Energy Drink Branding

Case study: Energy Drink Branding for MyGo. Connecting with the new generation.

In this design case study, we want to share with you the creative process that stood behind this energy drink branding, starting from sketches and packaging ideas to the final launch phase.

The process of creating an energy drink branding including packaging design and logo design is a complex process that involves many phases. It goes much deeper than just a visual expression that customers see on the retail shelf or on the e-commerce product presentation page. Apart from the final brand image & tactile physical package, the project first involves a deep analysis & research of the brand environment. The brand message and path are being created, the structure of the brand is being laid down out and then the research continues with the target audience, market situation and goes on in printing details, 3D prototype, retail buying experience & so on.

Energy Drink Branding

Position of the energy drink brand

My Go is an energy drink company founded in Poland committed to delivering a young, simple & fun alternative to existing energy beverages on the market. The design case study shows off our solution and explains our approach to My Go, energy drink branding. The energy drink era started around 1962. Lipovitan D was an energy drink created by a Japanese company named Taisho Pharmaceutical Co. The drink contained extra caffeine vitamins and the addition of taurine and niacin was made to enhance the improvement of energy and concentration.


One of the issues of this energy drink branding that had to be overcome was the result of creating a brand for large population areas. In these particular areas of the globe, South America and Africa, the world of packaging design is changing rapidly while trying to keep up with the dynamics of a large population. We needed to create an identity system that felt friendly, young, light-hearted, embodying My Go's brand attributes of fun & energy. The brand package is created to adapt easily to new flavors. All the elements of the composition visually convey this fast rhythm.

Energy Drink Branding

Energy Drink Branding to help your product get noticed.

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Drink Branding Strategy

Brand Identity & Logo Design

The branding energy drink aims to introduce the new product to a younger audience across the globe, especially in high-temperature areas like South America & Africa, where warm weather is a major factor in boosting sales of the energy drink market. South America's energy drink market is growing at a CAGR of 3.5% during the forecast period of 2019-2024. The energy drink market for Africa will also grow at a CAGR of 2.8% in the forecast period of 2018-2023. Taking all these into consideration, we envision a logo design that has a bold appearance and appeals to a growing demographic of young people looking for a burst of energy in their daily lives. We've ended up choosing an easy-to-read, modern, and vertical positioned logo design to represent the brand.

Energy Drink Branding

Branding & Packaging

Remaining true and honest to the target consumers, we based our strategy for the brand identity on the idea of essential and minimal communication. The idea was to create a packaging design that simply inspires energy. Understanding the bigger picture helped us set up the energy drink design strategy. The main idea was to make our point with minimal intervention. The brand package keeps a very simple, straightforward style.

Patterns, colors & typography

We concentrate on different packaging ideas and decided to keep the ones that spoke to a younger demographic about energy. A fresh & bold color palette was developed for the custom geometric patterns of the packaging design. Many patterns & shape composition were designed and the most suggestive were chosen to visually describe each flavor for the energy drink design.

Energy Drink Branding Energy Drink Branding Energy Drink Branding

These playful patterns were inspired by the African and South American cultures and they were explored in various packaging design ideas. The watermelon shape, bold colors, and outside pattern are being translated into a flat, overlapping circular shape. The typography we've ended up choosing to represent this energy drink brand is full of character, has a fun note, and harmoniously fuses the entire composition. My Go style is loose, full of energy, and young. It's all about having fun, going out with your friends, and spread your positive energy in the world.

Energy drink target audience

This case study: energy drink branding for MyGo is focusing on the importance of connecting with the new generation when you launch a product for young people. The targeted demographic group is teenagers, young adults, 18 to 34 years old. This is a special demographic and designing for the right target audience was key.

How to start an energy drink company?

Do an in depth marketing research, know your brand story, create an innovating drink, obtain certification, work with a designer to have a clear brand identity, build a strong energy drink business plan and have a clever energy drink marketing strategy.

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