract for sure the eco-friendly ones. The most important aspect is keeping the food safe and protected. Personalization is key in having a memorable image. Your fast food restaurant logo should be highlighted very well on the fast food packaging design.

Prerequisite Fast-Food Business

8. Efficient delivery approach

Create a website for your delivery fast-food business, you can also try a mobile app. An obvious advantage of getting into the food delivery is the increased profits you'll make by serving more customers than you have tables in your restaurant. You can hire a courier service or buy your own car for this purpose. Be a fast-food restaurant that delivers good meals fast.

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9. Appropriate fast-food marketing strategy

A few fast-food marketing ideas would be: create a kids or seniors menu, offer complementary dishes like for example a desert for each main course, have a strong online presence, show that fast food should not equal junk food and there are healthy options that are also build for speed. Your fast food restaurant rankings should also be part of your advertising game plan.

Innovation in fast-food industry

In a busy market that evolves all the time, you want to remain up to date and this are a few innovations for quick delights & tasty bites that you can apply:

Develop plant based, animal free meals
Use advanced computerized technology, create a digital menu
Modernization of old processing methods
Use raw products from smart farming
Choose plastic free, compostable packaging
“Hire” robots in the kitchen

Prerequisite Fast-Food Business

Fast food trends

The rise of digital technology made ordering food easier and more convenient. Bold flavors are also a huge attraction for customers. Choose a clean label that represents your fast food brad. Healthier choices are among the market trends that should be front and center for your business strategy. Focus on more meatless dishes and count on the rise of mushrooms.

Be the best fast food brand

Getting involved in the local community will for sure be appreciated. Searching also for local artists might be helpful for both restaurant design and providing live music for your customers. Encourage reviews and try to improve based on the feedback. Be open to the online community and join forces with food bloggers. Is fast-food industry growing? Yes, fast food is a profitable business today and being unique gives a good competitive advantage.

"Society is fast - fast food, fast cars, fast everything." B. J. Armstrong, American former professional basketball player.
Prerequisite Fast-Food Business

French fries origin

Prerequisite Fast-Food Business

Fast food in ancient world

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