Product / Brand Naming

Food & Beverage

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focused on high quality DESIGN.
Consultancy for printing & production.

Product / Brand Naming Cost*
Product / Brand Naming - €1500 / $1700 / A$2400

Way of working*
Online Collboration with clients. Woldwide.

Services included:
Name creation, linguistic screening, trademark screening.

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Way of working

Specialized in Food & Beverage

Reaserch & Creation of
7 Brand Names / Product Names

Trust our design team to create the DNA of your brand.
Our design experts are specialized in product naming and we can help your product stand out.
The project starts with a discovery phase and based on the results a strategy is established.
At the end of this stage we offer to the clients 7 product names from which they would need to choose 5 that they like the most.
Discover the power of words

Linguistic screening for
5 Brand Names / Product Names

Linguistic testing is a language quality assurance step.
The 5 previous chosen product names will be screened for semantic meaning, usage, connotation, spelling and pronunciation in a variety of foreign languages depending on where the project will be launched.
A comprehensive report will be provided to the client so a decision is facilitated. 3 Names are chosen for the next phase.
Essence of your brand

Trademark screening for
3 Brand Names / Product Names

A product obtains trademark rights by being the first in a given market to use that mark / product name.
Trademark screen is a critical step in creating a new product name because we want to assess a trademark’s viability in specific global markets before the client invests in the manufacture of a product.
A complete report about the 3 names proposed will help clients take the right decision about the final product name they want to use.

Product / Brand Naming Cost

€1500 / $1700 / A$2400
1 product / brand, 1 country, 1 language - research & creation of 7 names + linguistic screening for 5 names + trademark screening for 3 names

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