Wine Branding reveals enchanted forest

Brand Positioning | Brand Identity - Colors, Typography, Packaging Illustration, Packaging Design, 3D Visualization

See how wine branding & label design lifts a winery using modern packaging illustration while inviting the customers to visit this magical land.The winery had an idea. They wanted to bring new options on the wine market. The new brand is created for a younger generation. Our creative design studio looked for fresh ideas for the wine label design. In order to make people's dinner more delicious, the wine branding and packaging has to speak to the customer. It was all about understanding what the buyers are looking. We created a wine branding strategy around the millennial buyers.

Name Mushroom Red Wine
Industry Wine
Location Worldwide
Type Wine Packaging Design
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Engaging a younger audience of wine lovers with the help of modern wine label design.

We created wine branding that is minimalist. We use the latest trends and the art of 3D forms like inspiration. As a result, all the elements that we designed for a younger audience that keeps up with the all that is new.


Brand Storytelling.

We wanted to celebrate taste. For the wine branding design we drawn unique illustration to capture the magic of the wine. This boutique winery wants to tell its story and invite customers to discover the wine they produce.


Product Branding.

The packaging design created for this boutique winery brand targets a new audience. This audience prefers a modern and clean style. In order to add a note of mystery and sparkle curiosity about the wine brand, the name of the brand was not presented on the front label.


Design Packaging.

The wine packaging illustrates a mushroom house. What is it standing for? The mushroom is an invitation to the magical world of wine. We use like inspiration modern adaptations of fantasy books.

Wine Branding
We mix 3D experience with unique graphic design.
Project information:

The missing logo helps the wine branding strategy to sparkle curiosity while making the product easily recognizable & encouraging repeat purchases.

The objective of this wine branding was to bring a little more excitement to our daily lives. Our wine packaging ideas wanted to capture a little magic. We decided on a playful style for the 3D illustration of a mushroom house. The entire wine branding is based on storytelling and imagination. Deep in the magical forest, the transformation of the ordinary mushroom begins. The white color of the wine label design complements the dark wine bottle. The packaging illustration presents this place of mystery. In order to convey the brand mission we made hand-sketches, clay models and 3D models. As a result, we created the 3D mushroom illustration.

Wine Branding
"Wine labels are becoming a dominating factor for consumers when deciding which wine to buy in stores".(Dimensional Insights)
Results & Statistics

The most visible wine bottles are noticed by up to 77% more consumers than the less visible bottles. (Nielsen Studies)

Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
The best wine branding should reveal the true essence of your wine to the right target audience.