Cork Packaging

Cork Packaging, an eco-friendly solution for innovative designs. Sustainable materials in design.

Cork, from NASA space shuttles insulation to cork packaging.

Cork Packaging

We all know cork-like to be the perfect bottle stopper, but what about cork packaging? Well, it's true. Let's discover this innovative material used in packaging design & more. This sustainable, 100% recyclable, 100% reusable natural material has amazing versatility.

An eco-friendly solution, the material that trees are made of.

A natural resource, cork design became more and more popular in the last decade and businesses are thinking of new innovative ways to use it. Why not in packaging design? Have you ever thought about using this material for your package?

Cork Packaging

How did everything start?

Here’s how the story of this perfect material for creating sustainable packaging design started. Cork materials come mostly from the Mediterranean areas. The cork oak tree from which cork is extracted, is native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa, being one of the most common tree species in Portugal. Portugal produces 61%, followed by Spain at almost 30% and Italy produces less than 10%. No trees are harmed during the extraction of cork. Uncorking means removing its outer layer. After the extraction, the cork oak simply produces a new layer of bark. This process can be repeated every 9 years. Similar to the way we collect wool from a sheep, the trees are uncorked and they will continue to produce it for 150 years.

Cork Packaging

What makes cork an amazing natural resource, perfect for sustainable packaging?

Cork has unique properties and consistency. It is a natural plant tissue - like a beehive made of microscopic cells that are surrounded by gas and covered in a polymer and wax. These elements give it rigidity, impermeability, and resistance, making it a great choice for sustainable packaging design. Till the present day, our current technology could not mimic it in a laboratory. Just a small piece of cork similar to a sugar cube contains around 60 million of these air-filled cells, making it a unique material, like layers and layers of microscopic bubble-wrap.

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Why use it for my packaging? A packaging design idea for your business.

Cork is a very effective insulation material with great cushioning properties. So it has the great characteristic of protecting its contents and this makes it a very suitable packaging material. It is fire resistant and doesn't generate toxic gases. By simply cutting the surface a non-slip surface can be created. Not convinced yet? It has great elasticity and impermeability is one of cork’s best-known features. Cork is not wood, however, because it is a dead tissue it is inert to substance which means that no taste and no odor will be released. This great hygienic value makes it appreciated in many creative industries. Using cork for a sustainable packaging design can be a perfect solution for many types of products.

Cork Packaging

The greenest. Cork Packaging, an eco-friendly solution for innovative designs.

Cork is a raw material, 100% reusable,100% recyclable, 100% natural, an environmentally-friendly option, a packaging design idea that will stand out on the shelf. The possibilities are endless, and something we don't hear very often when talking about materials, the recycling process never stops. Now it's time to innovate.

Cork Packaging designed by our branding studio

Using the versatility & sustainability of cork, we imagined another type of packaging design for dairy products

With the help of the latest technologies, the cork design & packaging has significantly improved its quality, forms & utilities.

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Cork packaging, a versatile solution

From the original cork stopper for the wine bottles, now we can see cork packaging used for the bottle design, food packaging, wine labeling, cosmetic packaging & more. In a world where environmentally friendly packaging solutions become desirable, this versatile material is the perfect option. Having packaging made from cork, a completely natural material, also conveys a powerful message to the target audience.

Cork design & sustainable product design

Cork is nowadays transformed into unique designs from furniture to tableware & even lighting products. There are innumerable ways to use cork. Cork material may be an unconventional approach however is 100% eco-friendly. It offers creative freedom to product designers, packaging designers & innovators in general. You can use this material for your food packaging, for wine label design, or for the box design. Nevertheless, it will easily capture the attention of customers. So, just utilise sustainable materials in innovative design.

"To do good, you actually have to do something." Yvon Chouinard, American rock climber, environmentalist, and outdoor industry billionaire businessman.
Cork Packaging

Cork Qualities for sustainable packaging & more

Cork Packaging

Cork stoppers, a packaging design idea from Renaissance period

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