How to Bakery Branding

How to launch a successful bakery? Witness bakery branding in action for the beautiful art of bread making

Everybody wants to have a bakery shop near me. Why? Because we all love good bread and wonderful sweets. Why bakery is important? The baking industry employs almost 800000 professionals and generates billions. For the local community, it will contribute to the health, confidence, and economic wellbeing of the people. Is bakery a good business? Bakeries are a very profitable concept right now. So, if you are planning to start a bakery brand, now it is a good time. One of the most satisfying ways to make money is baking because it allows you to connect directly with the customers.

Bread History

At 14,400 years old, the oldest bread was discovered in the Black Desert, Jordan. The stone age bread-makers used wild wheat and barley flour, mixed it with plants roots and water, and then baked it. The first bread similar to tortillas was created around 8000 BC in the Middle East, specifically Egypt. This type of bread was made only with water and flour. Bread came to Europe around 9,100 years ago. Even if bread recipe varied depending on the region, bread has been a crucial part of our history for centuries and the bread maker was a pillar of the local community. Bread plays an important role in our daily life and it shaped society.

How to Bakery Branding

Bakery goods

Opening a bakery business means you first need to decide on the products you will offer and what will be your signature bakery goods. A bakery bread will be specialized in different bread types with various baked goods recipes: multigrain bread, ciabatta, baguette, brioche, rye bread, etc. Wholegrain bread is popular today because it doesn't cause blood sugar spikes being healthier. Pumpernickel is a rich dark bread made with 100% rye, one of the most famous German breads.

Bakery cookies focus more on desserts. Chocolate chip cookies have golden brown edges with sticky centers, and they are children’s favorites. Cookies can be high in fiber and low in fat, which makes them a suitable food for a quick indulgence. A macaron is also a very popular cookie, actually a meringue-based sandwich cookie, the flavor of a macaron is an art in its own right.

How to Bakery Branding

Bakery cakes or cupcakes are also big business nowadays, cakes represent a very important segment within the baking industry. The best-selling cakes include chocolate cake, Red Velvet cake, ice cream cake, cheesecake.

Artisanal bakery and the art behind it

How to make artisanal bread? Artisan bakeries produce the artisanal baked goods in small quantities, using traditional methods and natural ingredients. The bread is handmade, and it doesn’t contain preservatives. There is a big focus today on healthier products, so this could be a great business opportunity nowadays. So, what is an artisan baker? A true artist of taste and texture.

Let's meet some top bread artists that create beautiful & flavorful loaves.

Zachary Golper, chef and co-owner of Bien Cuit. "The time we spend eating together is so vital to our quality of life. We craft a product that encourages our customers to slow down and share a meal with someone they love."

Nick Ambeliotis, owner of Mediterra Bakehouse. "Taking one of the oldest fermented foods and trying to perfect it on a daily basis drives the perfectionist in me. Each loaf is handmade, shaped and crafted"

Bakery vs pastry

A bakery is a business that produces and sells bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies. So, a pastry is a more specialized type of shop. Pastries are sweet baked goods made from dough, not from batter. Lots of times the profit for a pastry establishment is bigger than for a regular bakery, however the expertise needed is also more extensive.

French bakery

French bakeries are famous for pastry products like macarons, pain au chocolate, croissant, éclair, madeleine, etc. France's famous bakeries have no rival, their quality and tradition are appreciated worldwide. A pastry course in France will for sure open your perspective on this craft.

How to Bakery Branding

Bakery supplies

Baking supplies (baking sheets, baking mats, cooling racks, trays, sifters, measuring cups and spoons, whisks, spatulas, bowls, etc.) are a must have for any bakery business. And organizing them well means you will have more working space. So, keep a drawer for your cookie sheets and cookie cutters, stack your containers / trays by size, utilize a spices rack, use a big jar for your cupcakes liners, have a metal bar hung on the wall for the utensils, etc.

Bakery packaging to help your product get noticed.

