Granola Packaging designed to awake taste. Discover granola packaging ideas.

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Granola Packaging

Cereal Branding

  • Name: Granola by Rooster
  • Industry: Cupboard Food
  • Location: Worldwide

By marrying the granola packaging with a modern design inspired by the rooster, we build a brand identity that invites customers to rediscover breakfast. The new brand of granola wants to bring change on the cereal market. The granola packaging has to present the message of the brand. In addition, it has to connect with customers and drive sales. The client needs a cereal packaging that offers flexibility. In conclusion, the packaging design will contain new combinations of granola. Above all, all designs have to follow a clear direction and this granola packaging designed to awake taste is no different.

We created a cereal branding that is playful. The design visually describes a more abstract rooster. The roaster is used like a morning symbol. The sound of the roaster announces that the day has begun. Morning is here. The cereal market offers a lot option when it comes to cereal packages designs. Most of them display a lot of information on the packaging. Therefore this cereal packaging wants to disrupt the retail market. The granola packaging uses an elegant and feminine style.

Granola Packaging
Granola Packaging
Granola Packaging
Granola Packaging


Entering a cluttered market, the cereal design attracts customers & increases sales with its modern packaging.

The cereal packaging design takes the customer on a journey to discover granola. Therefore, the design has to bring a significant update on the current market. Unique granola packaging bags captivate the audience.

01. Creativity.
Brand Storytelling.

The target audience of this cereal branding is looking for a healthier and delicious breakfast. That is why, it is important to understand the preferences of the buyers and translate them into the design.

02. Structure.
Product Branding.

The cereal design combines farm inspired elements like the rooster with geometric elements. The brand is easy to recognize in stores and on-line because it has a unique style given by the best granola packaging.

Design Packaging.

The packaging design for Granola is playful. The design breaks the usual patterns of cereal packaging. For this reason, the biodegradable granola packaging stands out and easily connects with its target audience.

Cereal Box Design

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Taking inspiration from the rooster, the granola packaging design is dedicated to a feminine audience.

Creating an easy to expand cereal branding & UI design for a visionary startup.

We enjoyed the similarity between the words Rooster and Roasted. Therefore we decided to create the name for this cereal branding using the word Rooster. A product that celebrates morning should be represented by a bird that announces the sunrise. It all starts with a good breakfast. After that, granola is a product mostly dedicated to a feminine audience. For this reason, the branding identity uses pastel colors. However, the cereal packaging we created, keeps a more neutral visual style. The colors used for this granola packaging add balanced to the graphical composition.

For the creation of the modern rooster, we decided to use geometric shapes. Also, a geometric pattern was created for both the right & left sides of the granola packaging. Many granola packaging ideas were explored. The idea of the cereal branding was to stimulate the customer's mind while bringing a little bit of joy and creativity in daily life. We used a playful geometric game in order to create different modern illustrations for packaging and branding.

The idea of the cereal branding was to stimulate the customer's mind while bringing a little bit of joy and creativity in daily life. We used a playful geometric game in order to create different modern illustrations for packaging and branding. The website design for this granola branding is developed in perfect harmony with the already established design system.

We mix creative strategy with unique graphic design & 3D design experience.

Project Information:

Services provided: Cereal Branding | Product Naming | Logo design | Granola Packaging Design | UI Design

Project type: Consumer brand

Results: Helped the brand establish its presence on cereal market.

Materials for packaging: Paperboard.

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Breakfast Cereal Packaging

What is the role of breakfast cereal packaging? In short, it increases the visibility of the products and makes them highly noticeable. Discover granola packaging ideas.

Cereal Logo Design

The cereal logo design for this granola brand is clean and inviting. In addition, the font option brings a more feminine note to the cereal branding.

Granola Bag Packaging

For granola, both a box packaging and a bag packaging might be appropriate. So, it is crucial to establish what is appropriate for the brand before package design phase starts.

Granola Box

Our professional team gathered multiple cereal box design ideas before deciding to this geometrical pattern. Above all, it was important to present a modern granola packaging for young customers.

Cereal Box Design

The cereal packaging design has a small “window” to give a sneak peek to the premium product inside. Moreover, each granola bag has a different color. This helps customers differentiate the types.

Cereal Packaging Trends

Two important cereal packaging trends are: flexible packaging and sustainable materials. Therefore, we used a cardboard that is compostable. An eco-friendly packaging solution that still keeps costs low.

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