Tea Packaging meets eco brand redesign

Brand Redesign  +   Visual Identity  +   Packaging Design +  Stationery Design
Brand redesign & tea packaging minimize the negative impact on the natural environment and infuse serenity to customers.
THE RESULTS | what we accomplished

Inspired by Chinese tea gardens & better ways to protect the natural environment, we envision for TeaVivre a brand redesign & tea packaging. Therefore, we create a tea brand packaging that uses biodegradable materials. Firstly, we want to convey the company's position on minimizing plastic pollution. Secondly, the tea branding we've developed appeals to a specific audience. They value and share the eco direction & positioning of this premium, sustainable tea brand.

"Consumer awareness to packaging waste in oceans and landfills is driving change." - McKinsey
Tea Packaging
Tea Packaging
TeaVivre commits to being a sustainable brand while bringing premium tea from exquisite Chinese gardens to the world.

THE BRAND | meet the client & discover the audience

The tea company wants to share this serene experience with its customers. To summarize, the brand puts a lot of pride in collecting the best tea from the Chinese mountains. They explore the Chinese lands in their quest of finding the best teas. Furthermore, they want to bring this exquisite tea to the rest of the world. As a result, they approach our packaging & branding studio to update their tea brand design & develop a tea package. The existing brand audience & the new customers are both tea lovers and support the brand's commitment to sustainability.

The Challenge | what we come against with

Show the value of the finest Chinese loose tea & embrace eco-friendly direction in tea branding & creative package.

Tea Packaging
Tea Packaging
Tea Packaging
Tea Packaging
Tea Packaging
Distinctive approach
What we've strategically envisioned
for this brand identity & tea design
Tea Packaging
Deep blue to convey tranquility, loyalty, trust
Using the power of colors to revive tea branding & help the brand claim its premium status

We use a deep blue color to convey the tea brand message of tranquility. Furthermore, we choose this color for the brand visuals & tea package design to illustrate commitment to quality. Blue symbolizes the immense, beautiful sky that covers these lands. In addition, we explore the contrast between two complementary colors. We use the red color in the tea logo design. The dark blue appears on tea branding & packaging.

Tea Packaging
Minimalist line style drawings of Chinese tea gardens
Inspired by undulating mountains, the tea packaging design invites customers on a captivating journey

As brand consultants, we use strategic thinking to develop a bespoke brand image. We explore different tea packaging ideas and choose the best one. To clarify, in this tea branding, we want to express the purity of the product & the transparency of the ingredients. Our design studio reveals these aspects in the brand visuals & tea package design. Furthermore, the creative tea packaging captures the essence of these unique tea plantations, the floating mountains & the beautiful birds that share these blue skies.

Substrate: As a packaging innovation for the tea sector, TeaVivre uses PET + BDP + Kraft Paper
Sector: Food & Beverage | Tea | Consumer packed goods

Keywords: tea branding | tea box design | loose tea packaging | Sustainable package design
We cooperated with CreativeByDefinition to make the design of our tea package. We are quite satisfied with the final brilliantly design which exactly reflect quintessence of our product.
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Creating tea package & branding that imbues tranquility.
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