Spices Branding meets Persian red gold. Behold sophisticated condiments individual packages.

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Spices Branding

Branding For Condiments

  • Name: Sirus Saffron
  • Industry: Spices
  • Location: Switzerland

See how we've envisioned a minimalist spices branding for a high-end Swiss brand. The created package celebrates an old, famous condiment, saffron.

The spices branding sheds light on the most expensive condiment of all times. Moreover, from the Achaemenid period of the Persian Empire to the present times, branding for condiments is related to luxury. The new brand SIRUS SAFFRON wanted an elegant spices packaging anchored in history.

Spices Branding
Spices Branding
Spices Branding
Spices Branding


To compete against an embellished market, the saffron packaging design explores a white minimal approach that emphasizes the product.

The spices branding is reflecting the attributes of the product, its high quality, consistent color, flavor and intensity.

01. Creativity.
Brand Storytelling.

The story of the spices brand invites the customer on a culinary journey, experiencing the recipes from the Great Empire of Persia. In short, this ancient history of flavors engages the customers & sparkles curiosity.

02. Structure.
Product Branding.

The spices logo design illustrates a famous ancient symbol - "The Persian horses". In other words, the horses are describing a famous civilization of the ancient world while visually connecting with the target audience.

Design Packaging.

The box design for Sirus was especially created for the brand, not only to protect its contents, but to also emphasize a deep-understanding of the product & target a high end market.

Cereal Box Design

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Project Information:

Services provided: Spices Branding | Spices Packaging Design | Food Photography

Project type: Consumer brand

Results: Helped the brand establish its presence on condiments market. <

Materials for packaging: Cardboard | Glass.

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Addressing high-end shoppers & exclusive restaurants

Aligned with Sirus Saffron elegant and mysterious brand image, the graphics around the spices box design are expressing the minimal approach of the packaging. To sum up, this branding of condiments unveils the rich color of the saffron.

Accommodate different audiences with its multiple size options

A comprehensive spices branding was envisioned in order to attract customers & generate awareness for this new high-end brand. In short, the composition aims to ensure a visual and sensory experience, playing with transparent / opaque elements in this custom box design for Saffron.

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