Lemonade Packaging squeezes summer fun

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We'll tell you how we brought humor & creative brand design in lemonade packaging that delights customers while standing out from the competition. The goal of this lemonade packaging was to provide a strong impact with minimal design intervention. The target audience is represented by young people, 15-25. The client had set the product launch for the summer. Firstly, the funny lemonade branding and packaging is a synthesis of form and function. Secondly, beverage packaging market is a fast changing one, so this clean, fresh soda design is here to last. The focus is on the main ingredient: the lemon. Therefore, for this product, our branding company designed a few beverage packaging ideas. In the end, the illustration with the lemon made the final cut.

Name Squeeze lemon
Industry Non-Alcoholic beverage
Location Worldwide
Type Lemonade Branding
Lemonade Packaging
Lemonade Packaging
Lemonade Packaging
Lemonade Packaging

Lemonade Branding

The lemonade label design breaks free from the classical labels. The lemonade logo design uses a more comical font that fits fun, summer activities. The drink brand name evokes the natural ingredients. The lemonade branding is playful, modern with a hint of classical style. In short, the drinks packaging brings together two very distinctive elements - a lemon and a corset. The story of lemonade packaging design quickly writes itself.

Lemonade Packaging
We mix 3D experience with unique graphic design.
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Awards & Related Packaging

Awards: Mobius Awards 2016 - Packaging Design - Spec Work Certificate
Unique Packaging: Energy Drink Packaging

Lemonade Packaging
Lemonade Packaging
Lemonade Packaging
Lemonade Packaging
Lemonade Packaging
Lemonade Design
Lemonade Packaging Design

Carbonated drinks need a stable soft drink packaging design to keep their integrity. However, even if functionality is important, the drinks branding has also the role to allure customers. We focused on making the product being noticed on the busy supermarket shelves. In addition, we’ve also created the design for a box with 4 bottles.

Soft Drink Packaging
Lemonade Bottle

The brand identity of the lemonade bottle is evoking its unique soul & personality. On the other hand, the non-alcoholic drink packaging displays in a clear fashion the natural ingredients and nutritional information. The lemonade package informs the customer that this soft drink is both delicious and healthy. So, appropriate for a young audience.

Drinks Packaging Design
Lemonade Label

The color of the soft drink is so appealing - bright yellow. Therefore, the lemonade label is almost invisible on the cute bottle. In conclusion, from all our non-alcohol beverage design ideas, we’ve selected for this drink branding and packaging design a transparent label that would allow the packaging illustration to spread its magic.

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