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Specialists in food & drinks, our brand design agency delivers meaningful and inspiring designs for people. The world is in constant motion. So are we. Therefore, we adapt our brand identity design services to each client and their specific target audience. Because life is an adventure, our brand design agency likes to create much more than just good design & unique brand strategy. In addition, our brand design agency concentrates on delivering meaningful retail experiences that make people smile.

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1. Repainting the ancient olive tree with black & white stripes

  • We are honoring the Greek lands, with a bottle design inspired by Doric columns & monochromatic graphics in olive oil branding.

Inspired by tradition and driven by biodynamics, this olive oil branding harmonizes with the rugged landscape of Greece while expressing the purity of taste. As a result, every single design element of the branding & packaging design was intentionally imagined to reflect the purity of this family-owned brand products.

Guided by eco-friendly oil production, the brand design package becomes an ambasador of the land. Furthermore, the customer learns more about this sustainable food brand in a line-style illustration & poem inspired by the ancient olive tree.

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Our brand design agency is inspired by taste

Driven by creative brand strategies & the desire to innovate, our brand design studio builds visual identities with a strong character.

We let taste, smell & colorful flavors guide us. Above all, we believe in the power of good brands. When we create the brand strategy & envision the brand packaging we concentrate on capturing the essentials of their core. To clarify, our brand design agency delivers more than beautiful brand identities or exciting logo design.

Explore our brand design agency: visual strategy, branding services, and unique perspective on food & drinks, skincare & wellness brands.

As your brand consultants, we envision a holistic approach. To sum up, we build all the necessary branding elements around your audience. Our brand design company blends perfectly, graphic design with 3D design. In conclusion, we convey the clear message of your brand through creative branding. Furthermore, we assist our clients during the launch & production phase.

Brand Design Agency

Our brand design agency is inspired by life

We use creative branding to tell your brand story to the desired target audience while generating emotions.

We work with dedicated owners like yourself right from the start. Firstly, we concentrate on brand strategy, naming, and defining the brand identity. Secondly, we develop the brand design logo, color palette, typography, visual language, signage, packaging illustrations, packaging design, infographics, digital and printed materials. Thirdly, our creative agency follows the launch & market impact.

Our graphic & packaging design agency creates brands for people.

We value human interaction, how the brand message is perceived by customers. Therefore, we choose, adapt, shape, and deliver creatively your brand message in a distinctive visual brand identity system. We build brands for modern times while incorporating the knowledge of the past in our brand designs.

Brand Design Agency

2. Celebrating the worlds best pollinators with a hive inspired packaging design

  • The hand-crafted design appeals to medium & higher-end audience.

The brand design strategy was based on remaining very close to the source of honey producers, the bees. Furthermore, the honey design encapsulates the fascinating world of bees while emphasizing the natural character of the product. For this reason, we choose natural & sustainable materials when designing the packaging, like wood & glass.

To sum up, the brand name, the brand illustrations, and the packaging design use handcrafted elements to convey the importance of preserving the natural environment.

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About branding agency

Our deep understanding and expertise in food & consumer packaged goods, beverage, hospitality, beauty, and wellness brands guide us in finding the best brand design solutions.

Our branding agency always stays on the cutting edge of design graphics, so that our clients maintain their competitive advantage both in online & offline food and beverage markets.

Design studio's expertise

FOOD BRANDS. Brand Strategy & Brand Identity 7 years
DRINKS BRANDS. Bottle Packaging & Logo Design 6 years
HEALTH BRANDS. Brand Naming & Brand Packaging 5 years
BEAUTY BRANDS. Bottle Design & Brand Identity 4 years
Brand Design Agency

3. Granola Packaging designed to awake taste

Because it has to enter a cluttered market, the cereal design has to attract customers & increase sales with its modern packaging. In addition, it has to tell the brand story and stand out from competitors. For this reason, we explore brand design ideas that step outside the ordinary. To conclude, our brand design studio chooses neutral colors & geometric shapes to redraw the Rooster, this well-known bird that used to announce mornings.

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4. Black Sheep embraces modern butchery design

The brand design communicates the values & philosophy behind the product: simplicity, playfulness, and unique flavors in high-quality cuts. To help the butchery stand out from the crowd we decided to follow two trends aligned with its brand values. To sum up, the two design trends we choose to follow are simplicity & a desire to eat well in a sustainable way. For example, we evoke these trends in the brand logo design, brand illustrations & menu design.

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Brand Design Agency

5. Bringing gourmet magic for a confectionery brand

Designing the brand around its customers was our creative agency intent. To summarize, a confectionary brand makes people happy. Furthermore, the cookies brand visuals want to also celebrate the location where the sweets are created & baked, in Eagle Nest. Above all, the bakery creates confections that simply make you want to fly. For example, in order to capture the brand message, we choose the whisk & give it special powers. We make it fly.

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