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World of color

A world of colors, a lavender field, fresh-cut green grass, pink strawberry ice cream or just simply, a red tasty apple.

Yes, it's all about color. And when it comes to color The Pantone Color Institute offers us a world of great choices that are fit for any occasion, job or hobby.

Pantone - World of color

Pantone Matching System (PMS) company, was founded by Lawrence Herbert and began its story in the city of New York in 1950 as a commercial printing company. In 1963 Lawrence Herbert created an innovative color system that would reinvent the way printing was done. The foundation of its system was that every individual sees & interprets the color spectrum differently so to have the same color the PMS was born. Now by using this standard color system(PMS), people from different locations can all use the Pantone system to make sure colors match perfectly without contacting one another.

Clients, design agencies, branding studios & many more all use this system to ensure their continuity of work when it comes to the perfect color no matter where is printed and on what. The color system offers immense liberty of printing on different materials and obtain the envisioned result. What you see on your laptop can now be printed on polyester and no compromise have to be made there. For example, the colors of a logo or a label will look the same no matter what ways of promoting used. We always advise our clients to choose from the beginning a color system that matches their business needs.

More than just a color institute, Pantone opened a vast world of possibilities for color printing and people's imagination. As a packaging design studio, we can rely on this system to offer our clients persistence when it comes to color printing and that's simply fantastic. More then just a color system, Pantone has entered in our daily lives, offering trends, color ideas and even PANTONE Color of the Year to capture the intensity and direction of each period. We can all measure time now simply by using colors.

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.
Oscar Wilde
Pantone’s top colors for spring-summer 2019-2020 Pantone - World of color

Flame Scarlet 18-1662 inspires confidence and determination.
Saffron 14-1064 simply describes spring and the most precious condiment in the world, saffron.
Classic Blue 19-4052 takes our imagination closer to the summer sky.
Biscay Green 15-5718 is definitely a color that talks about spring with refreshing, new beginnings.

Does Color Meanings Affect a Brand? What is color psychology? Pantone - World of color

Color psychology is the study of colors and its strong relation with human behavior. Colors have the power to affect our day to day decisions even when we buy different products.
Do the colors of a package make us choose the product? The answer is yes, simply because colors visually describes emotions and evokes feelings.
Don’t forget that for retailers, shopping represents the art of persuasion.

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