Water Branding immerses into simplicity

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Just the facts: this water branding & packaging design explores a minimalist path to communicate to customers its return to basics. The water branding concentrates on developing a visual language based on clarity. Simply, water. In addition, for the water bottle graphic design our branding company developed a custom bottle packaging with organic shapes. Our team sketched multiple water branding ideas and this startup brand selected one that would appeal to a large demographic. Moreover, for this beverage packaging we’ve also created a funny, short water logo design.

Name Wet
Industry Beverage
Location Worldwide
Type Water Packaging
Water Branding
Water Branding
Water Branding
Water Branding

Water Packaging

Being a premium water packaging, attention to details was key. We crafted the beverage logo design to create a strong graphic contrast with the free shape water circles, modeled around this custom 3D water bottle design. In short, the beverage branding wants to disrupt the classical drinks packaging direction. The drinks packaging design amplifies the transparency of the product itself. Our packaging design agency work with the client to create the entire product branding. We focused on soft drink packaging, typography, colors, brand identity design.

Water Branding
We mix 3D experience with unique graphic design.
Project information:

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Water Branding
Water Branding
  • Water Packaging Design
  • The water bottle branding and water packaging design are combined for this product to produce a stunning effect on the shelves. Why we usually buy a certain bottled water? The answer is: because of the drinks branding. Because it is made to entice and delight customers. The water market is a competitive one and a custom bottle design can make a difference. The water label design should look refreshing as the drink itself.
  • Water Bottle Design
  • Water is a very pure substance, and it is critical for our survival. Therefore, the labeling of water bottle packaging is also important for indicating the usefulness and non-toxic contents of the product. Also, the trend for beverage packaging design is more and more related to eco-friendly water packaging. New sustainable materials are manufactured every day. So, we should use them in our product packaging design and take care of the environment.
Do everything at the right time, and one day will seem like three.