Dairy Packaging & Branding return to craft. Observe a few cork design ideas.

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Dairy Packaging

Dairy Brand Design

  • Name: Swiss 15
  • Industry: Dairy
  • Location: Worldwide

Explore how we brought monochromatic style & craftsmanship in dairy packaging & branding while celebrating timeless products, cheese, yogurt & milk. The dairy sector is seeing plenty of new product development, so dairy branding becomes a crucial element of establishing and maintaining a good brand. For example, this medium-sized dairy farm asked our food branding agency, from the early beginning, to develop sustainable packaging for their new dairy line.

We tried to come up with monochromatic dairy branding ideas because when putting together a dairy package design, it's important to prioritize all the content so the label is easy to read. In this case, we have drawn a hand-made illustration for the dairy packaging line. In addition, we have chosen a special packaging material – cork. Our branding & food packaging agency didn't look to only deliver beautiful results but also build a dairy brand that stays easily in the mind of the shoppers and offers an eco-friendly package.

Dairy Packaging
Dairy Packaging
Dairy Packaging
Dairy Packaging


Sustainable & innovative, the dairy packaging is designed using mainly cork and glass with exclusive attention to crafted details.

The branding & dairy packaging for this dairy business wants to reinvent the classical image of the dairy packaging design while elevating the symbol of the milk’s creator to an iconic one. Due to the nature of dairy products, the protection of the products through the packaging is crucial. Plastic currently plays a critical role in dairy packaging, contrary, to this trend, the client wanted an eco-friendly approach, as a consequence, we incorporated cork design in our project.

The whole purpose of this milk packaging was to attract loyal customers to the brand. Nowadays, consumers don't establish a connection with traditional milk boxes, hence, the team proposed a few original milk branding ideas so the client can select the one that feels closer to his vision.

Awards: International Design Awards (IDA) 2018 - Packaging Design - Silver
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Dairy Packaging

Dairy Packaging & Branding to help your product get noticed.

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Project Information:

Services provided: Packaging Design 3D | Naming | Dairy Branding

Project type: Consumer brand

Results: Helped the brand stand out because of the intricate packaging illustration.

Eco-friendly packaging: Use materials like cork to promote sustainability.

Milk Branding & Packaging

The number of people that perceive the brand's personality and connect with it is a very important step when it comes to the brand strategy. Therefore, for the milk branding, it was opted for a bespoke, black and white, contemporary handcrafted illustration of a cow mixt together with handwritten custom typography in order to celebrate the finest milk. Namely, working with hands, pencils, and other instruments on textured paper, combining old with new, crafted details with computer-generated elements brings authenticity and value to this dairy packaging design.

Yogurt Branding & Packaging

We analyzed the yogurt market and the trends in yogurt branding. We studied many types of products while focusing on the target audience. In order to design a yogurt packaging & visual identity that will stand out on the shelf, we had to come up with a sustainable, new design approach. Finally, we and the client decided to go with a black jar that is both a modern and traditional yogurt packaging design. Dairy packaging & branding return to craft. References to yogurt date back to 6000 BCE, as these were found in Indian Ayurvedic medicinal ancient texts.

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Cheese Branding & Packaging

The creative naming of this new dairy products line, Swiss 15, was an important step of the cheese branding. Therefore, the swiss cheese aspect influence the cheese packaging colors, so we imagined authentic cheese branding and packaging. Our branding studio looked for something that will highlight the perfect texture and quality ingredients. Along with client satisfaction, this cheese packaging design was also awarded Silver during IDA’s competition.

Dairy Design

Last but not least, the most important dairy packaging trends for the dairy industry are food safety, convenience, and healthy eating. Dairies can be used as they are but also in other products like salads or cookies. This dairy design offered the right protection to this premium, healthy product. Observe a few cork design ideas. Recent dairy trends would include: growth in animal-free choices - plant based products & sugar with moderation.

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