Supplement Branding tribute to curcumin. Notice the authentic wellness brand logo and name.

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Supplement Branding

Wellness Brand Design

  • Name: Owynna
  • Industry: Dietary & health supplements
  • Location: Canada

See how our supplement branding & package design revives nature's best ingredients. Our design studio encourages dietary supplements to break the pattern.The supplement branding for this start-up brand was focused on highlighting the health benefits of this product and the amazing natural ingredients used in the formula.

Furthermore, together with the client we defined a clear target audience for the dietary supplement packaging: both males and females, over 30, income average or above, with an active lifestyle. In this case, the contrast between the dark container and the bright orange makes the product memorable.

Supplement Branding
Supplement Branding
Supplement Branding
Supplement Branding


Attracting customers with supplement packaging that presents the essential benefits without over cluttering the label.

The main idea was to incorporate in this supplement package the nature’s best ingredients and the latest scientific discoveries in a design that generates awareness and transparency about high quality health products. In short, supplement players need to make their dietary supplement packaging design more appealing if they want to become more competitive and showing the main ingredient, curcumin, on the clean label design achieves just that.

The best supplement labels delight the customers in matter of seconds. However, they are just part of the entire brand identity that we have envisioned for this supplement branding. The supplement logo, the printing technique, the color of the jar, the typography, every little detail concurred to create one of the best supplement packaging design from Indigo Awards. To sum up, we are committed to delivering high quality supplement design because these products have the power to change lives.

Awards: Indigo Awards 2020 - Packaging Design - Bronze
Video: Supplement Packaging Design

Supplement Branding

Supplement Branding to help your product get noticed.

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Project Information:

Services provided: Supplement Branding | Packaging design | Logo design

Project type: Consumer brand

Results: Helped the brand establish its presence on wellness market.

Materials for packaging: Use a black bottle to stand out from competition.

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Supplement Packaging Design

Design experts name simplicity as one of the most important trends for supplement packaging design. As a result, we collaborated closely with the client to obtain a fresh, clean, easy to read label that has a big impact on the black jar. Of course, the main scope was to make this colorful health supplement packaging a main player both online and in-store, establish a base of loyal customers for this new premium product.

Supplement Logo Design

This supplement branding presents "nature meeting science" and generates a new tone of voice using a 3D realistic render of a white capsule that evokes the purity of the product ingredients and a curcumin root. For instance, the supplement logo design, symbolized by a modern leaf interpretation, is positioned in a round shape of curcumin color, in order to not clutter the composition creative package and be easy to recognize on the shelf. The brand identity should not be too narrow because the brand is also producing a special kind of tea made from chaga mushroom.

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