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Is making pasta your passion? Or you just love eating them? Owning a pasta brand is a beautiful thing, you are keeping history alive. Italian food is famous because it's tasty, original, and healthy. And pastas are a key factor in Italian cuisine. The global pasta market is forecasted to grow by 7.52% in the next few years, so a pasta business might prove to be a good investment. You will need to make your products stand out on the shelves thus a quality pasta box might do the trick. But you can't really know where you are going until you know where you have been, so let’s take a look to the past.

Pasta's history

When pasta was invented and where pasta originated? Pasta's first mention dates from in China sometimes during 1700-1100 BC, where some type of pasta was created with wheat or rice flour. So, our beloved Italian pasta might actually be descendent of ancient Asian noodles. Marco Polo discovered this delight in one of his famous journeys and he introduced pasta to Italy during the 13th century.

Best Pasta

The first name for pasta was in fact 'maccaronaro', this translates in 'kneading dough with energy'. Thomas Jefferson launched pasta in America, he imported a pasta machine to America around 1790 and described the recipe of the dish that he loved during one of his trips in Italy. Spaghetti became the most popular kind.

Type of pastas

How many pasta types are there? There are so many types of pasta, pappardelle farfalle, cannelloni, fusilli, fettuccine, etc. and each region from Italy has its own shape and form for this delight. These are the most famous ones, the best pasta brands from Italy, the ones that we all use in our dishes at home.


Spaghetti has a specific form, it is a long, thin, solid, cylindrical pasta. Spaghetti is created from milled wheat and water or traditionally made from durum-wheat semolina. They are usually served with sauce. One of the top pasta brands is of course Barilla, the company was founded in 1877 as a bakery in Parma, Italy. Their spaghetti packaging design has its unique color, a deep blue. The spaghetti package sizes should be chosen considering the target audience, who will buy the product. They are one of the best pasta brand in Italy and worldwide.

Best Pasta


Ravioli is referring to a filling encapsulated in thin pasta dough. It can have different shapes: square, circle, etc., you can get creative with this one. The filling can be cheese, meat, spinach, go wild and surprise your customers. There are also a lot of good frozen ravioli brands with funky pasta box packaging design. The ravioli packaging is usually comprised of plastic bags, but it can also come in a pasta box. Unique ravioli fillings attract loyal customers, both professional and amateur cooks. Fresh pasta packaging needs to ensure the product stays fresh and smooth.

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What does linguine look like? Linguine has an elliptical shape in section rather than a flat one and it is about 4 millimeters in width. Linguine is preferred by many chefs because it holds sauce better then spaghetti. De Cecco is well known for their linguine, they offer a high-quality product. De Cecco uses bronze dies to cut the pasta, this process produces a finished noodle with a rough, porous texture, that gives an extra something when covered with sauce. Their pasta logo design showcases a special font also in blue. A linguine pasta box is also used but for more expensive choices. They are one of the most popular pasta brand in Italy.

Best Pasta


Penne is a cylinder-shaped pasta, their ends cut at an angle making it quite elegant. The tube offers plenty of room for the delicious sauce. Why is penne pasta called penne? The name penne comes from the Italian word for “quill”. If you would like to start a business making penne, then you will need plenty of semolina (wheat) and durum wheat flour. The best penne pasta brands tried a more eccentric approach, and their pasta branding ideas rely on offering special flavors for penne, like cauliflower, zucchini, spinach, etc.


Lasagna is one of the oldest types of pasta, made of very wide, flat sheets. The name Lasagna is derived from the Greek word 'Laganon' and it is the first discovered form of pasta. This tasty dish was probably created in Greece, however it was not until the Romans conquered this part of the world around 146 BC that the dish became famous. A creative lasagna branding should highlight all this history and make the meal a special experience.

Trends on pasta market

A shift towards comfort foods makes a pasta business a good investment. Also, plant-based diets that incorporate pasta are especially appealing for several reasons, like health benefits and no compromise over taste.

New pasta shape is a desired feature by consumers these days. Some even went viral on Instagram and are still incredibly popular, so experiment with innovative forms and choose the best pasta box for a busy pasta market.

Organic, gluten-free and vegan alternatives to wheat pasta are a must on today’s market. Vegetables like pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato and kale are also being utilize to create great colors and delicious flavors. Pasta brands that are vegan are very appreciated.

Best Pasta

Having sometimes hectic lifestyles, consumers are looking towards easy-to-cook food items and pasta is an incredibly versatile food that is ready to eat so fast. 85% of customers love or like pasta, and demand has been rising continuously in recent years.

Being a pasta without eggs brand can help you offer a better pricing and allergy free options for the customers and affordable, quality products are always in high demand.

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Try to avoid something like a spaghetti plastic container, select recycle alternatives instead. You should also follow the food trends catering, it might give you some good ideas on how to increase sales and find the best pasta packaging ideas for this industry. Make your pasta brand stand out from the crowd.

Pasta branding & packaging

A great way to promote your pasta brand is to include on the pasta packaging special pasta dishes with revolutionary flavors and simple cooking techniques. In time, you can invest in a pasta packaging machine you can have more control on the whole process.

Best Pasta

Think also to restaurants needs because pasta is so back on restaurant menus and the chefs are always looking to offer unique pasta dishes. The pasta package design for such clients should be easy to open and facile to store.

There are as well many pasta sauce brands or companies that produce something like spaghetti seasoning pack, so these might be some good directions to expend your business. Choose a pasta brand name that would allow you to explore other domains in the future.

Look for more out of the box pasta packaging ideas and sustainable pasta packaging materials. Focus your pasta branding strategy on social content, memorable pasta brand logo, and stunning images. Establish a pasta brand identity that is catchy and warm, you are selling a mouth-watering Italian food with a modern touch.

Pasta advertisement

In this busy pasta industry, product promotion is key. Choose snappy pasta advertising slogans that will engage with the public and pasta marketing plan that will cover all channels: TV, posters, social media campaigns, etc.

Creative pastas, creative packaging ideas

If you didn’t know, this are some of the most unusual pasta shapes that you can find on the market: Cavatelli, Mafaldine, Gemelli, Paccheri, Ravioli, Fideo, Cavatappi & Campanelle.

If you choose to innovate the pasta market, or just offer the best recipe to your customers, don’t forget to promote them. To conclude, use all the available options in packaging design you can find today: biodegradable materials, unique shapes, hand-drawn packaging illustrations, unique color combinations or bold typography.

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta." Federico Fellini, Italian filmmaker.
Best Pasta

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Best Pasta

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