Vegetable Packaging measures perfection

Brand Positioning | Brand Identity - Illustrative Packaging, Colors, Typography, Packaging Design, 3D Visualization

This vegetable packaging uses a colorful approach to measure nature's fresh delights. Let's discover tasty veggies with ideal sizes. The Czech brand, Ati, wanted to revive its brand image and vegetable packaging for its prime products like olives, fruits & vegetables. The redesign of the food branding needed to attract new customers while retaining its loyal audience.

Name ATI. Vegetables & Olives
Industry Food
Location Czech Republic
Type Vegetable Branding
Vegetable Packaging
Vegetable Packaging
Vegetable Packaging
Vegetable Packaging
Bringing nature's products into the spotlight

The vegetable packaging & brand identity wants to simplify its entire structure and communicate a contemporary feeling while focusing mainly on the products inside the package.


Brand Storytelling.

The idea behind redesigning this low-budget brand was to promote healthy, quality products that everybody can enjoy. In order to get results for this food brand, we've let the products speak for themselves.


Product Branding.

The food branding was created for both vegetables & greek olives, so a common path was drawn. The brand expression is simple, colorful, and reflects the brand's mission in bringing delicious products on the shelf.


Design Packaging.

The brand wanted to distance itself from competitors and choose a unique approach. To further highlight the freshness of the products, this vegetable packaging uses custom illustrations instead of stock images & photos.

Vegetable Packaging
We mix 3D experience with unique graphic design.
Project information:

Creative Package

We wanted to translate the importance of eating vegetables and natural products. The vegetable branding visually presents this message. Our inspiration follows this path while revealing nature's best products. For the vegetable packaging, we used dimensions lines to measure their perfect silhouettes. These details look closely to architectural details. Both types of products use organic, fluent lines to describe the selected items.

Vegetable Packaging
Vegetable Packaging
Vegetable Packaging
Vegetable Packaging
Vegetable Packaging
Vegetable Packaging
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