Innovations detergent brands

Innovations in the detergent market. Harmonizing production & design for modern times.

Even if you are a new startup or an established business, when you propose an innovation, customers start paying attention. Laundry detergent market is forecasted to grow by 4.8% from 2023 to 2030. So, finding new efficient production techniques or focusing on new target audiences using a catchy design will ensure a growth for your detergent brand as well.

History for detergents

The earliest recorded proof of soap production dates to around 2800 BC in ancient Babylon. Detergent vs soap. During World War I, there was a insufficiency of animal and vegetable fats and oils that were used in manufacturing soap. Chemists had to find other raw materials instead, chemicals substances with cleaning properties. These became what we call today “detergents.” The first available powder option was Persil, created by the German company Henkel in 1907. Wisk, one of the popular detergent brands, begin to be sold in the United States by Lever Brothers Company in 1956 as the first liquid laundry detergent.

Innovations detergent brands

Differences between liquid detergents & powder ones

Detergent powder vs liquid. Which detergent is the best? Powder options are usually better at removing mud stains whereas liquid detergents work well on oil and grease stains. Powders leave sometimes residues on clothes while liquid choices don't because they dissolve better in water during washing process. In short, if your customers love the outdoor and practicing sports like football, then you should focus production on powder detergent. If they spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking or eating, or they like to repaire a cars, then the liquid detergent might be better as your product.

Detergent production innovations

Get inspired by innovations for strong detergent brands and help your high efficiency detergent brand grow. So, how is laundry detergent made? Detergent manufacture typically requires a mixing of the raw materials with water; afterwards it comes an energy consuming drying cycle before you can get to the end product. The new innovative technology uses a direct interaction of raw materials which react, fabricating the final product, without adding water as an ingredient. The new method saves energy and water. The innovative factories can be built more cheaply and show a cost that is less then 25 % the cost of traditional mills, with the same production volume.

Using biotechnology in laundry detergent is another innovation. A biological laundry detergent is based on lipase and protease enzymes. Lipases split fats and oils, while proteases work on breaking protein chains. Their capability to break down these compounds makes them exceptional for stain removal. Innovations in the detergent market help both companies reach their full potential and consumers enjoy revolutionary products.

Innovative laundry products

The liquid detergent market / liquid laundry detergent market are very competitive so to have a successful cleaning detergents business, you need to come with constantly with laundry innovation ideas. A few favorites lately were: the world dryer balls for efficient cloths drying, active detergent with a plant-based triple enzyme formula, eco-laundry pillow with little ceramic marbles for a gentle wash cycle.

In a busy laundry detergent market, a new detergent company should try to create a unique detergent powder that will set it apart from other washing powder brands. Smart washing machines are now able to understand the laundry detergents used, having more precise and efficient washing cycles, so it is up to the laundry detergent companies to produce eco-friendly products that would enable water & energy savings.

Detergent design ideas

Having a well put together design will help you a lot with the detergent branding or marketing. A popular detergent packaging trend encourages a shift from rigid formats like bottles, cans, jars, etc. to flexible pouches. Using packaging illustrations on the cleaning product label makes the brand easier recognizable. Harmonizing production & design for modern times is a goal for many top laundry detergent brands.

Innovations detergent brands

Laundry detergent packaging design

You can also choose a more retro look with a carton box in bright, clean colors. Showcase your natural fragrances with beautiful images of fruits or flowers. When you select your laundry detergent packaging, think about this question from customers: can detergent bottles be recycled and find the right materials. Always be consistent with your image, try to align the visual identity from the store to the one from your business social accounts.

Innovations detergent brands

Detergent Branding to help your product get noticed.

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Eco-friendly approaches for laundry goods

Lots of customers are looking today for minimizing waste so a zero-waste, plastic-free, detergent without chemicals would be to their liking. So, what are a few guidelines that your detergent brand can follow and get closer to a sustainable business way?

Avoid harmful chemicals in your formulas
Reduce energy consumption in your factories
Use only natural coloring like Carrots for bright orange color, Coffee & Chocolate for rich tone of brown, Spinach for a light green shade, etc.
Go after natural fragrances like Citrus notes, Lavender, Pine, etc.
Develop a biodegradable laundry detergent created with natural plant-based ingredients that disintegrate quickly in the environment and leaves the used water non-toxic
Select a recyclable material for your detergent packaging
Choose a detergent brand name that can easily tell your story and why your product is special

Innovations detergent brands

Cleaning laundry products for babies

Most pediatricians suggest a dermatologist-tested detergent for babies, this must be dye-free, with a special formula for newborns or young children, and which will protect the baby's skin. This type of detergent can also be used to hand-wash delicate items. Bleach products are not advisable. If you would like to enter on this special “baby” detergents market, try to formulate a gentle washing liquid that leaves fewer residues in the cloths. Sulfate-free products are in high demand. If it’s made with natural ingredients, it’s even better.

What about washing pet belongings?

Nearly all vets recommend utilizing a pet safe detergent, this means without fragrances or dyes. This doesn’t signify compromising on cleaning power. Also, fabric softener is a no-no as this could irritate the dog / cat / rabbit skin or eyes. The global pet care market is expanding in the next decade, we expect a growth rate of 5.1%. Hence, try to ride this trend and extend your detergent brand in this direction and create an unique detergent for pets or pet friendly cleaners or even a pet odor laundry detergent. You might find yourself ahead of the competition.

Innovations detergent brands

How to begin a detergent business?

Find a niche, something that will resolve customers needs. Create a special formula and make lots of tests to ensure you have the best variant. Think about budget and business plan. Next step should be about the location, equipment, and packaging. Find a distribution network and advertise your great product.

Detergent packaging, being unique in busy market.

The detergent packaging design should explores a catchy approach that emphasizes the product properties.
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How to grow your detergent company?

This is a low-risk type of business because detergent is a huge necessity. You kind of have two choices regarding cost / price: minimize the production cost or maximize the product price. To minimize the production cost, you will need to have efficient processes in your factory and good raw materials. To maximize the price, it would be necessary to have a more luxury product; natural, organic, sustainable, these are your pillars.

Innovations detergent brands
Be the best laundry detergent brand

Investing in a clean, modern detergent branding, knowing your competitors, might help you find that advantage that would make your brand grow year after year. Focus on non-toxic options and extend your business beyond house cleaning.

"Have you ever noticed how they keep improving your laundry detergent, but they still can't get those blue flakes out? Why do we trust them to get our clothes clean? These guys can't even get the DETERGENT white!" Jerry Seinfeld, American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer.
Innovations detergent brands

Cleaning ancient products

Innovations detergent brands

Future of laundry

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