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Essential Tips From Food Packaging Design Company

Our belief is that food packaging design, is exactly like your favorite meal, it will delight you’re your senses. For example colors make some dishes more attractive, it is the same concept in food branding when we try to engage the customers.
Food Packaging Design

Can one be passionate about food? For instance, the design team from our food packaging design company have developed a deep passion for food, whether for creating food packaging using the unusual illustrations, designing real customer experiences, or just creating amazing 3D visuals for innovative food packaging design. On the other hand, we wanted to share our knowledge with business owners that have developed healthy products and need organic food branding or even vegan food branding. The best food packaging design is born from a close collaboration between the designers and clients in order to address a specific target audience.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

So today even more then in other times food is very important in our lives. This means the market is quite competitive. Being able to attract loyal customers for your brand it’s crucial. We reveal more about food packaging design inspiration and go over all the essentials in the following paragraphs.

All aspects of branding, from packaging design, typography, packaging illustrations, colors, form, and the overall style, will influence the purchase in a matter of seconds. Studies show that 70% of consumers buy a product based on its creative food packaging design.

Food Packaging Design

Food Packaging History

The story began 3,500 years ago in Egypt with glass and continued with mulberry bark containers in China and Napoleon's push for canned food. Specifically ancient China is credited for inventing flexible packaging due to their innovations in developing paper. Food packaging is used to allow for easy transport of goods, protect the integrity of food products. Nevertheless the packaging design is responsible for making the sell in stores or even online.

Food Packaging Design

How is the food industry changing? To illustrate the differences, here are a few recent changes we have observed: an increase in pantry foods and many healthy products, growing basket sizes, increased online shopping, a decline in store visits. This means that healthy food branding leads the way and food branding names need to be memorable so the client can choose the same product in the next online session, therefore transforming into loyal customers for the specific brand.

Food packaging design should follow latest trends but also respect traditional values.
Key elements of Food Packaging Design

Branding dedicated to delicious products.

Food has always been a vital part of our human existence. To develop a successful food packaging design a clear design vision has to be created.

Namely we need to take into consideration the brand's products, goals, and overall mission, the audience preferences, and the market performance. Choosing the best-balanced design for your food brand will define the type of connection between your brand products and the customers. The food branding will establish a clear position in the supermarkets & online stores.

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Frozen Food Packaging Design

Growing importance frozen food products as a result of hectic lifestyles among working-class individuals on a global level are expected to expand the industry size over the next few years.

So what is frozen food branding and why is it important for your business? If your business is producing or selling food products like frozen vegetables, fruits, legumes, your main goal is to stand out, attract attention, increase the purchase and grow a base of loyal customers. How can our food packaging design company help your business?

Food Packaging Design

First get inspired by these amazing frozen food packaging designs created by our professional designers. Get ideas and start planning your perfect frozen food brand. By exploring and designing all the elements of the product from the tactile experience of the packaging to the finishing touches and materials, to the store appearance & online presence, your gourmet business will be well represented in everyday life while standing out in front of competitors. The frozen packaged food market is ripe with potential, so take the opportunity today.

Food Packaging Design

How to build a creative food packaging design

The brand will be easy to recognize and be remembered by customers if it stays consistent on message, brand strategy, brand name, brand logo, food packaging design, label design, and other brand expression materials in the online market like UI design & UX design. The food packaging should offer convenience, sustainability, and unique design. The most popular options for materials often includes but is not limited to cardboard, metal cans, paperboard, wax coated paper, using today’s technology, the sky is the limit. Select a branding agency that shares your product vision and the start the creative process together.

Food Packaging Design

The design vision

Finally knowing your brand and your goals is very important.
Who are your customers? What's your brand story? What's your brand position on the market?

Customers & food brands

How important is customer loyalty in the food industry? Very. So building a strong relation with your customers is the key to a successful food business. Selling great food products at competitive prices is no longer enough. Your customers want more, so you need to meet their expectations.

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Storytelling Brand

As soon as you feel like you identified who your customers are, the brand story becomes the next step. Your brand story talks about your company mission and values, what you stand out like a brand. Customers always seek honesty and a meaningful approach especially when it comes to their favorite food brands. We advise our clients to simply start by making a list with adjectives that defines their brand and sketch a few ideas about their brand story. After that, we help them create the core of the brand and develop their story so it can be easily understood by customers. When your customers are looking to buy food and drink there are three main factors that impact that decision: value, taste and quality. These must be translated into design.

