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Is packaging design still important in 2019?

Do you remember the first time you bought your favorite product?

You took the box in your hands and had a good look at it. Your fingers experienced that emboss logo of the brand and the bold colors used on the package inspired you.

Is packaging design still important in 2019?

Did you know that more than 66% of consumers say they've tried a new product only because of the packaging design?

More than 70% of buying decisions are made in the store and that is a very important indicator of how important is the packaging in our days.

If in the beginning, the package was only important to provide functional and protective purposes, its role has expanded substantially in the last decades.

Yes, it is true what they say: The package sells!

In 2019 the packaging design industry is working on creating new directions to attract more consumers.

Here are listed only a few reasons why you should let packaging design help grow your business:

  • Your brand needs to differentiate itself from the competitors - a unique, innovative packaging has the power to do just that in a matter of seconds
  • Your brand should be easy to notice on the retail shelf - product packaging design is a marketing tool that will easily help your brand get recognized by consumers
  • Your brand has a message - that will be conveyed with the help of graphic design and innovative 3D custom packaging
  • Your product brand is based on high-quality - the packaging will not only offer protection to the product but will also become the silent salesman and transmit further how important is quality for your business
  • Will make people smile :)
  • Will make you smile when you see the growth that your brand has experienced in the last period

You don't have to read all the statistics to understand how packaging design is influencing us all the way when it comes to shopping.

PDYou should only go to your favorite store and do some shopping. There you have it, just analyze a little your retail experience and ask yourself: How I end up buying this new type of cheese? You know, I still have a lot of cheese in my fridge. When it comes to a creative packaging design, you can now choose from a big variety of design studios & agencies, all with particular styles and approaches. So be sure to select the one that you believe can convey your brand story in a successful packaging design.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
Mark Twain
Packaging sells Is packaging design still important in 2019

In the last years companies that showed a strong attention to packaging have reported a 30% increase of their businesses.
Packaging drives purchases more than other forms of marketing.

Packaging color play a key role Is packaging design still important in 2019?

Color experts say that every color appeals to certain demographic target.
Every color has the power to convey a different meaning, depending of shade, intensity, usage and combination structure.

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