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What is an Infographic?

Ten years ago this new phenomenon appears on the graphic design stage & people are using it nowadays in all possible environments – in the classroom, at the workplace, in presentation, on the web & more.
What is an Infographic?

But what is an infographic?
In order to not become too confusing, let’s simply say that an infographic is a style of visual communication that contains imagery, charts and minimal text for a quick understanding overview of a certain topic.

When infographics are unique and very creative they become very easy to notice and have the power to convey a clear message to the audience.

When you have complex information that you want to present to your customer or maybe show them the difference between your company products or summarize a report, infographics may be exactly what you need.

Infographics can help you build brand awareness, they can describe your business and your products better and much faster than words.

Nowadays you can find pre-made infographics templates to buy, however, if you are looking to stand out and easily grab the attention of your potential customers, it is recommended to have them created by a design company especially for you.

The best infographic will have the power to tell your story with innovative graphic style, create emotions and convey a customized message that will help your brand differentiate itself from competitors.

One picture is worth ten thousand words.
Chinese proverb
A short infographics history What is an Infographic?

Considered to be a new graphical creation, the first infographic has actually been published for the first time in 1626 by Christoph Scheiner in "Rosa Ursina sive Sol", a book that described his research regarding the rotation of the sun. Here, the infographics are used in order to better describe the Sun’s rotation patterns.

Use it for your dessert business What is an Infographic?

Need to better explain your amazing dessert recipes to your customers - how & why your cakes are so tasty and divine. Well, with some creative infographics that were created especially for your brand you can not only convey your message fast, but you can also add a more upbeat, fun, contemporary style to it.

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