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Beer Label Design for URBB

CreativeByDefinition, packaging design agency, creates the new product branding for Romanian Beer Bucur by URBB, the producers of Tuborg & Carlsberg.
Beer Label Design

We are extremely proud to announce that we have created the beer design & visual identity for this new premium Romanian beer brand, BUCUR, that was launched this month on one of the most famous boulevard from the city, Calea Victoriei.

The product branding brings for the first time in the attention of the public many unknown stories and gossips from the old city of Bucharest, offering to the new generation the amazing opportunity to discover the city they call home.

The visual identity of this beer design presents this amazing history in a unique graphical language that blends the Romanian authenticity with the flavor of the Belle Époque period. Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world so it should be appreciated accordingly. It is very clear that it is a drink that stood the test of time so the beer branding needs to have a timeless approach as well. The beer label design is visually celebrating playful personalities & Bucharest's amazing places from the Belle Époque period in this timeless design.

Bucur – bere de bulevard este mai mult decât o legendă, este esența trăirii urbane, dinamice și cosmopolite în România. Mai mult, Bucur îmbină armonios ideea de renaștere cu bucuria și frumosul, atât de specifice poporului român.
Paul Markovits, Vice Președinte Marketing, URBB - Source Forbes Romania
One of the world's oldest drinks Beer Label Design

There is evidence that beer was produced around 8500BC to 5500BC in Pre-Pottery Neolithic Period. In countries like ancient Iraq and Egypt this drink was record to be consumed, served like nutrition and refreshments for the workers of the pyramids constructions.

Stories of the old town of Bucharest Beer Label Design

The beer brand wants to take the customer in a journey of rediscovering the true essence of the old city of Bucharest, it’s fascinating stories & personalities. An unknown period is yet to be discover in each drink of this premium Romanian beer.

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