Jam Branding (UX / UI)

Brand Strategy, Brand Naming | Brand Identity - Logo Design, Packaging Illustration, Colors, Typography, Packaging Design, 3D Visualization, UI Design | Brand Guidelines

The product branding for this project included brand identity, web design, and app design. The idea was to engage the senses of the customers and invite them on a culinary journey.

Name Veggies & Fruits Chess
Industry Food & Deserts
Location Worldwide
Year 2021
Jam Branding
Jam Branding
Jam Branding
Jam Branding
Proposes a colorful UI design that engages & connects.

The jam branding is based on modern simplicity and easily stands out on e-commerce platforms. It focuses on the product inside and redefines the jelly & jam market.


Brand Storytelling.

The UI design tells the story of the brand using a modern mix of brand illustrations. This web design helps the food brand develop a visual advantage in front of competitors while influencing sales.


Product Branding.

Our vision for this jam branding makes customers excited to try the product inside. In this way, the salad & jam brand connects with its audience and has the chance to develop a long-lasting relationship with them.


UI Design.

The UI Design generates attention using bespoke illustration and easily recognizable typography. All design elements emphasize the product benefits while elevating the brand.

Jam Branding
We mix 3D experience with unique graphic design.
Project information:

Creative Branding

Our strategy was to use design and brand storytelling to interrupt pre-existing images of how salad & jam branding should look through bespoke packaging illustration. Inspired by the freshness of tasty vegetables and fruits, and the royal game of chess, the UI design is focusing on bringing upfront the quality of the products inside the jar. In this busy market of jams and salads, the bold web design is standing out while celebrating the brand products through sight and curiosity in a playful and colorful composition.

Jam Branding
Jam Branding
Jam Branding
Jam Branding
Jam Branding
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