Water Bottle Design

The Water Bottle Design for your brand will attract & engage customers. Water packaging bottle inspired by nature.

Water bottle design plays a vital role in the success of the product, in attracting loyal customers.

Although vessels and bottles where used from the earliest human civilizations for transporting water, the idea of bottling water firstly began in 1621, in the United Kingdom. Branding on water bottles was not about fancy water brand name or intricate labels, but about winning customers trust, having a very clean product. We have gone a long way from then.

Step 1 - Materials for the Water Bottle Packaging

Decide on the material that you would like to use. The frequently used materials for water bottle design are glass and plastic.

Glass for your bottle packaging? See the advantages:

Plastic for your bottle packaging? See the advantages:

Water Bottle Design

Creative Water Branding can propel your business.

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Step 2 - Target Audience for a Water Brand

When choosing the type of bottle, its shape or design, you need to consider who will use it. Why? Because the water branding needs to be adapted to their tastes and specific needs.

Water bottle design for sport

Water bottles for sports activities should be slender enough to fit comfortably in the hand or on the bike. It should be as a mini container to keep the water for fast and easy hydration. These bottles usually have thermos qualities due to building in insulated layers.

Water bottle design for kids

For kids, it is very important how the water bottle is opening, how it can be used by the toddler: the wide straw lid, the flex cap, or the wide flip lid. Also, the design plays a huge role, the water bottle should be decorated with kid-friendly illustrations and entice with vivid colors.

Step 3 - Water Design

The design of the bottle packaging is also very important in attracting loyal customers. For a new brand, the easiest and cheapest choice is to find a packaging design studio and create with them a catchy label design. For a more established water company, you can collaborate with a packaging design agency and create both the label design but also a custom water bottle design, make the bottle have an amazing shape. To gain a competitive edge it is recommended a water bottle personalized, maybe a water bottle with name – logo design or intricate label design with illustrations or geometrical shapes. Anyhow a water bottle with the right design will make a brand easier recognizable and will help your branding bottled water efforts.

Water Bottle Design

Water Branding immerses into simplicity

Just the facts: this water bottle branding & packaging design explores a minimalist path to communicate to customers its return to basics. The water branding concentrates on developing a visual language based on clarity. Simply, water. In addition, for the water bottle graphic design our branding company developed a custom bottle packaging with organic shapes. Our team sketched multiple water branding ideas and this startup brand selected one that would appeal to a large demographic. Moreover, for this beverage packaging we’ve also created a funny, short water logo design.

Being a premium water packaging, attention to details was key. We crafted the beverage logo design to create a strong graphic contrast with the free shape water circles, modeled around this custom 3D water bottle design. In short, the beverage branding wants to disrupt the classical drinks packaging direction. The drinks packaging design amplifies the transparency of the product itself. Our packaging design agency work with the client to create the entire branding of water bottles. We focused on soft drink packaging, typography, colors, brand identity design.

Water Bottle Design

Water Packaging Design

The water bottle branding and water packaging design are combined for this product to produce a stunning effect on the shelves. Why we usually buy a certain bottled water? The answer is: because of the drinks branding. Because it is made to entice and delight customers. The water market is a competitive one and a custom bottle design can make a difference. The water label design should look refreshing as the drink itself. Boxed water packaging will be easier to transport so it will reduce the distribution costs.

Water Bottle Design

Water Bottle Design

Water is a very pure substance, and it is critical for our survival. Therefore, the labeling of water bottle packaging is also important for indicating the usefulness and non-toxic contents of the product. Also, the trend for beverage packaging design is more and more related to eco-friendly water packaging. New sustainable materials are manufactured every day. So, we should use them in our product packaging design and take care of the environment.

"The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time." Henry David Thoreau, American naturalist, essayist, poet, and philosopher
Water Bottle Design

How the water bottle market started

Water Bottle Design

How to make it fun & attract customers

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