exhibition design farmaceutical company stand

Exhibition design for pharmaceutical company

The exhibition design takes the concept of a relaxing, close to nature experience and dedicates the entire space to the visitor.
Stressful lives are put under a microscope only with the purpose of expressing the high value of a peacefully and healthy life - physically and mentally.
retail design beer store

Beer store design

The space is dedicated to a new retail design concept – the beer pub inside the store. The main focus is the experience that people can have while doing something very simple: buying beer.
The action in itself was elevated to something special, fun, cool. Not just buying - but enjoying the time, the taste & attitude of the beer.
exhibition design farmaceutical company stand

Exhibition design for pharmaceutical company

The concept of the whole exhibition design was to describe the importance of the "heart" in human life.
A healthy heart, a good blood circulation – this is the message that was interpreted & transmitted into the exhibition design.
retail design library

Library design

The main idea of this retail design concept was the communication between the exterior space - the street, the historical centre and the interior of the new library.
The retail space follows the form of the new passage that is fluid, organic and transparent.
retail design pet store

Petshop design

Retail Design Concept: Not a supermarket!
A place to walk, run, enjoy, buy, have fun with your pet, a photo galery to make you smile.
Retail Design Mission: To help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.
Retail Design Target audience: People who believe companion animals should be loved and cared for during their lifetime.
architecture library

Library, historical area of Bucharest, Florence Competition 2010

A modern architecture insertion into an old neighbourhood.
The new building is being born on the right and left side of the old one and creates a contemporary bridge between the past and the present. A passage has been added, that is piercing the heart of the centre and creates an easy bond between two important old streets.
architecture green house

House of the future, 3d-New York Competition 2011

The whole project for the house of the future is sending a simple but powerful message - the best way to build is using nature for primary inspiration.
Finally the leaf house is all about transparent surfaces, connections, reflecting its landscape, understanding it, protecting the surroundings without restricted areas – continuous and balanced living spaces.
architecture hotel

Turkish boutique hotel, Viridis Competition 2012

The levels one and two have 20 rooms each and are united by a curved bridge that lies in heart of the construction. It offers the visitors a continuous new change of images and perspectives-while light or shadow creates a new visual experience.
The main concept for the boutique hotel and for the marina was to create a space where the indoor and outdoor connect naturally, a garden dedicated to the sun, to the wind and to the sea.
architecture kindergarten

Kindergarten, FYDA Competition Reinterpret organic 2012

Green architecture made fun for children
The transparent tubes, mostly in the upper part-ceiling and the superior part of the wall, have double meaning - letting light get in all the classrooms and transforming a part of the white light in colored light. Also the tubes are carrying water – when is raining to the interior garden.