Brand position & Competitors

In most cases, your brand will not be the only one on that food segment. So, the question that comes to mind, is why the customers should choose your brand instead of others? Here comes the power of a food packaging design agency that can give your brand the best branding, the most unique food packaging ideas, or the most compelling food logo design, all these will make your brand competitive.

Food Packaging Design

The impact of food packaging

Good packaging should attract consumers, increases sales and market share and reduces market and promotional costs. Effective Packaging Design should call attention to itself, it should awaken emotions, it should spell out the benefits of the product. Also having a sustainable packaging design is very important today considering that packaging waste pollutes our air, water and soil. Sustainable packaging is developed with the main purpose of doing as little harm to the environment as possible.

Meanwhile many food brands turn to sustainable packaging for many reasons like: corporate social responsibility, decreasing carbon footprints, reducing waste, increasing sales. Consumers are more and more interested in recycled plastic packaging. So innovative food packaging design that has eco-friendly components has become increasingly important over the last decade.

Food Packaging Design

The components of a Successful Food Packaging Design

After the concept of the brand is created, brand story & image, target audience, and competitors we will proceed with the brand identity & strategy. The brand identity generally starts with the following subjects: logo design, color scheme, and typography. We will continue to dive deep with food packaging design. Some clients will also look for interior design and online presence, that starts with a website design that closely follows the production phase before the launch. The brand will continue its development by building a social media presence, advertising, and marketing content to finalize the release.

Food Branding Logo

The ultimate goal is for customers to instantly recognize your brand. A custom food logo design is the way to engage with the target audience. Your brand logo should visually convey the character of the brand even it can't say the whole story. When we create the logo design for our food brands, we take into consideration various aspects of the business.

For example, the shape of the logo will inform the buyers if the brand is organic or not. A circular or more curved shape will usually describe a friendly natural-based brand because our human body associates it with harmony & perfect balance while the use of triangles or sharp forms will induce the idea of a more formal, high-end brand because they are defining innovation and energy and rectangles are usually inspiring stability. The best logos follow the same path, are simple, on point, distinctive and unforgettable. The color of the logo design should also induce a certain feeling to the consumers. Statistics show that the red color is associated with appetite and is a good choice for fast-food restaurants.

Typography in Food Packaging

When it comes to typography, the old and the new font choices offer a beautiful arsenal of options. The typography for food products will help you not only convey your brand message in writing but also into the visual appearance. However, attracting customers towards a food brand needs a better strategy than merely the logo, all the elements from food branding, food packaging design, etc. should come together and tell a compelling story.

Food Packaging Design

Best Food Packaging Design

In conclusion, food packaging stays at the very heart of the modern food industry. There are only a few food products that are sold unpackaged. Studies show that "81% of consumers tried something new because the product packaging caught their eye." You needed a brand design and packaging design that represent the quality and taste of the product inside. Our food packaging design company is driven by a creative food culture and we would like to make a difference in this industry helping small and medium business launch their delicious products.

Food Packaging Design
A food branding celebrating taste view healthy food branding
Food Packaging Design
Nordic Tale
Loving fish in all its diversity view seafood branding
Food Packaging Design
Jam & Veggie Chess
Inspired by chess & its mathematical precision view jam branding

Retail design for Food Brands

First retail design helps to narrate the brand and product story, educate consumers about the food in question. Second it is an increasingly important part of the competitive strategy of food retailers. A store design can create an engaging retail space for customers making it pleasant for them to come back again and again. Product promotions in physical or online stores can have a positive influence on the products' sales. We apply tactical thinking to every project – from the largest food producers to small farm owners, they all deserve a well-represented product on the shelf.

Food Advertising & Social Presence

When it comes to advertising, food has always inspired many unique and unforgettable ads. Video food advertising influences customer's food choices. Food commercials attract society to go out and get the food they just seen during this ads. Even if we are talking about a more classical way of promoting your business, food advertising still works. It can help your brand be seen and your brand message heard. It is very important to keep it cohesive in all food packaging aspects, to use the same message in all the communication channels. All your brand social media channels should be up to date and convey your brand story to the audience. Food advertising should reflect evolving food tastes, modern diet, and dietary habits. Efficient food marketing is using the food packaging design and branding to communicate with the customers.

Food Packaging Design
A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.
Thomas Keller, chef & restaurateur
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