Best salt brand

How salt influences our daily lives and why you should focus on the healthy way of use to build the best salt brand.

Food would not be the same without salt, that’s a statement that nobody can deny. So, where does cooking salt come from? Salt comes from dead, dried-up seas or existing ones. The six leading salt producers in the world are Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, and the United States.

A treasure from Roman soldiers, the white gold

The history of salt started a long time ago and in Roman times and throughout the Middle Ages, salt was considered to be "white gold". The demand for salt was mostly for preserving food, especially fish and meat. Salt was so valuable, that soldiers in the Roman army were sometimes paid with salt instead of money.

Best salt brand

“Salt is easily the most important thing chefs keep in the kitchen,” says Robert Hartman, chef de cuisine at Saint Theo’s restaurant in New York City. It helps bring out the natural flavors in food, and was once considered incredibly valuable thousands of years ago, says Hartman.” -source

Choosing the right salt for your personal cooking or for starting your own salt brand requires some knowledge. How to choose the right type of salt?

With so many types of salt on the market, you can choose form a wide selection including: Table salt, Kosher salt, Sea salt, Maldon salt, Fleur de Sel, Pink Himalayan salt, Smoked salt or Flavored salt.

Cooking salt

Since the 1980s there have been efforts to have salt iodization worldwide. This has been an inexpensive and effective approach to combat iodine deficiency around the world. Iodised cooking salt is important for a healthy thyroid and stops harmful bacteria from multiplying in the intestines. Be the best salt brand by focusing on the health benefits of this wonderful product.

Best salt brand

Types of cooking salt

Searching for a healthy cooking salt to offer to your customers? Then you must know more about all they varieties of salt.

By refining status:

1. Table salt, the most common - is harvested from salt deposits found underground. It's thoroughly refined and finely ground, with impurities and trace minerals removed in the manufacturing process.

2. Kosher salt is flakier and coarser-grained, this characteristic makes it perfect for seasoning of meat, where it gives extra flavor. Kosher salt also dissolves fast, being a true help for cooks.

3. Sea salt obtained from evaporated seawater, sea salt is usually unrefined and coarser-grained, it is full of minerals: zinc, potassium, and iron, this gives a more complex flavor.

By origin:

1. Himalayan pink salt is the purest type of salt in the world and is harvested by hand from Khewra Salt Mine in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. Its color ranges from off-white to deep pink. Rich in minerals, Himalayan salt is used in spa treatments, as well as for cooking.

2. Celtic sea salt is harvested from the bottom of tidal ponds off the coast of France. Celtic salt is moist, has chunky grains, grey hue, and briny taste.

3. Black Hawaiian salt is a sea salt harvested from the volcanic islands of Hawaii. It gets its deep, black color from the addition of activated charcoal.

4. Red Hawaiian salt gets its name and color from the reddish, iron-rich volcanic clay alaea. Used in the past for ceremonial activities that involved cleansing, purification and the blessing of tools, red Hawaiian salt is also great for special dishes, adding an attractive finish and robust flavor.

Best salt brand

Salt – Healthy way of use

Your customers are for sure wondering: is sea salt healthy? or is iodized salt healthy? or is pink salt healthy for you? If it is consumed with moderation, we can really talk about salt health benefits such as stimulating metabolism, maintaining an electrolyte balance, cooling effect on internal organs. However, a balanced diet is key, this is the only way to be able to enjoy pink salt health benefits or black salt health benefits or grey salt health benefits.

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And let’s not fool ourselves, there aren’t any salt healthy alternative, just a healthy amount consumed each day. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to advertise your salt products offering a few low salt healthy recipes to your consumers.

Sea salt brand

No matter if you have a Himalayan salt brand or a Celtic sea salt brand, having a strong story for your customer is key. Decide if your target audience is formed by regular salt users that will probably focus more on presentation – commercials, packaging, etc. or chefs that will be more interested in structure and taste, finding the best salt to compliment their dishes.

Best salt brand

Having a high quality product helps also, if you go for the best, then you can choose Fleur de Sel that is considered the "caviar of salts" by chefs worldwide.

Salt history

Knowing the salt history of the world can help you better promote your salt products, engaging with the customers. Some of the earliest evidence of salt production dates to around 6000 BC, when humans living in the region of present-day Romania boiled spring water to extract salts; salt mine in China dates to approximately the same era. Salt was also very appreciated by the ancient Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Hittites, Egyptians, and Indians.

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Himalayan salt history is related to Alexander the Great, the narrative goes that it was the soldiers' horses who actually located the Khewra salt deposits when they began licking the boulders.

Salt market

The salt market is projected to grow with around 5% in the next period, China is the leader of salt manufacturing, while USA is buy the most salt. Sea salt market is also growing however at the slower rate, the gross margins for a sea salt business are typically around 45%, which is quite a encouraging one. In conclusion, salt production is a profitable enterprise for both big companies and boutique ones.

Best salt brand

Salt industry

Knowing salt industry information helps you position your business better. You first need to decide if you will be more involved in the extraction process or the refining one or just the commercial side of the trade. Our body needs about 100 grams of salt for every 40 kilos of weight, so salt will always be in demand. That’s why salt industry revenue is assured and the business of selling salt offers a exciting mix of tradition and innovation.

Salt business

No matter if you would like to open a sea salt business or a pink salt business, you need to do a quick research on how to start a salt business. Having a good business plan will ensure you have a clear path to success and you will feel comfortable investing time and money into your new venture.

Salt branding

Find inspiration for your salt company logo by better understand the area of extraction and how your customer will use the product. A custom salt logo will ensure that your manufacturing company will be easily recognized. Also, this salt logo design will be front and center on your salt packaging. No matter if you choose a salt packaging pouch or a salt glass jar, be sure it can be easily stored and displayed on shelves. For pink salt packaging design, you can also select a printed cardboard box that will be very appropriate for an eco-friendly approach.

Best salt brand

Salt marketing

After you find the perfect extraction site, the best quality product and a personalized salt packaging idea, you should move your attention to salt advertising. Run ads to promote your own website and salt brand, post on popular social media platforms, and be present on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Always focus on striking visuals like citrus and salt photos or bread & salt photos. Create a special stand to display your salt products in local stores.

Salt in medicine

Uses of salt in medicine are diverse because sodium helps to balance levels of fluids and electrolytes in the body. It can be utilised in ivs to carry nutrients into cells and regulate acid-base balance, it can be used for inhalation or in surgeries, cleaning incisions. Salt has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and inflammation that’s why it is proposed for some type of baths. So, you can expand your salt business to also offer medicinal products.

Best salt brand
Salt as a preservative

History of salt as a preservative starts in Egypt around 2000 BC. Salt is effective as a preservative because it reduces the water activity of foods, diminishing microbial growth and chemical reactions. Salt can preserve most foods for months and even years. Salt is mostly used to preserve meat and fish. Vegetables such as beans and cabbage are also often preserved in this manner. This is a great business opportunity, you can collaborate with a meat, fish or vegetable producer and find a selling market for your amazing salt.

"Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all." Nelson Mandela, South African anti-apartheid activist and politician.
Best salt brand

What are other uses of salt?

Best salt brand

Fleur de Sel

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