Meat Packaging embraces black sheep design. Scout for new butchery logo ideas.

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Meat Packaging

Butchery Branding

  • Name: The black sheep
  • Industry: Food
  • Location: Worldwide

The meat packaging we've designed for this artisanal butchery doesn't use excessive decorations, instead, it focuses on the butchery's high-quality cuts. The box design uses modern illustrations of the black sheep.

Firstly, our branding & packaging design agency chooses to celebrate the world of meat by adding a note of modernism to this butcher brand. Secondly, steak packaging has an impact on consumer behavior. So, to boost sales, we’ve created the entire butchery brand design in a unique style.

Meat Packaging
Meat Packaging
Meat Packaging
Meat Packaging


The playful approach of the meat packaging design attracts a younger audience interested in quality cuts with sustainable origin.

We developed a meat branding that aligns with the values and beliefs that we want people to have when buying the butchery's products. In short, this brand message is the focal point of the entire composition. Happy animals that live in natural, healthy environments will always produce the best meat.

Therefore, the design for packaging communicates the values & philosophy behind the product: simplicity, playfulness, unique flavors in high-quality cuts. The color palette of the meat label combines elegant tones with a vibrant touch of pink.

The branding wants to disrupt the existing market with a friendly approach drawn in the butchery logo, meat box design & restaurant menu design.

Meat Packaging

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Project Information:

Services provided: Meat Packaging | Butchery Branding | Brand Identity Design | Packaging Design

Project type: Consumer brand

Results: Helped the brand establish its presence on the meat market.

Materials for packaging: Use a recyclable box to stand out from competition.

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Meat Packaging Labels

Product quality, labeling and creative meat packaging are a strategy for attracting consumer confidence. The array of choices in the stores elevates the importance of package appearance when deciding on which product to buy.

Meat Box Design

The main function of a steak packaging design is to protect the product from damage. However, investing in a modern meat box design gives a competitive advantage to the brand.

Meat Branding Ideas

The primary role of meat packaging design - and any marketing - is to sell products. As a result, our branding strategy focused on showcasing the delicious product.

Meat Label Design

For the meat label our design team created a custom illustration. In other words, we tried to make this meat business unique, a sheep in bright colors and a funny brand name.

Butchery Branding

The market for meat packaging is expected to experience significant growth. Above all, artisanal butchery is now trending because it offers locally raised meat and unusual cuts.

Butchery Logo Design

For the butchery logo design, we’ve put together unique ideas from our professional design team and the clients picked their favorite. In conclusion, the entire focus is on the butcher's craft.

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