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Bakery equipment

Having the right equipment is very important for any modern or traditional bakery. This includes ovens, grills, microwaves, freezers, and refrigerators, working surfaces, mixers, safety equipment, sinks. For sure, the oven is the key piece of equipment in a professional bakery. Electric and gas ovens can both be used successfully. Electric ovens are said to be better for bakery products with a crisp texture, like cookies.

Bakery branding

When opening a new bakery it is good to have a mission statement and to know what makes you special, this will help you choose the right bread branding for your business. Understanding your competitors, having a clear bakery business description, and creating a unique brand image with a clear visual identity, color palette, bakery logo, and catchy bakery brand name will give you a competitive advantage. A professional designer can help you with a few bakery logo ideas, bakery website design and even the bakery kitchen design. All these elements are meant to tell your story and make the customers feel like they are family.

Bakery packaging

No matter if you are using bakery boxes with window or bread bags, establish a consistent bakery packaging design so your customers can easily recognize your products. For cookies, be sure they are in individually wrapped in wax paper branded with your bakery logo design.

How to Bakery Branding

For pastry packaging you can use a metallic film, it does a fantastic job trapping heat and moisture for long periods. There are also eco-friendly options like brown paper or kraft paper. All the healthy ingredients should be well integrated in your bakery label design.

Bakery Branding, being unique in a busy market.

Witness bakery branding in action for the beautiful art of bread making.
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Bakery marketing ideas

A good bakery marketing plan will put your business on the map. A few simple ideas will make a big difference:

Offer free samples to your customers
Build alluring posts on social media in tune with your bakery graphic design
Create new high-quality products and original recipes
Include popular baked goods like apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, blue berries muffins, red velvet cake
Focus on healthy alternatives like organic and gluten-free baked delights
Cakes are usually the most profitable items so be original with the decorations

How to Bakery Branding

The profit margin for a bakery business is usually moderate, around 20% to 50%, however it is a daily need, so your customers will remain loyal to your wonderful bread and sweets.

Bakery cafe / Bakery restaurant / Bakery bar

You can extend your bakery by adding a café, restaurant or even a bar. For your bakery menu choose a design that fits your style, it should be attention-grabbing and match your overall branding strategy. Bakery and coffee are a mix made in heaven and can combine two of people’s favorites. Other options are bakery and deli & bakery and confectionery. What they all have in common? Offering high quality products, being involved in the local community, and promoting local producers. And if the customers can’t decide between all the yummy treats, they can also take some home in your custom baked goods packaging.

Bakery delivery

A bakery who delivers might be a great opportunity for busy consumers to enjoy warm bread or cookies after work. Having an online bakery service where you can take orders and offer baked goods delivery might have many advantages for both you and the client, like diversified options, no waste, cost control, convenience.

Bakery with gluten free products

Pies are the easiest baked goods to do with gluten-free ingredients because a pie crust is supposed to be dense and moist. You can also try scones, macaroons, and puddings. For extra flavor, bakers should add vanilla, dried fruits and spices to recipes. Healthy options are on trend for bakery industry so creating bread gluten free and other delicious products will attract additional demographics. Get specialized in more specific products: baked good vegan or baked good for breakfast or even baked goods for Christmas.

Bakery for dogs

Dog bakeries are quite profitable today, they have long outgrowth the dog biscuit industry. The first dog bakery was opened in 1989 by a Kansas City couple who had been baking for their ill dog, they were trying to make her enjoy food. Baked goods with apple, bananas or strawberry are among dogs’ favorites.

How to Bakery Branding

So, what you'll need to open a dog bakery brand? Gain dog food market knowledge, have basic bakery skills and a lot of enthusiasm, gather a startup budget, create a clear business plan, buy supplies and equipment, arrange your workspace, choose some funny baked goods boxes, find a way to sell the dog cookies – a real store or an online website, take care of registration and licensing and find a cute furry mascot for your baking business.

"With bread all sorrows are less." The character Sancho Panza in Don Quixote.
How to Bakery Branding

Bread and butter – a wonderful combination

How to Bakery Branding

Baked goods gift baskets for special occasions

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