Honey Packaging designed to celebrate bees

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This eye-catching honey packaging uses communication design to tell the story of bees from inside the hive to a new generation of customers. The concept behind this honey packaging is based on the perception you have looking through the magnifier glass, inside the hive. The honey design encapsulates the fascinating world of bees while emphasizing the natural character of the product inside the jar.

Name Inside the hive
Industry Condiments
Location Worldwide
Type Honey Branding
Honey Packaging
Honey Packaging
Honey Packaging
Honey Packaging
Design dedicated to flavor

The honey packaging design is celebrating the product inside the jar using a visual language that engages the customer.


Brand Storytelling.

Understanding the customers’ needs helped us tell the story of honey in a playful style that not only delights the audience but also generate awareness about the vital role of the honey bees.


Product Branding.

We wanted to create a honey design that speaks about the product and it’s 100% bee production. The honey branding delivers a natural, yet surprising look that appeals to the audience.


Design Packaging.

Using the endless possibilities of the current market, a custom honey jar was envisioned. The honey packaging builds attention while revealing the product and is benefits.

Honey Packaging
We mix 3D experience with unique graphic design.
Project information:

Creative Packaging

The honey branding contains a playful selection of handcrafted bee illustrations and typography that brings the customer one step closer to the natural hive. With the help of a custom shape glass jar & wood lid that takes its inspiration from the wild hive, the package design wants to reinforce the importance of understanding all the natural processes and their major role in the world ecosystem.

Honey Packaging

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Awards: International Design Awards (IDA) 2017 - Packaging Design - Silver
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Honey Packaging
Honey Packaging
Honey Packaging
Honey Packaging
Honey Packaging
Honey Packaging
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