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What is branding graphic design?
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What should be enhanced to your brand image?
Branding vs Graphic design. Branding vs Logo Design.

What is branding graphic design? In a simple description, let's say it is more like a visual boost for a company or a product. Branding graphic design might sound like a new idea to you. We know that all businesses want to make the most out of their budget. So, it is normal to try to understand better what all these branding notions mean. Afterward, it would be easy to decide which branding services are needed and which can be erased from your list.

Today the digital branding services become more and more important because lots of businesses have turned to the online world for customers. A website and branding design can help your brand have an online presence that generates interest. Branding graphic design refers to promoting a company or product through visuals, from logo design to packaging design. The overall goal is to make the company or product recognizable, memorable, and attract loyal customers for the brand.

Branding Graphic Design
What are the branding graphic design elements?
Visual languge, tone, color, logo, typography, packaging.

All these key pieces create personality. They all represent a brand. In short, all these develop memorable compositions. For these unique design clusters, graphic design structures are used: line, shape, color, texture, type, space, image, illustration. Branding is what a brand feels like. Visual identity is how a brand looks like. Our visual identity designers recommend you to be authentic, to reveal your brand story. Consequently, this transparency creates a bond with customers.

Therefore, if you want to enhance your brand identity then maybe a custom logo design or special typography can help. If you succeed to transmit real emotions, these will be sensed by the customers. The brand & identity design should be in perfect sync. If you would like to elevate your product then maybe food packaging or drinks packaging would be more appropriate. In addition, it is crucial to respect the target audience when creating a packaging design for products.

Get energized by real examples.
Good branding graphic design is constantly moving.

We know that a bit of branding graphic design inspiration is always good. Moreover, a few good examples can stir you in the right direction for your business. So, explore our branding graphic design portfolio and find ideas suitable also for your brand. In addition, if you need professional assistance, our branding graphic design company is just a click away. We are committed to delivering a quality design that gives a marketing advantage to each brand we collaborate with no matter their size.

So, how are brands of the future? Because the world is experiencing constant change, so does good branding design. The fast moving consumer goods brands of tomorrow should have the power to adapt. Even if you collaborate with a big branding agency, a branding designer, or a graphic design artist, they all must follow the same path. It is all about having an agile & flexible approach when creating brand experiences. Branding graphic design can help your business to address new challenges through meaningful brand visuals.

About your consumer goods brand
Be part of branding moving history. Bring positive change to the retail world & to customers' lives.

Any successful business uses the amazing power of good branding. Branding graphic design has more than just the power to represent your brand in a visual language. In addition, it becomes a silent salesman and continues to carry & spread your brand message long after the sale had ended. While the future of branding will continue to change driven by technology & innovation, the principles of branding will remain the same. No matter what is the industry of your company, branding graphic design will help your business grow and establish its name on the market.

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Branding Graphic Design
The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.
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Branding vs Graphic design vs Logo Design

This art & marketing form evolved over the years to become an essential part of any successful business. Branding began in the 1500s, but its major transformation takes place in the 19th and 20th centuries. The industrial revolution fueled branding, logo design & graphics, in becoming more and more significant. Therefore, in all this time, brands experiment and test many paths to capture the customer's attention. “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.”– Walter Landor. In addition, branding began to show its real value when people like the founder of Walter Landor & Associates, showed that design, when related to consumer insights, becomes a powerful marketing tool. To sum up, he left his mark in the history and development of brands and visual identity from Levi’s (1968), Marlboro (1977), Dole (1984), Coca-Cola (1985), but also design for the corporate identities including Alitalia, British Airways & more.

Branding is about defining a selling proposition

Therefore, it goes beyond visual identity. The name branding is key because you choose the name of your business only once, no? Moreover, this should be relevant and catchy. When do you need branding? When you start your business and want to have a clear story, to establish on the market who you are. Think of the look and feel of McDonald’s & “It’s a good time for the great taste of McDonald’s” (1984) or Apple’s “Think Different” campaign that had the power to transform the company through a slogan. This is how the brand evolution reshaped the retail industry. Around the 1990s, stores realized that they had become more than just shelves for different types of products. The power of branding was transforming the retail world.

Branding Graphic Design
“What’s a marketers’ favorite drink? Brand-y.”
Branding graphic design is about conveying a message troughs beautiful imagery, color, form, fonts.

When you need graphic design? When you want to create an advertising plan for your business and establish an image for the customers. Let's visualize the commercials & visuals for Coca Cola.
The iconic brand of Coca-Cola has its birth at the beginning of the century. It was introduced in 1886 and became one of the leading brands worldwide. Because it had an inventive spirit and was ahead of its times, it instantly become a market leader. Together with other trendsetters brands like Ford Motor Company, who offered Americans gasoline-powered vehicles before any other brand, or Chanel brand, that offered suits for women at a time when suits were considered menswear, they shape the face of branding graphics as we know it today.

Logo design is the symbol of the brand, it can be a text, image, graphical element.

It is the first impression, and it should be unique. When you need custom logo design? After you have a clear brand vision, to create a memorable sign for your brand. This sets you apart from your competitors. Think of the look and feel of Tesla. Initially, when they started, the Tesla logo was made to fit inside a shield. Later on, the company moved to a more simple approach, and decide to only keep the letter "T" as their logo. To conclude, the branding graphics of Tesla were modified in time to better express their innovative direction.

Discover the power of colors in Branding Graphic Design

Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%. Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values. For example, let's look at how Starbucks uses colors & emotional branding to convey its message. The green color represents the positive way the brand treats its customers. Therefore, with their signature colors and unmistakable logo, brand message & services, Starbucks attracts devoted customers even today.

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