Packaging Prototype

Packaging Prototype & 3D innovation,
a way into the future, a new option on the market.

Packaging prototypes can be used to be sure that the design meets the marketing needs. In short, it is a method to reduce future costs.

Product packaging design with its new 3D innovative appearance had become more and more used in the present times. From amazing medicine innovation to the automotive & construction sectors, this new technology is unveiling a new path of unimaginative possibilities.

Packaging Prototype

Trying to bridge the gap between packaging design (CONCEPT) and manufacturing (PRODUCTION), we came across this modern technology that can change designers' and customers' perspective: 3D prototype design for brand package. 3D prototype design is a technique used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a product. Construction of the part or assembly is usually done using 3D printing, this optimizes the design step by speeding the process for product testing.

So how does 3D Prototype Design & Package Design mix? What does the future hold for this new combination?

Package design is becoming more and more dependent on 3D printing and the advantages that this new technology has to offer. Just to name a few, 3D printing is used in prototyping, model creation, A/B testing of products and their new designs, creation of fixtures & more. Rather than waiting a few months for the production of prototypes with the older methods and a more expensive production cost, 3D printing is revolutionizing Brand Package Prototyping while being able to deliver results in only a few weeks.

Packaging Prototype

Product Packaging exploring 3D printing technology

This new method is a very exciting development because it offers the possibility of combining both product and packaging into a single entity. Many innovative bottle design concepts and box design packaging can be easily created before entering in production. 3D-printed biodegradable cups were created with the product inside and the users had to only add water to create the beverage. Ingenious, no?

New opportunities and innovative ideas are being developed as we speak for many types of brand package. Any brand, from small to large ones can incorporate this technology into their business and develop new ingenious soutions. Another great asset of 3D Printing for the Food & Beverages Packaging Design industry is easier market testing and raising the level of creative design solutions. All these qualities are included when using this fast, flexible, and affordable technology.

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You can find inspiration all around and put it now in good use like many brands did when they decided to embrace what 3D printing technology has to offer. Packaging Prototype & 3D innovation, a way into the future, a new option on the market. Custom molds for biodegradable pumpkin cups or simply increasing efficiencies in production are just the introduction of this new, exciting chapter of packaging design.

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man." Elbert Hubbard, American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher
Packaging Prototype

Packaging prototype advantages

Packaging Prototype

Packaging prototype creation steps

From package design to actual product

As some of us learned when we were students, on paper you can create almost anything. No boundaries. Imagination is free from any restrictions. Sounds great, no? But what about translating those packaging ideas into a real, successful product? Well, here lays the challenge.

Packaging Prototype

The great joy of being a designer, architect or other creative jobs that develop physical objects doesn’t fully appear until the project is not finished and enters real life and a 3D prototype always improves the chosen design solution.

Package design, placed by many people in the graphical design category, is actually a much more complex domain that translates also into a three dimensional approach.

Many aspects have to be developed both in the design and engineering/production phases to assure a promising launch on the market. The design process for a creative package has to take many details in consideration regarding not only graphics and visual communication, but structural requirements, economic factors, and marketing objectives.

Technical details, like form, structure, dimensions, materials and the economic feasibility of the creative package has to be well considered from the birth of the first sketches of the packaging design concept. A good communication system has to be established from the beginning between the different specialists that will see through the entire project until launching and sometimes beyond that line.

A well-managed design process starts with packaging ideas that leads to a good design proposal and finalizes in a successful packaging on the retail shelf.

Nowadays, designers, engineers, and other specialists have many tools at their disposal to reduce uncertainties in the realization of product packaging like prototyping techniques, renderings, animations and more.

Packaging Prototype

Clear advantages can be gained if the packaging ideas, package design & graphics develop together with the technical part of the package.

The most successful brand package is the one which manages to mix an innovative design with a structure that complements it. Exactly like a great building, where the structure has to support and elevate the design concept, the structure of the package has to be built to emphasize its visual language and inventive character. The development process requires creativity but must be applied in a physical form.

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In order to bridge the gap between the design and production of the a brand package, a strong connection has to be created between its form, structure, materials and the visual language given by colors, illustrations, images, typography, information.

The following tools can be used:
a. Cost price estimation based on materials used: plastics, corrugated cardboard, folding boxboard, glass, metal, foil & more.
b. Deciding on the appearance of design proposals: physical aspects like material and shape and graphical aspects like color, typography, images, graphics, brand marks.

A very helpful tool, that minimizes the production costs of the brand package is seeing its 3D prototype instead of the usual 2D representation.

These renderings and snapshots will give a very real sense of how the product will look once its produced. Considering all the aspects of the package from the start of the project, 3D shape, materials, durability & weight of the product packaging, printing techniques like embossing, hot stamping, UV finish will help to create a successful packaging.

Packaging Prototype

Spice Packaging designed to capture flavor

Seasoning is the heart of a great dish, so it is up to us to propose spice packaging that connects with food lovers while designing innovative solutions. This spice packaging aimed to show the product from a new perspective, minimal black and an organic mysterious form. The clients wanted to launch a new product: saffron. Moreover, they were new to condiments market, so they wanted a 3D spices packaging design to get noticed.

Our brand studio rendered a 3D model for the condiments packaging, and we collaborated with another company to produce the packaging prototypes. In addition, we needed to choose materials that would fit the special shape of the packaging box.

Spices Branding

On this black canvas the strong color of the branding condiments speaks for itself - value, origin, and story. The spice packaging design creates the perfect environment for the product, protecting its value. One of our spice packaging ideas was to accompany the saffron packaging box by a story & recipes. In short, a small token of appreciation for the customer, a small gift to delight them.

Video: See How it's made

Packaging Prototype

Spice Packaging Company

Our branding company is focused on developing creative spices packaging design. So, lots of work went into the design phase but also the production phase. Firstly, we’ve created a spice logo design that would represent the brand identity. Secondly, we presented 3D visualization of the product so we can decrease production costs. We assisted the client during the discussions with the manufacturer to be sure the vision is translated into reality.

Packaging Prototype
Saffron Packaging

Saffron is the most expensive condiment in the world. Therefore, it is very important to have a protective saffron packaging design with a stunning aesthetics. This spice has a long history, it is related to kings and empires. In short, the condiments branding need to make justice to this exquisite product. The 3D packaging design is a statement, and it enhances the brand. Also, there is a small “window” that lets the customers visualize the amazing color of saffron.

Packaging Prototype
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Packaging Prototype

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Packaging Prototype

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