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The revolution of Supplement Packaging in the competitive dietary supplements market

Supplement packaging plays a vital role in getting noticed on a competitive market. The global supplements market will experience an exponential rising and will reach USD 194.63 billion by 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research.

What this expansion means and how it’s translated in supplement design? Ideas for your supplement label design.

The busy work schedules of individuals, diet restriction, and life in overpopulated urban areas are mainly the factors that promote the sale of dietary and nutritional supplements in different forms. We can find them as capsules, powder or liquids.

The supplement branding & packaging design is strongly influenced by the necessity to visually convey, in a matter of seconds the main characteristic of the product and how it can improve your health. A creative path for the supplements branding will assure that your product stands out from the competition.

The supplement packaging design also has the role to adapt to their specific target audience, elderly individuals, sports enthusiastic or pregnant women. No matter the target, the packaging design agencies are always looking for new ways to create upbeat and inspirational packaging design & brand design. The most successful supplement packaging design is the one that set itself apart from their competitors and establish a new, appealing look, feel and tone of voice.

The rise of the supplements market will set brands apart and will increase the competition between them. We design supplements that stand out.

As a result of the supplements market rise, the competition between brands has increased. The unique visual languages of the supplements packaging offer to the public more than just a supplement label design. The best nutritional supplements offer a new appealing experience. In addition, the supplement packaging has to offer a style of life. Furthermore, it has to appeal to the buyers both body & heart. The dietary supplement packaging conveys a new approach to daily activities. It communicates to the individuals' new ways to strengthen the body & mind.

The supplement bottle design should be both convenient and aesthetic. All the ingredients and qualities of the product should be easily readible on the dietary supplement label design. Customers are always wondering how to choose a supplement brand or which supplement brand is the best. A professional supplement bottle label design will give customers a sense of trust, the custom supplement packaging will tell them you are a reliable brand.

Packaging design for dietary supplement

The power of graphics in supplement packaging

In a busy nutritional supplements market, our branding studio created a supplement packaging design that is bold, simple, and functional. In short, we used package design as an important product differentiator in the health supplements market.

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Informative Design for health supplements

The mission of supplement branding

Supplement Packaging

Package design with a mixed role

Beyond the colorful design graphics, the supplement label has to do something unique, perfectly mixing the product information with a consumer-friendly design.
Supplement Packaging

Deliver meaningful information

The supplement label design has to deliver the essential benefits of the product without overcrowding the packaging design. Since supplement packaging design is the best way to get closer to the customers, the brand should convey the necessary information. To sum up, too much text will dilute the message.
Supplement Packaging

Supplement & vitamin branding

We must look for new inspiration for vitamin & supplement branding. In conclusion, people don't want to see rigid packages. As a result, new supplement packaging ideas are emerging. The dietary supplement market is well receiving its new clean, functional, playful & bespoke package graphics.

How to use supplement packaging design to attract shoppers while creating a nutritional brand with a unique character

Vitamin, supplements, or other nutritional products achieved impressive growth in the last years. While consumers have been interested in many health products like vitamins, energy supplements, natural supplements & other types of dietary supplements, since COVID-19 pandemic this interest has multiplied. Under these circumstances, the health & wellness market made consumers turn to many types of immune system support & health boost products. In response to this growth, supplement packaging design has become a very important factor for customers in online and offline markets. A custom design for your supplement packaging means that your product will have the chance to attract shoppers. The package design must have both functionality & appealing design graphics.

A new creative direction for supplements brand design

Supplements packaging continues to disrupt the health & wellness market. To achieve better results, nutritional supplement brands have visuals that are clearer & simpler. Dietary supplement packaging with unique illustrations and creative symbols are very popular today. The brands rely on a very effective technique, expressing honesty about their product benefits. In addition, they use a more personal style that is consumer goods orientated.

Popular ingredients for health supplements

Favoured dietary supplements include vitamins D and B12; herbs such as echinacea and garlic; minerals like calcium and iron; and other substances like glucosamine, probiotics, and fish oils and even mushroom extract. A sustainable supplement packaging will make them even more attractive for the public. Having a good position in the supplement brand ranking will increase your sales, so it is profitable long term to invest in a catchy supplement brand name and a classy supplement company logo. In short, create a strong supplement brand.

"The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not." Mark Twain
Supplement Packaging

About the supplements market

Supplement Packaging

Trends in the Food Supplement Industry

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